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  1. There's various ways to do that in C4D: MoSplne Turtle but adding spheres at junctions using the free and wonderful plugin Netcreator (this file requires that) TP and X Particles with its spawning is Nirvana for this kind of stuff (files deleted because I am apparently talking to myself)
  2. If anyone else is bogged down a bit with spawning like I was, here is a file for dissection which is packed with great techniques taught me by Lothar: XP multicolour particles_0001forming objects then morph.c4d It's also great for studying Questions and Actions.
  3. message moved to correct area
  4. Way to go! They fade out instead of popping at death. You taught me some new tricks. Thanks It is frustrating to me that the Insydium site is such a ghost town lately and there is no great place to share files and knowledge. It is really fun to share tricks and problem files. There was a real guru there named Lothar but he has disappeared as of late. I learned a ton from him and have a great collection of his example files. Over the years C4D Cafe has been the main source of my learning about C4D.
  5. Very clever! Can you post the file?
  6. You can use my material with an xpColor modifier.
  7. This and all materials, especially complex ones are a piece of cake in Cycles. Is this what you are trying to achieve? RandPuddleSplashesParticles.c4d
  8. bezo, Another great file! Thank you. Over the years I have accumulated a wonderful collection of your files. And Merry Christmas early!
  9. Just look out for SCAMS. There was a huge similar post on AMI board and it was a scam. DON'T give any banking information for supposed paychecks or overpayments!
  10. I read a support notice that said C4D is not compatible with the iPhone iOs 13 which I had just installed. It said to install an earlier version of iTunes which I attempted but it would not allow me to delete the current iTunes. Now my C4D r19.068 opens just like usual. What on earth was that all about!! It was really scary.
  11. I am on an iMac and have C4D R19.064. Suddenly it will not launch as of today. I have had C4D since R6 and this is a new one on me. Is this some new evil MAXON policy?
  12. I figured it out! texture Image Node to my joy let's you use all the C4D textures including animated within Cycles. Cycles 4D Using C4D Noise With Displacement 1.c4d
  13. Apparently Noise in Cycles 4D is not nearly as wonderful as noise in C4D. Does anyone know of a way to animate noise in Cycles4D?
  14. teknow

    UV problem

    Thanks SO much! UVs are a huge void in my knowledge. Actually that was my son's file and I will tell him about the needed geometry repair.
  15. How can I fix this UV problem? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EJPI29XspuSrrEG9yIX_TCRUXbi87XAn?usp=sharing
  16. Here's a thought: Dog.c4d
  17. Check out the modeling capabilities of X particles and especially the Boolean capabilities. It is amazing. See below. xpOVDBMesher Modeling 4.c4dxpOVDBMesher Modeling 4.c4d
  18. I feel much better now about my decision to stay at 19.063 but always upgrading my X particles. X particles seems way ahead of C4D.
  19. David Torno is superb: https://www.provideocoalition.com/fireworks/?mc_cid=de936e541d&mc_eid=d7b7b6ede4
  20. teknow

    Radio Waves

    Here's 2 other ways, one using an emitter: I will delete them in several days due to their size.
  21. Go to render settings Samples and make sure it is at least 20 to see if that is the problem. The default is set to 4
  22. At those prices I will need to vicariously enjoy a new one through you guys.
  23. The question came up in another forum about how to create Proc3Durale type 3d meshes and here is an example file of one way to use various 3D noises at various scales to create any such mesh required. I am getting more excited about X-particles on a daily basis! xpSkinner Modeling 7.c4d
  24. Thanks but I saw that tutorial. I need spawning based on age and not location.

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