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  1. That's some nice design on your Instagram, like it a lot! Welcome!
  2. Finished it! Mainly did some more detail passes and minor adjustments. Thoughts?
  3. Can you guys contact MAXON regarding this problem? Maybe there's already a different solution for this. Otherwise yeah, it seems for now saving locally is the only solution right now.
  4. Where are you saving these files to? If it's network drives / NAS, try saving it locally first. I've had similiar issues in the past and ever since I started saving my frames to local disc I haven't had it anymore but I have no idea if that was the fix or just luck.
  5. I man, I feel you, my condolences. Same thing happened to me about a year ago after one of my dogs had a kidney failure. Nothing I want to ever experience again. The only comfort I felt was that she died while her entire family was holding her. My mom and my dad, me, and my other dog. That said, I would have never thought I'd see some Tarkov content here. Are you planning on detailing this some more or is this done? This looks like it's for a stream, or is it just for fun?
  6. I'd say overall thats looking pretty good already, espacially for such a short time. What is missing for me is the "bam" factor renderings with such style can have. Right now you have a pretty even look to it, a lot of gray. Don't be scared to go to more extremes with your lights, especially if you colored your light already. Make them brighter so the specular reflections pop more and don't forget that you can always get the last 10% out of your renderings in Photoshop with some color correction.
  7. Half-Life Alyx is five days away. Thought I'd try to get inspired by a material from Half-Life 2. I always loved the unique look of the citadel environment, so I went with it. This is how it looks: It's not done yet, but I'm pretty happy with it already. Thoughts?
  8. In that case what you can do is use the filters as well as the flat tree option in the object manager. Whenever I want to delete everything of a single tag I use that.
  9. I never had this with Octane, but with V-Ray when it was still made by Laublab. The only thing that always helped was making sure that I got rid of ALL the materials and tags that had anything to do with the plugin and then copy pasing the entire scene into a fresh document. I have the feelin that there's often still stuff referenced in the document even though you technically removed everything from the file that belongs to this specific plugin.
  10. I mean that's not bad, but it would be even better if it wasn't the same couple of cords for seven minutes straight What always get's me pumped is this: Sit in your car and let this run. It's amazing. God I can't wait for Doom Eternal. Funfact: the guide hid some stuff in his soundtrack @Vizn Most of that stuff is way too dark / hard for me as well not a fan of Black Metal at all unfortunately.
  11. Peripherys guitar sound is simply amazing, as is their music even if it doesn't fit my taste 100%. I've hear the track I linked about 100 times already, it's SO good. Can't really say I enjoy Liturgy, that stuff is simply... too experimental for me And yeah I mean, in the end it's all about my mood and what I'm doing. Theres days where I simply can't stand more than 20mins of shredding metal guitars and there's days where I just need the power of it. There's no doubt epic compositions from artists like John Williams ALWAYS work though.
  12. Great idea! Actually depends on what I'm doing exactly. If it's something I really have to concentrate on it's either nothing at all or stuff like this: I've found a great playlist on Spotify for this kind of stuff: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2POsysj8dTuOCAMPYVsgeO?si=YyNKIAHhRmuB-nJ9Fh0n0g Otherwise, if I don't have to concentrate too much or if I'm just working on tedious stuff it's normally just Metalcore and related genres. My two favorites right now:
  13. Octane has a default environment color (all solid). That default is active as soon as no other HDRI is active in the scene. You can disable it in this menu by setting the color to 100% black:
  14. The real crisis is that we won't get fresh buns and bread at work every morning at my office for the next three weeks.
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