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  1. C4D file attached. Trying to figure out a simple Sketch Toon shader that has the tapered strokes seen below, but can use some offset property to have them continuously rotate around the edge of an object forever in a loop. Figured this setting would be some where under the Toon animate or stroke settings but it's a little lose on me after a few hours of trying. Any tricks? Sketch Lines.c4d
  2. Found out why. I initially had alpha pass enabled back when my output WAS a PNG. Having switched it to JPEG, that obviously doesn't support transparency so it was writing two separate files.
  3. I'm in R19, using Redshift, and I have no multipass enabled, no AOVs enabled, AE Composite export stuff also turned off, yet for some reason C4D keeps rendering two JPG sequences at once. The rogue renders have A_ prefix before file name and are mostly a plain pass of a floor so it seems. Quadruple uber triple checked my floor layer and it has no external compositing tags whatsoever. I feel like it is a rogue external composite tag but can't find anything anywhere. Anyone ever have this issue, or is there a hidden multipass window I'm not thinking of that shows what C4D is putting out??
  4. So far I've discovered that I simply may not be able to place the wind directly under the wires. Offsetting it from the side seems to behave properly. Why wouldn't it work from directly underneath? Just weight?
  5. I'm using an awesome plugin called Topowire that automatically creates splines across multiple points, which you can then generate dynamic splines from for super fast dangling wire simulations. It generates a spline(s) with a Spline Dynamic tag that reacts to normal gravity by default. I'm supposed to be able to add a wind generator to make the wires bounce around in the wind a little bit. However, no matter if I put the Wind effector into Forces under Spline Dynamic tag + Include mode, or turn up wind insanely high, the wind simulation always starts much later in the project, like around frame 200, or sometimes not at all. This is with Wind set to Force or Aerodynamics, NOT Acceleration. It's almost as if the wires have to wait till they stop completely bouncing from the initial gravity fall, and then the wind starts to affect. Are my spline dynamics too rigid or have a weird rest state? I've used Wind before on particles no problem, but for some reason splines from Topowire are acting differently. Project file and pic included. Thanks! Wind Problems.c4d
  6. Attempting to set up mechanical rigging of a simple hitch-like mechanic, but I am not sure how to get the bottom bar to rotate with both bars? From tutorials I've watched, constraint tag is the answer but I think I'm targeting the wrong object. Either that or my hierarchy is not optimal? Hitch Rigging Testing.c4d
  7. Hi there BigAl, I'd have to say the following link is a pretty good representation: A lot of cloth tutorials just cover how to drop cloth on objects, whip it off objects, tear, or even soft body dynamics for some reason. None really show just a simple, straightfoward cloth fluttering through the air on it's own. I also started an approach that's more effector based, file is attached. Cloth_Circle_Test_Effector.c4d I also started an approach that's more effector based, file attached. Cloth_Circle_Test_Effector.c4d
  8. Hi all, so I found a very similar post that's been archived that basically discusses what I'm trying to achieve: It's basically a flag-like cloth gently waving in the wind as it flutters and swirls about by itself along a path. Not held down by a pole but ideally pulled by an invisible object as it glides around. I used the belt tag to somewhat achieve the effect, as well as upping the cloth air resistance to 200, but have to rely on a cloth collider to keep the cloth from flinging around due to momentum. Would be great if the cloth could kind of flutter along the path without deviating. Project file is attached to this post. Maybe cloth isn't the answer? Some kind of deform effector on a plane along a path instead of literal cloth? Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks! Cloth Circle Test.c4d

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