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  1. You are definitely doing things the hard way. Check out this message area and get excited! https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/neuronbuild-1-8/2057060 Between NeuronBuild and Eyewire it is neuron visualization Nirvana lately. If you want an example file, I can put one on my Google Drive
  2. I am not at all clear on what you are trying to do but you can connect objects to hairs using Xpresso as in the following example: Hair Tip Objects 3.c4d Hair Points Node is really powerful. Be sure to press Play
  3. Nick, Thank you SO much. You have created a really magical script! I can't wait to try the new version.
  4. Is this what you mean? Height Changes Color 2.c4d.zip
  5. Tools - Transfer is really handy for that
  6. Sure, look in the Content Repository for the file Particle Spiderweb
  7. You could make it move this way: Noise Move.c4d
  8. Fantastic! I am excited that in X Particles and C4D I can use Falloff so many ways such as Noise and Source and I seem to get the same functionality as those lucky ones with R21 and Fields. X Particles Modifiers seem to almost all have Falloff.
  9. I also have r19 and no fields but I am finding that Falloff both in C4D and X Particles seems to give me the same functionality. Here is a version using Falloff and no Spline Effector. This concept has really saved me in X Particles. Falloff Instead Of Fields.c4d
  10. There's various ways to do that in C4D: MoSplne Turtle but adding spheres at junctions using the free and wonderful plugin Netcreator (this file requires that) TP and X Particles with its spawning is Nirvana for this kind of stuff (files deleted because I am apparently talking to myself)
  11. If anyone else is bogged down a bit with spawning like I was, here is a file for dissection which is packed with great techniques taught me by Lothar: XP multicolour particles_0001forming objects then morph.c4d It's also great for studying Questions and Actions.
  12. message moved to correct area
  13. Way to go! They fade out instead of popping at death. You taught me some new tricks. Thanks It is frustrating to me that the Insydium site is such a ghost town lately and there is no great place to share files and knowledge. It is really fun to share tricks and problem files. There was a real guru there named Lothar but he has disappeared as of late. I learned a ton from him and have a great collection of his example files. Over the years C4D Cafe has been the main source of my learning about C4D.
  14. Very clever! Can you post the file?

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