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  1. Why do you think it matters what's in high priority? As long as you're not rendering while playing it doesn't matter if you play on the 2080 Super or the 1080TI except the 2080 Super has way better performance. Just use the 2080 Super for gaming. If I were you I wouldn't get a 1080 anymore though as the RTX cores can speed up Octane significantly ever since they integrated RTX support.
  2. You can still achieve a similiar effect with inverted AO channels. You can use those as masks for grunge / wear.
  3. Without having a look at the scene file I suspect it's either the samplerate of the lights (if you have any) or it's the emissive material in combination with GI that gives you these dots everywhere. In the second case, you have two options: Switch primary and secondary GI solution to QMC (increases rendertimes dramatically but get's rid of all artifacts) Massively increase samplerate, quality and density of your GI solutions (increases renderimes as well but probably not as bad as QMC)
  4. You need to describe your problem otherwise it's really not that easy to help you...
  5. That big boy needs some atmosphere!
  6. I'd recommend using the Alpha Channel in the material instead of the visibility tag. I've tried numerous times using that thing and it never worked as expected.
  7. It is... didn't realize you're running R19, sorry.
  8. This can also be done via Volume Modeling. Take the skull model as base and then work on from there. I've attached a very simple example of the workflow. VolumeModeling.c4d
  9. Have you tried a different texture? Different texture format? What does the material look like in the node editor?
  10. Got something new! Made this for my girlfriend for Christmas, printed on Plexiglass (60x40cm). Rendering took ages because 60x40cm @ 300DPI is kind of a ridicilous amount of pixels Rendered with Physical Render and inspired by Rik Oostenbroeks awesome Artwork.
  11. Eh, I didn't wanna sleep anyways...
  12. Personally I think the transformers soundeffects are a bit too much for what is happening on the screen, but the animations are cool!
  13. Wouldn't a 3700X be better? AMD is way cheaper right now and as far as I know even the best Intel Prosumer Chips can't compete with AMD performance right now, even though they're like 30-40% more expensive. I've been using a 2700x for a year now and for the price that thing is a beast. 8 Cores 16 Threads @ 4,00GHz while under full load. At the time it was a bit over 300€ but it fell in price significantly a couple of months afterwards.

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