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  1. Have you seen this? https://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx_eng.html Pretty cool. BTW, the I just updated last example file because one formula spline had somehow become a spline.
  2. Here is a sparks setup like Deck mentioned and could easily be modified for your scene: TP Sparks.c4d.zip
  3. Here is something I stumbled upon in my wanderings: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?thread_id=2751275 It shows how to parametrically model a braid using Formula Splines. Very interesting. Here is the file from it: Rope Braid 1.c4d.zip Now to try and make this apply to my original image. The fun never ends!
  4. yup, "tech know" and somehow I came up with that a long time ago but now I think Hubris might be more appropriate, especially after seeing your two solutions. You definitely helped.
  5. Bolos and natevplas: Very cool! Both your solutions are great and really creative. Thank you. Now to see if I can come up with an exact replica version.
  6. Here is a brain tickler (which has fried my brain). How can one model this in MoGraph? Reeper 2.05 doesn't do it.
  7. teknow

    zigzag spline

    Here's for 2 of them and sine wave is the default: Formula Deformer 2.c4d.zip
  8. teknow

    Apple killing OpenCL, OpenGL

    This is probably old news but just in case it isn't: https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/mac-pro/
  9. teknow

    MoGraph academy award :)

    Very Cool! Thanks for sharing the link. Go C4D! And wow have I ever learned from Srek over the years.
  10. teknow

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    Nigel, is your iteration tutorial there? I learned a ton from it.
  11. teknow

    Phishing Text from Credit Card Companies

    I have gotten both of these and tons of spam phone calls and I am real tired of it. I never answer my phone unless it is someone I know.
  12. teknow

    Fiber Optics

    When you do emitters along a spline path it takes some hairy Xpresso: TP Follow Spline Without Node.c4d.zip
  13. Or just the Plain Effector using Falloff: Height Changes Color.c4d.zip
  14. teknow

    Fiber Optics

  15. teknow