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  1. I just finished the texture painting module of that tutorial series and this area is definitely WAY better in Blender. I had given up on that topic in C4D. I feel so empowered! X Particles is reason enough to keep my C4D for now and I go nuts over X Particles. I also love MoGraph but I have yet to study Animation Nodes in Blender.
  2. If you do happen to decide to jump back in, this tutorial series is jump for joy wonderful:
  3. You have 27 more great years from my perspective! So go for it. Just make sure you have LACK of lifestyle induced disease. I can do 20 pull-ups, 50 pushups, I can embarrass those muscle brains on the weight machines, and I do a 4:19 on the USA Cycling 5 minute time trial. Just keep eating those fruits and vegetables, avoid excessive alcohol, get plenty of sleep, and workout daily. I just downloaded Blender 2.83, LOVE IT, and I am obsessed with learning it. It is totally accessible. I am starting at the right time in the history of Blender development from what I hear in regards to user friendliness. I like Blender sculpting way better than C4Ds, btw. I also am on C4D r19 but I am worried that MAXON will somehow lock me out of it.
  4. I still love C4D but they have some pretty serious competition now with Blender 2.83 and hopefully as a result both software will benefit from this competition. I am definitely concerned that MAXON will somehow make my r19 unusable and I need an alternative. I am definitely not going with their new purchase programs. It is just too expensive and Blender 2.8 is FREE. I have been with C4D since R6 but they are not taking care of guys like me anymore.
  5. Considering the new features of 2.8 as seen in his first video, I think I am discovering Blender at a great time in its development history. Look out C4D! Maybe competition will light a fire under C4D to speed development as they appropriately begin to sweat over Blender. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKHwx1VCdgnxwbjyb9Iu1g
  6. You are definitely doing things the hard way. Check out this message area and get excited! https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/neuronbuild-1-8/2057060 Between NeuronBuild and Eyewire it is neuron visualization Nirvana lately. If you want an example file, I can put one on my Google Drive
  7. I am not at all clear on what you are trying to do but you can connect objects to hairs using Xpresso as in the following example: Hair Tip Objects 3.c4d Hair Points Node is really powerful. Be sure to press Play
  8. Nick, Thank you SO much. You have created a really magical script! I can't wait to try the new version.
  9. Is this what you mean? Height Changes Color 2.c4d.zip
  10. Tools - Transfer is really handy for that
  11. Sure, look in the Content Repository for the file Particle Spiderweb
  12. You could make it move this way: Noise Move.c4d
  13. Fantastic! I am excited that in X Particles and C4D I can use Falloff so many ways such as Noise and Source and I seem to get the same functionality as those lucky ones with R21 and Fields. X Particles Modifiers seem to almost all have Falloff.

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