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  1. Looks sexy as hell! Personally I'm not a fan of how much space the new icons waste though. Theres so much dead room between the icon and the border of the button...
  2. Haha, awesome! Love the facial expressions and the artstyle.
  3. DasFrodo


  4. That depens on if that mesh has volume or if it's just a sheet. If it has volume just place small spheres inside the object and make them glow, Redshift should do the rest. If it does not have volume well, I'm sure you could do it with the C4D Nodal Material somehow but I don't know Redshift well enough for an answer in that case. In Unreal Engine you would that with a parallax node (maybe that keyword helps to find an answer) which basically means the material fakes a depth which looks convincing if your camera angle doesn't go too flat.
  5. That's not a useless post, somebody else might have the exact same problem
  6. Octane is pretty restrictive when it comes to stuff like this as it doesn't allow to "cheat" very much. As far as I know there's not really a way to exclude objects from other objects reflections unless you're working with lights / emissive textures.
  7. Did the art kill him or IS that the art ?
  8. If you want roughness variation (which is what the roughness map is for) you need to use it as roughness texture, not as a mask. Otherwise all you're doing is masking the roughness which is a constant value. Also, don't use the Color Channel when working with PBR. Basecolor Textures go into the Layer Color in the reflectance channel. This is how it should look like: Or at least that's how I always do it and the result seems to be correct.
  9. I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but if you want to skip certain takes when rendering you can just use the small tickbox to the right of their respective names and use "Render marked takes to PV" to only render the ones you ticked. PNG is fine if you don't plan on doing much in Post as it's 16Bit max. For everything that includes major compositing or color grading / lighting adjustments I'd ALWAYS use *.exr as it supports 32bits and thats just way, way better for color accuracy. You basically get no burnt out blacks or whites no matter how far you push exposure and banding is also not a problem, ever.
  10. Your profile says you're a generalist, but all I see on the portfolio is hair! Anyways, welcome!
  11. Big phat warning to everybody running R21 and Windows: If you work on your C4D files via default Windows Remote Desktop (for example from your home PC to check on rendering or something) they CAN AND WILL BREAK AND YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO OPEN THEM ANYMORE! We had this happen for the second time at work now and we finally found out why our files break seemingly at random. I just had a phone call with MAXON Support and they confirmed that Remote Desktop might break the files. The reason for this is that R21 does not support Software Rendering anymore and Windows Remote Desktop uses a "fake" GPU for displaying information. This can break the file, even when not saving it. Edit: What I forgot to mention... you can still use services like Teamviewer or ISL Online no problem as they practically just do a video livestream of your remote machine.
  12. Some more Substance / Material work! Made in Substance Designer and rendered in Unreal Engine 4.
  13. Love it! You have such a soothing voice too, great to listen to. Also big plus for using Windows
  14. Is your Windows Documents folder linked to a HDD instead of your main drive which is, hopefully, an SSD?
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