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  1. Hi all. Scoured the internet and have found no options for a measuring plugin that can accurately display units in Standard feet and inches. I have tried MeasureIt and Dimension by Caleidos. Neither of these plugins can display standard units, as they cannot divide the metric units small enough to be accurate. The c4d measuring tool is too poorly designed, as it often displays the red arrow on top of the digits, making it impossible for my clients to read in a screenshot. Anybody have any ideas? I'm amazed that this plugin/feature is so hard to find. Thanks everybody!
  2. Hey all, I have been wanting to expand my material workflow into Substance. I'm wondering if anybody knows of a plugin or workaround for Substance, that would allow me to preview preset materials within c4d? Something similar to how a .lib file displays a grid of icons/thumbnails in the content browser. Currently, I know of the Substance Player, but its a standalone software and still requires back and forth. (Also, you can only preview Substance Source materials. Third party .sbsar files are a no-go) My biggest issue with .sbsar files is that I have not yet found a fluid way of browsing the materials. Essentially, you have to load your textures one at a time, from a list of file names, before you can see a preview. This is counter intuitive and super time consuming. Any insight on a solution is much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Bezo. I am using a square projection. What you mentioned above is what in theory (and practice) what should be happening. A duplication of texture to a new object, but with the exact same parameters (scale, coordinates, rotation) as the source. With this particular file, the texture parameters are reset when duplicated onto a new object. The problem seems to happen with imported models made on other platforms.
  4. Hey all, I have a bunch of objects I want to apply the same texture to. I want the scale of that texture to be exactly the same on each object. I used to be able to optimize one texture on one object, then within the object browser, hold CTRL and drag texture tag down to the next object, and so forth. This ability stopped working suddenly. Now every time I CTRL click and drag a material within the object browser, the texture is resized to the dimensions of the new object. I understand there are more ways to accomplish this goal, like using one texture tag on a null, but does anybody know why my textures are now suddenly resizing when I drag/drop? Thanks everybody!
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