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  1. The question came up in another forum about how to create Proc3Durale type 3d meshes and here is an example file of one way to use various 3D noises at various scales to create any such mesh required. I am getting more excited about X-particles on a daily basis! xpSkinner Modeling 7.c4d
  2. Thanks but I saw that tutorial. I need spawning based on age and not location.
  3. I wonder if it isn't X-particles Cloth. https://www.provideocoalition.com/unconventional-cloth-simulation
  4. I am trying to demonstrate cell replication in my new X-particles. Do I need to put in a new spawning emitter for each duplication level as in my example file? It seems there ought to be an easier way? Cell Replication 1.c4d.zip
  5. Thank you. I know zero about graphics cards and renderers.
  6. I have an iMac Retina 5K late 2015. Processor is 4 GHz core i7, 32 GB memory, and AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB I am setting up my new Cycles 4D and in the preferences under Render Nodes Device should I select CUDA or CPU? and should I check Open Shading Language? I am beginning to feel like my first day with C4D but when I see SSS under Cycles I get motivated instead of glassy eyed!
  7. Definitely always render to a .tiff image sequence and then make your .mp4 in After Effects. The risk of locking up half way through, plus the type of problems you had, justify that route. When it locks up at frame 1936 or wherever, you won't care because you just restart the render at 1937. It took me a lot of grief and time to finally learn this lesson! QT is a bit of a mess at times.
  8. They have different operating systems so you can't compare them. I am totally happy with my iMac and it has a way faster chip than the MacBook Air
  9. It is very humbling to learn what is going on inside our cells. It engenders incredible respect and almost disbelief to learn about these amazing processes like DNA replication, neuronal function, cell signaling, etc, etc Fun stuff!!
  10. Thank you for that outstanding collection of all your tutorials!
  11. Here is my Replisome animation to demonstrate DNA replication: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KVT2AqmfeB6UFZh3P87LtDDx-WxTg81I/view?usp=sharing MoGraph is a joy to work with.
  12. And here it is with Akazaki Fragments: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KVT2AqmfeB6UFZh3P87LtDDx-WxTg81I/view?usp=sharing
  13. natevplas, Here's an early image of the problem you solved. Can you see the early trombone loop before it gets pushed out? It is amazing how many misalignments and problems your deformers solved! Thank you https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TA9_xFWWmy9vWswEB4sPo2LLw6zd7LHl/view?usp=sharing
  14. Here's an Xpresso way to do it: Xpresso Boat on Water 2.c4d.zip
  15. natevplas, Wow, you did it! You have totally saved my day. I was starting to think it wasn't possible. The Deformers portion of my brain seems to be impaired because I sure have a lot of trouble with them! They are an art in my opinion. I am demonstrating a "trombone loop" getting repeatedly larger and smaller (like on a trombone) with a DNA Replisome and this will be SO perfect. When I move the 2nd Bend deformer the trombone slider goes out like I wanted to demonstrate. Your Linear Falloff was very clever. That was really nice of you, thanks. Lonchaney, the Spline Arc tool is an excellent idea which I had not considered. I am set for this problem now but I will see if I can do it your way too. Thanks! (The Cafe in general is SO helpful)
  16. I am trying to form an S-shaped deformation with horizontal beginning and end. I must be doing something really stupid here! I have tried all kinds of Falloff combinations but I cannot keep the second deformer from changing the area of the first. Help would be much appreciated! MultiBend _03.c4d.zip
  17. BigAl3D, That's great to know! Thank you. My excitement is growing to get into it and X-Particles. Sounds like I'm heading toward some serious creativity. I'd probably have a seizure if I got Houdini.
  18. Fastbee, Thanks so much for the info! I am getting excited to learn this stuff.
  19. 3D-Pangel, Thanks for the heads up! No, I didn't get it initially because I thought it was only for Blender but I just bought it for $123.11. Maybe they will end up giving me the bundle price? Does it really improve things and does the render engine improve normal scene renders? I know zero about it. It looks like I have a lot to study!! All the while trying to model a Replisome for DNA. Gulp.
  20. I just bought X-particles for the first time for $359.34 and I am amazed at what it will do including liquids.
  21. Formula Effector to the rescue: DNA Cohesin Looping 2.c4d.zip
  22. I am trying to demonstrate how the protein Cohesion causes DNA to draw up at specific points to form a looping shape (flowerlike) from the DNA thread. How can I make the spline follow the sphere's in this file? I think I can do it with Xpresso but it seems like there should be a simpler way? DNA Cohesin Looping.c4d.zip
  23. The EKG one was incredibly clever! Thank you.
  24. I am not clear why that file won't work. It works on mine. The objects are at a given level per frequency but that isn't what you want. Do you want a growing plot of peak volume per time with increasing time to the right?



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