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  1. The proximal shader could also be a possibility if you don't have access to fields. In this case it basically does the same but it's probably slower.
  2. You can always just setup such a scene yourself and then reuse it with different materials. It's really not a big deal and decent HDRI's are not really that expensive anymore. Here's some directions: HDRI Haven (Free) textures.com HDRI's
  3. I've stopped using them. As you said, there's just problems every single time. Great on paper, but way too buggy.
  4. Don't get too hyped guys, there's no word on if it's shipping with C4D at some point. It's still a seperate purchase.
  5. I don't think the refraction pass does the trick here. If I understand correctly he wants to distort the pictures on the cards behind the glass in front. For that he would need a per pixel vector value of the areas that have refraction. The refraction pass only shows what has been refracted in the render. If the pictures are not there during render, the pass won't help with anything. Now, I'm not too familiar with After Effects but it might be possible to distort the cards in post with a normalmap, as that texture saves 3D coordinates in the RGB channels. You could theoretically convert your displacementmaps to normalmaps and use those in post to distort the final textures. I doubt it'll look as good as real distortion though, so I'd only use that in the worst case scenario if it's possible at all.
  6. I don't know if it'll do aynthing, but it might be worth trying different file formats.
  7. Yeah I haven't had much exposre to DIJ Hardware and Software but what I saw made me question why they are as prominent on the market as they are. Software didn't work on some Phones (why do I even need a phone for the software with a ~1000€ product?), the drone didn't feel like doing certain things multiple times, it crashed into a wall in "safe" mode. I have a feeling it's all marketing. Reminds me of a certain other company that builds phones, desktops and laptops ...
  8. Most people I know switched from Final Cut to Premiere Pro in the last couple of years. I never used the program so I can't tell, but it seems like they seemed to have neglected that as well.
  9. That's interesting. Collegue of mine has the Spark and that thing just straight up flew full speed head first into the side of a giant warehouse. It wasn't even in freeflight, that thing should have stopped. It didn't. We thought we screwed something up. Guess we didn't.
  10. I've been working on Windows for my entire life now and about 6 years professionally now. Yes, it is stable enough. It has been since Windows 7. Yes, you can still get viruses but if you use your common sense and don't click suspicious links in viagra spam mails you will be fine. I'm not even using an external anti-virus-software anymore. Windows Defender, Firefox / Chrome, uBlock Origins & NoScript is all you need. At this point a Mac doesn't give you any benefits that would justify the price tag at all. Windows is more open, has better support both in software and hardware, is cheaper to repair and upgrade. Also: Bluescreens don't happen anymore unless you have some serious driver / hardware issues.
  11. Yeah I think this is exactly what's happening here. The model is moving "through" the static 3D-Gradient. Could be in Worldspace as well.
  12. I think I don't exactly understand what you want to do. Do you want to export the model from Blender to C4D? In that case, exporting materials isn't going to get you very far. Normally when switching applications you have to redo the materials, sometimes you even need new textures but most of the time you can just reuse the ones you have.
  13. What format are you using in C4D? Is the file in sRGB?
  14. You're not using an Octane Material, that's why. You're using a native C4D Material, Octane can interpret them to a certain extent but you should ALWAYS use the render engines native materials for optimal performance and control.
  15. Wait, 2018 is over? Not this again...



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