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  1. I think I mostly drop by to see if I can learn additional pearls from you. Caveat: (gripes) Am I wrong to think that this message area used to be huge on knowledge sharing and now it seems it rarely is so and is mainly about discussing other software such as X-particles or the various renderers? In the "goodel" days I used to learn SO much from guys like you, Srek, and the various other big boys.
  2. I only drop by rarely lately but I saw this message. Here are a bunch in case you can use any: Cloth With Controls 7.c4d Cloth With Controls 6.c4d Cloth With Controls 5.c4d Cloth With Controls 4.c4d Hair Tip Objects 3.c4d Hair Tip Objects 2.c4d I hope something here helps.
  3. Im working on something else so don't off hand know the answer but way to go to do this without the Follow Spline node!
  4. Thanks for the link! Here is a great tutorial which uses one of his landscapes for the base image and it is gorgeous. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cineversity_1on1_quick_tip/create_wind_smoke_or_fog_with_visible_lights_and_noise
  5. Hi there teknow,


    I recently have been assigned to finish a task, unfortunately I am not able to talk about it much, however the best solution I found is to drive a cloth simulation with animated vertex maps, and then would love to drive thinking particles with the same vertex map to emit particles and then later simulate smoke with TurbulenceFD. However, I can't seem to understand XPresso as well as you, and came across your post but your files have been deleted unfortunately. Is there anyway you could send me the files via email (mikosfilms@gmail.com). Also if you would have time and patience to maybe explain to me the whole set up in XPresso, that would be the best thing ever! (I did see your respond to one of the other member in your post, explaining the set up for XPresso, however I still couldn't replicate.)



    Thank you so much,



  6. Canyon Scene Reconstruction

    The creative possibilities opened up by this technique are endless. I do my own video already and now I can add to it in C4D. Wow!
  7. The new Canyon Scene Reconstruction tutorials on Cineversity will make anyone who sprung for R19 very glad! It even includes a free Artbeats video. It never ceases to amaze me what C4D can do!
  8. Ring making

    An alternative technique is to use polygon painting with cloth and SDS and then make the cylinder not visible. If you change various parameters you can paint squarish, round, change the thickness, change the polygon width. It is superb for rings, organic modeling, and lots of things. Polygon Pen Paint Taper.c4d.zip
  9. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I just discovered that render speedup yesterday and I love it. Also, my Proc3Durale is now instantaneous and that is really exciting. I use it a lot. The IBC streaming was really bad and I can't wait for replay accessibility. I tried to watch all those great talks but had to give up. The Rick Barrett talk on ProRender Gotchas was really illuminating and shows me that I'm not switching to ProRender yet, too many limitations. But I love all the other goodies in R19
  10. Nice file! Sorry for the delay. I was scuba diving in Roatan for a week. It looks like you have Xpresso Dynamics nailed.
  11. Here is an example of the setup you would use to change a specific clone's color: Cloner Dynamic Body Tag 3.c4d.zip It doesn't change only the color of colliding clones but you can do that by getting the Index Number using Dynamic Collision node. Here is an alternative method which does not use the Dynamic Body State node: Dynamics Collision Node 1.c4d.zip
  12. It was really interesting and really exciting but I lust over C4D projects now! BTW, I copied your image to show my rabid GOT fan wife to show her how powerful C4D can be in talented hands. How is that for a compliment!
  13. How can I model a Mobius strip?

    Another great one! Thanks. With all your knowledge of physics and math you might enjoy my son's work. He works for PBS Digital Studios and he has produced lots of videos which are in your lofty realm, such as Feynman's Diagrams, etc. In case you would like to check out Space Time at PBS Digital Studios and see a ton of C4D work of Kurt, the URL is: https://kurtrossmotion.myportfolio.com/space-time
  14. Great job! It looks perfect now. The reason that bothered me so much is that I am a retired ER doc and lacerations and such are what I did all day. But you have made me a happy camper with a really impressive revision. You really are spot on with your anatomy and the human body. I'm not good enough to model the exterior so I model internal anatomy and mechanisms of human biology and pathology. Here is a pearl: for six months scars are reddish because of the capillaries which grow in with the scar tissue but these finally close over after 6 months and change the scar from red-pink to whitish. I look forward to more of your work (with envy)! Now back to my animation of NaCl dissolving in H2O at the molecular level.
  15. Both you guys do really impressive work!