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  1. Yep, that is one of those tools that can kill your C4D pretty quickly if you're not VERY careful where you click
  2. Without having V-Ray myself, maybe it just doesn't do well with the C4D Noise? As far as I can remember, V-Ray comes with it's own noise shaders. Maybe try those.
  3. @anuser Did you seriously just register to post that? That's some dedication, respect! Well, I like icons. That's not the only thing I criticized though. It consistently has a sh** bootup time on all our machines, as it does on my home machine. It's not the computers. Because it's convenient, and convenience never hurts. Only makes your life easier. Again, same result on every machine. Everybody complains about it, not only in the office. I don't know what that does for you, but for me it ope
  4. Really cool stuff man, love the consistent look and lighting.
  5. I think he's a little too fat around the waist, other than that nice.
  6. First of all, well done, looks great! I can spot a few things here and there that pop out, but overall very well done! I think what @bezo means is that the camera movement is jaggy. It's not the animation that's the proble, it's something with the framerate I think. Any chance you converted framerates at some point during post? Like from C4D -> AE or AE -> Final video? Looks like there's a jump every couple of frames.
  7. Ultimately it's just a stylistic choice. While QMC + QMC gives you the closest thing to realism that the Default / Physical render can do, enabling AO is still a possibilty if you want more control over contact shadows. Careful you don't mix stuff up here. PBR is not what gives you the caustics, PBR is just a name for how materials and other scene elements are described. It's called "Physical Based Rendering" because what you do is describe the physical properties of materials and lights. Before PBR, making realistic materials was a way bigger challenge for artists since you had
  8. Hey, thanks for posting! I haven't encountered a corrupted file yet, but I've only been working with it for a bit over a week now. Any tips on avoiding that except turning on autosave / making backups? I've had my fair share of crashes already lol. I think it already crashed more in a week than C4D crashed in a year for me (excluding plugins). How is V-Ray keeping Max alive though? I mean yeah, it's a great engine but it's also available for most other programs, including C4D. My spirit with Max already broke after two days, don't worry about it
  9. That's what I was told as well. While the viewport might have a bit more FPS in complex scenes (though I don't feel like it does), the rest of the program is so clunky and slow that it really doesn't save it overall.
  10. Yep, way better! Creepyness is completely gone for me.
  11. Do it! You won‘t will regret it!
  12. That's the exact use case in my case, and I hate it. As much as Max is apparently super great for Archviz, I don't get it, at all.
  13. Yeah I think that's what Vector meant with hard to translate. In the original he has his brow sticking out above the eye. Obviously this has to be in 3D as well, but all around the eyes because everything else would look silly. At least I think that's what's a bit off-putting about it
  14. I've used V-Ray in the past, not a fan Octane / Redshift all the way.
  15. Yes, that's exactly what you could do. How is that strange though? It's still following the laws of physics. A camera with an unlimited ISO would do the same if we assume for a second that grain is not a thing.
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