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  1. I am attempting to demonstrate the in and out movement of sound waves as they travel outward. My file demonstrates this until the particles are formed but then the particles only show smooth outward motion instead of continuing to oscillate. How can I make the particles continue on with the in and out oscillation like normal sound waves show? Emit From Matrix
  2. Superb, photorealistic work! And you have done other similarly superb stuff.
  3. Here's another one of my favorite techniques and it is pretty magical. It involves using Polygon Pen with Polygon snapping on so the polygons snap to another object. The snapped to object can even be parametric. It is superb for organic modeling. Once the polygons are created, a Cloth object is used to give it depth. If the subdivisions are 0 a round object results and if 1 a squarish object results. The Cloth object is put into a Subdivision Surface to give it smoothness. You can taper shapes by changing the polygon size as when making tendrils and such. I learned this technique from Nick Woolridge who really knows his C4D. Here's an example file: Polygon Pen A very similar technique is spline sketching with Polygon Snapping on and then put that spline inside of a Sweep or into a Metaball (my spell checker keeps changing this word to meatball!) object. If you use Vertex Snapping on a very messy object results but Polygon Snapping gives very smooth objects. With the above Polygon Pen technique, however, you get much more creative control by varying polygon size and cloth thickness and subdivisions. If there are any medical modelers out there, this technique is superb for creating renal podocytes which are pretty intimidating initially.
  4. ePMV works great in R18. I use PDB format. There was something about XQuartz when I first started using it? I don't remember. Be sure you have XQuartz X11 installed at least on a Mac.
  5. You got it! I just can't thank you enough. You really know your stuff. And great idea to use Hair Render instead of a Sweep.
  6. How can I use the height of each point of the plane to set the height of each helix to give a spring effect with the movement? Untitled
  7. How can I attach each spring to each sphere to give a spring effect? Untitled
  8. Is this good enough?
  9. Can someone please explain Caps with Lathe objects. So far I have only been able to create Lathe Caps using a Spline Morph and even there I don't understand how they work. I know you can individually texture them but I am not clear on how to create them. Thanks! Eureka! They only are produced with closed splines.
  10. That is not what EKGs look like. You need an accurate spline in a cloner.
  11. The GSG Drive has a lowly 600 scene files but my FREE downloads here at the Cafe have thousands and thousands of scene files many of which were created by the some of the best minds in C4D (SREK, Mabad, HSredelic, and tons more of smarties). Almost every big name has some of their files in my collection and I use it as my second brain.
  12. You can also make them stick using pDeflector Events if using Thinking Particles
  13. Glad I could help!
  14. How bizarre. I'm with and after two requests, no email has been sent.
  15. Anyone in the US get theirs? I'm still waiting.