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  1. teknow

    Moving circles Mograph falloff

    Is this what you mean? Step Scale.c4d.zip
  2. I use that TP Tendril a lot. Very cool. Here is a free tree: https://www.c4depot.com/sdm_downloads/mospline-tree/ And here is a Turtle tree: Turtle Pattern 36.c4d.zip
  3. teknow

    xray wireframe material

    I like Voytech's solution (although the example file had no objects) but here is a way to do something similar with Proximal Shader: Proximal Shader 9.c4d.zip
  4. teknow

    330 Free Chinese Patterns for Cinema 4D

    Very generous of you! Thank you
  5. After your amazingly great Tyrion Lannister model you have set the bar pretty high!
  6. don't have time to make a file exactly like you want but here is a file which shows you how to do what you want. Xpresso Ray Collision 10.c4d.zipI
  7. teknow


    No, to me and using the correct camera angle it seems to give that flattening effect when the emitter is in the bottom of the box. Cool trick, thanks!
  8. teknow


    Excellent thought but wouldn't that compress them on top too and tak away the fluffy look? If not I would love to see an example file.
  9. teknow


    You are welcome to this file for free. It doesn't have flat bottomed clouds however. I couldn't figure out how to do that. Cloud_sun.c4d.zip
  10. Wow, you are really close. send me an email at ross.donald2@att.net and I will buy you a cup of coffee!
  11. Same here! Where are you located? Let's definitely communicating. I really enjoy medical animation but it seems to be a rarity on this message board unfortunately.
  12. It's pretty dynamic but if you start it at 100 for y and let it quiet down a little and then change it to 200, it goes right in and through. I'm working on a version for the tendon (?) and sutures using 2 different hair objects and I will post it when done. Hair is fun and full of surprising uses but it can get a little frustrating when it comes to collisions.
  13. Here is a better example. Change the Y Add Force from 100 to 200 and watch what happens. Hair Proximity 3.c4d.zip
  14. I am a real fan of hair and tend to use it for organic stuff every chance I get because it is so versatile. Here's a technique you could use for pulling the sutures through the hole. (deleted) Move the platonic in X to position the sphere on the Hair and use the User Data to move the sphere around. Even if you don't use it, it is fun to play with!
  15. Vertex Helix, Thanks very much!