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  1. DasFrodo


    Nice Work! Maybe this blueish-atmosphere-thingie is just a simple frontal projected gradiant that fades to black? Or maybe with Alpha? That should work...
  2. I've encountered this a couple of times over the years. Restarting C4D solved the problem every single time. I think it has something to do with rendering material previews, at least that's what I like to think. Most of if not every time this happened to me C4D was super busy with rendering loads of material previews and taking ages for it. Maybe thats a bug that just happens to also influence the material previews or something, I don't know.
  3. DasFrodo

    30FPS for web use?

    What do you mean with "on the web"? If we're talking about YouTube, Vimeo and others, depending on the platform, 60FPS are possible. So are 25, 30 etc. If we're talking about webm embedding on websites, iirc it depends on the browser. But 60FPS should be possible on any browser.
  4. DasFrodo

    4D Paint is now Pay What You Want

    I think one of the biggest problems is simply forgetting about it. Simply for this reason, whenever I "buy" something that is "pay what you want" I put at least a BIT of money in it. I think a lot of people just don't know if the plugin is going to be useful for them, so they download it for free, install it, use it or don't use it, but forget about actually paying for it as they see fit. I don't think a lot of artists intentionally download stuff for free, that's simply not the mindset a lot of us have. Maybe not the best comparison, but ever since Steam became so popular a lot of people just straight up stopped pirating games because they have a convenient way of actually getting their products, and of course because the prices drop a lot after some time. For me this means that people WANT to pay for good products, but sometimes they just can't.
  5. DasFrodo

    Vray for Cinema now at Chaos Group

    No offense, but isn't "Mac User" and "on a budget" in the same sentence a bit... contradictory?
  6. DasFrodo

    Adidas logo model with fur

    Look how many guides the front and backsides have, and how many guides your sides have. The guides are the "interpolation points" for the rendered hair. You need more hair guides on the sides of your logo. If you want the fur distribution to be uniform, your guides need to be distributed uniformly as well.
  7. I wasn't using a pointlight. This was purely HDRI Dome Lighting. The only thing I did was add a PBR Light in a flat angle to see if that was some kind of lighting artifact. As I said above, the solution was lowering the Ray Epsilon which I, for some reason, didn't see in my first round of looking through the rendersettings.
  8. DasFrodo

    Wind simulation has huge delay

    Is there any noise in your wind? I can imagine that you just had bad luck placing the wind below it. If you have noise enabled, it could be that your wires basically spawned in a "non windy" hole of the noise. It's hard to describe, but it would explain why it starts later. As far as I know, the noise changes during animation.
  9. You need to use the Backlight Shader in your Plane Material for this. This transfers the lighting from the backside to the front and vice versa. This is usally used for thin materials like leaves and paper. Scene attached. MultiFabricPlane_Test_Backlight.c4d
  10. You can also use a camera with a veeery high Focal Length. At some point it's basically the same as an isometric camera. All you need is the same angle. I like doing this more than the isometric camera as it's more flexible.
  11. Nevermind. I found the solution. I had to decrease the "Ray Epsilon" in the tab "General" in the Render Settings. I have no idea how I didn't see that.
  12. Hi everybody! I've just started working with ProRender in R20 and noticed something... off. I have these black pixels all over my model and it seems to be happening wherever there is next to no space between polygons. Surprisingly, this effect DOES almost vanish if I scale the entire scene x10. The model is around 1cm thick and 14cm wide, so it's real world scale. So scaling the entire scene is not really an option, I want to keep it scaled like this. What I've tried so far: Increasing Max Ray Depth or it's submenu settings. Increasing Shadow Depth. It's not related to the Tone Mapping. Putting a PBR Light right next to it to "manually" light it. Changing between the different Render Modes. Using a different HDRI. Disabling Firefly Filters. Disabling Radiance Clamp. Did I find a bug? Or is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
  13. You could try selecting all the relevant objects, go to poly mode and then use the "Normal Move" Tool. Then, in the tool, use the value 0,01 for example. That'll move the polys along their respective normals with that specific value. Prerequisite are correctly oriented normals, of course.
  14. DasFrodo

    Adidas logo model with fur

    Try going into the Rendersettings -> Anti-Aliasing and set "Filter" to "Sinc". That should sharpen your image and let the hair "pop" more.