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  1. I am talking about discounts on MAXON purchases like Insydium does.
  2. I am just curious why Insydium has huge discounts because of COVID or because of NAB but MAXON is always top dollar. They would not have lost me as another money source if they had had similar discounts.
  3. This guys work in Blender blows me away:
  4. Here is my experience so far. I have only been using Blender for about 2 months now but I am starting to feel empowered. I am absolutely in shock that this amazing software is FREE! It is so powerful with 2.83a. I much prefer UV unwrapping, texture painting, sculpting, and modeling in Blender. I have yet to study animation and several other big areas. Animation Nodes are SO wonderful. With them you can do anything that MoGraph does and that is a huge relief. I just finished recreating all the MoGraph effectors starting with the Formula Effector, and Cloner and Matrix object are a slam dunk. Animation Nodes are just like Xpresso and having really gotten into that in the past I think has made Animation Node study easy for me. The tutorial series by Blue Fox Creation is superb for learning animation nodes. I have done the donut tutorial series and highly recommend it but I am currently half way through this series and prefer it. I am really enjoying Blender! I am at R19 with C4D and will never upgrade again. It is too expensive. What keeps me using C4D occasionally is X-Particles and I go nuts over it. I just redid my Maintenance Agreement and it only cost me $217 with the COVID discount. Also the future of Blender is so exciting. They are taking off like a rocket and this is a great time to get on board. The 2.83 release is marvelous. They have just gotten some deep pockets funding, soon they will release a new particle system, and the list of near future amazing features and releases for this free software is so exciting. I wonder how much money total I have given MAXON since R6 when I came on board? So, for me, my primary software is now Blender and I will use C4D only for those marvelous X-Particles animations. I noticed Icecaveman and Mabad and others have also jumped ship and that is a good sign.
  5. Is this close enough to what you want? or here is a different approach. Both are quite parametric and customizable. deleted
  6. Incredible, Blender has Reaction-Diffusion built in! I could only use it via Ready prior. It produces gorgeous organic shapes such as brain coral, fish patterns, or zebra stripes and many, many other examples. I brought the topic up once here a long time ago and there was zero interest but it is a really exciting area of creativity.
  7. Here are some workarounds all of which I do not clearly understand! https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/132273/make-an-object-exclude-a-light-source-in-cycles I have made a ton of example files, almost all around Animation Nodes, as a result of the Blue Fox tutorials. Do you have any interest in downloading these?
  8. Bentraje, Check out the MoGraph which Blue Fox is doing in Blender. wow! If you are Windows based you can download his new nodes.
  9. For those of you trying to recreate MoGraph in Blender here is the missing link: FALLOFFS! Just what I needed. And they act just like Fields too.
  10. My favorite way to precisely place tentacles and such is using Hair Xpresso. It is incredibly powerful and using the various Hair Nodes you can do all sorts of precise movements and attachments. Here is a simple example and it uses the Hair Proximity Node. Be sure to move the Platonic. (file deleted due to lack of interest)
  11. No way am I that good! The creator is: https://m.youtube.com/user/lotsalote (but who knows, in a few months..........)
  12. This will make a believer out of anyone: I think Blender has arrived.
  13. Bentraje, That's kind of what Animation Nodes do. They are just like Xpresso except on steroids. I think you will like them. I also think Jed would love them! As I have said with releases Blender 2.83 and Animation Nodes 2.15 all is now really user friendly with a great interface.
  14. Bentraje, Yes there is. The node is called Expression Node in Animation Nodes. It is made just for adding Python code.
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