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  1. I've tried many times to get them running realiably. Honestly, just don't use XRef is the best advice I can give. They just refuse to work a lot of times and are a pain to work with. I know it's not a solution to your problem but since I've stopped working with them I've had way less headaches.
  2. Why disable it for admins in the first place though? I mean, I can't thank you anymore for anything :(
  3. Looking great! Though I think the leather should be scaled way up, unless you want the lizards to feel like they're human sized :)
  4. Yeah the Plugin system is weird sometimes. I have several old scenes that used V-Ray but later got converted to Octane or Standard Render in later revisions. Even though there is absolutely no more V-Ray related tags, materials, objects or render settings the projects keep on telling me I am missing parts of the V-Ray plugin, but the project still works fine. Moving the entire scene to a new project yields the same result. Same with the Teamrender. I cannot render those scenes without having the V-Ray Plugin installed, even though nothing in the scenes is V-Ray anymore. I have a feeling some Plugins leave some "residue" data in the objects and scenes that cannot be removed unless you rebuild from scratch. That's some nice stuff btw. Sometimes I wish I could script as well but well, that's just another thing I don't have the time for :(
  5. I never used Realflow but afaik it's pretty much industry standard and it's definitely capable of what you want, so go for it.
  6. Well that's a nice surprise, thank you! I'm not part of the Admin team here, but still... I think I can speak for everyone when I say that, no matter how experience and hardworking you are, every single artists doubts his skills from time to time, even if the endresult looks awesome to everyone else. Don't let yourself get dragged down by this! We all started with our first sh*** model with sh*** materials but through hard work and experience we got where are now. This is a great thing about 3D in general, I think. People are SO happy to share techniques, tricks and help others that struggle. You feel never alone and I don't think I ever had an issue that I couldn't tackle with the help of others that had more experience in the topic.
  7. Depends on what you want to do. Does the water need to flow or swash? You need simulation software such as RealFlow or X-Particles If not, then you can probably get away with an animated texture for the water.
  8. Every time I do that I end up modeling myself in a corner and get frustrated
  9. C4D ships with it's own GPU renderengine since R19 I think. Prorender. I would not recommend it. I tried it and didn't like it at all and the general consense seems to be that it's... questionable.
  10. Well as PC's became more powerful, rendertimes became shorter for the same result. I myself always find myself in the trap of just increasing the amount of effects / lights / shadow resolution etc. So I end up with pretty much the same rendertimes as 10 years ago lol. In this sense, I wouldn't say rendertimes decreased, the renders just look way way better in the same amount of time. I use Octane mainly, sometimes the C4D Standard / Physical if I need to do something that does not need to look photorealistic or if I don't need features like fast GI etc. Octane is very, very fast for a Pathtracer, but comes with it's own caveats. It's just not as flexible as a traditional unbiased or CPU render engine, especially when it comes to materials. But it's very easy to learn. Because it's unbiased, there is very very little settings to tweak to improve rendertimes. If you do not enjoy optimizing very much, I would recommend Octane. I've used Redshift for a short while to try it out, but I did not like it. I prefer unbiased renderengines; focusing on the art, not on the technical stuff too much. If you want to get into GPU rendering I would not recommend getting a Mac though. Just buy a PC and stuff 2 x 2080 Ti or something in it. It's cheaper, faster and upgradable. I'm not very versed with eGPU's but I doubt you can connect multiple ones without performance penalty?
  11. It is! Wish I could do that stuff, my modeling skills are horrible :/ Is there any specific course / resource / tutorial you could recommend to learn hard surface stuff?
  12. I'm not 100% sure because I have Studio here, but I think you don't have those settings because Broadcast does not include Dynamics. I have WAY more options on the same Tab:
  13. No worries! That's what we're all here for, isn't it? If you have any further questions or issues feel free to ask. I'll keep this thread open.
  14. Here, this should be clearer. I created a quick setup for you with exported models for your own testing. Hope this helps! I don't have Substance Painter though, so the normal map in this example comes from substance designer. There might be differences between the bakers. Normal Bake.7z

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