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  1. Huh, interesting. I think I remember always having problems with 90° angles and cubic mapping. I'm not too sure though and I can't really test it, only have R20 installed.
  2. This is not really a new tile each time, this just means that C4D tiles the texture x times. This obviously does not translate to obj and other formats as they always use the 1:1 UV space and the tile setting in C4D does not literally change the UV's.
  3. Nice work overall! Personally though, I'd randomize the chairs a tiny tiny bit, like rotate them randomly and adjust the spacing between them a bit more. I know that pictures like this need to look as perfect as possible but I think there's a point where something becomes too perfect to feel "good". A tiny bit more variation might go a long way there. Also, maybe I'm blind but the "anchors" of the giant piece of glass on the backwall seem to be too close to the border at the bottom but perfectly aligned at the top.
  4. Hard to say without the scene file... could you post that please?
  5. The Metaball has a "Editor Subdivision" and a "Render Subdivision". If you want the same result for both the viewport and the renderview you'll need to give those two things the same value. The rendertimes are just coming from the fact that you are rendering a specular material. Glass and stuff always render very, very slow. There's not much you can do about that.
  6. If I understand correctly, you want your shadows to have colors instead of being black? Well this all depends on your scene. And you need GI. As you can see in these pictures the backgrounds / scenes are very saturated in a specific color which gives the shadows their colorful look. You might get this effect with the DirectLighting Kernel in Diffuse Mode, but Pathtracing should work better. I've attached an example. ColoredShadow.c4d
  7. I'd think so. This seems to be an issue solely related with X-Particles. Good luck!
  8. I can open the file no problem but I don't have xParticles. I suspect it has something to do with it. You could try removing the plugin and opening up the file after that. If it doesn't crash anymore you have your culprit.
  9. There's all kinds of reasons why a file might get corrupted. I've never had it happen because of switching machines though. Wouldn't make any sense anyways. Just something in general: ALWAYS have backups. No matter how small the project is. If anything happens you have to do it again, even if it's just two hours. That's two hours just gone. There's really no reason to not have backups nowadays as it's increadibly easy with cloud drives or just straight up backup software like Veeam Backup. I use that software to backup my projects folder onto an external hard drive every day. One complete backup every monday, incremental backups for the rest of the week. If anything happens to my projects the worst thing that could happen is losing a day of work. Now I'm not saying the file is dead, but I'm out of ideas. You can attach the file and I'll try to open it, if that's possible for you.
  10. You don't have to touch the Object Manager, you can just click into the viewport once and then press ctrl+a. If that crashes your project as well... I hope you have an oder backup from before the issue.
  11. DasFrodo

    New Mac pro

    Naw it's not going to be drawing even close to that much power. Don't forget that PCs almost never run at full usage, not even when rendering because you're either maxing out the CPU or the GPU depending on what engine you use. And even if you (theoretically) used up 100% of both CPU and GPU the power supply still has some headroom.
  12. DasFrodo

    New Mac pro

    I doubt it. What they probably meant is this: https://videocardz.com/80956/amd-announces-radeon-pro-vega-ii-duo-a-dual-vega-20-graphics-card Although this is, aside from the VRam, still bullshit as the 2080ti roughly performs 14tflops compared to the 12 of this card.
  13. DasFrodo

    New Mac pro

    Yeah right. Because building your own system with as many dedicated GPUs and CPUs as you like is definitely worse than an overpriced Mac with an AMD GPU.
  14. Two things you can try first: Click the camera and wait for an extended period of time. As you said, the scene is heavy and sometimes things just take very long, even though that shouldn't happen with a camera. Open the project, select EVERYTHING, paste it into a new document, save document, try again.



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