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  1. The GSG Drive has a lowly 600 scene files but my FREE downloads here at the Cafe have thousands and thousands of scene files many of which were created by the some of the best minds in C4D (SREK, Mabad, HSredelic, and tons more of smarties). Almost every big name has some of their files in my collection and I use it as my second brain.
  2. You can also make them stick using pDeflector Events if using Thinking Particles
  3. Glad I could help!
  4. How bizarre. I'm with att.net and after two requests, no email has been sent.
  5. Anyone in the US get theirs? I'm still waiting.
  6. Has anyone else been able to download it? I'm itching to get behind the wheel.
  7. I registered and have had no email in 2 hours
  8. Here is how I did it: Xpresso Sperm 6.c4d.zip
  9. Personally, I think C4D is absolutely magical.
  10. The way I see it the sole purpose of this message area is negativity and it sure is tiresome.
  11. Also you can do that without even using an Effector. Normally a cloner cannot modify a clone without an effector but it is quite doable with a very powerful technique which no one ever seems to use. You can do that with some simple Xpresso and a ghost Dynamics Body State Node. My example changes 2 different clones differently and you can use an Iteration Node to change whole ranges such as clone index numbers 13-24 moved 100 in the X direction. Cloner Dynamic Body Tag Individual 2.c4d.zip
  12. You can do that with a single cloner and two Shader Effectors. Set up one effector using the Scale parameter and the other using the Position parameter. Then make 2 different MoGraph Selectons and use each on different effectors.
  13. It is an amazing update! This am I composited a C4D TIFF image sequence which I had made with a Straight Alpha. I was able to get my refections on the metal and glass even though Sky and Background objects are not possible with Alphas, by using the Environment Channel of my materials and using my HDR there. AE used the Straight Alpha perfectly and it was gorgeous! The AE and C4D combination is a joy.
  14. How about with Inverse Ambient Occlusion? It seems like 3D Cylindrical Gradient ought to do it too but I don't think I am smart enough. Inverse Ambient Occusion 5.c4d.zip
  15. westbam: Very nice!