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  1. These are all Octane. No washed away detail there or are you just talking about smokesims? If you want a sharper image in Octane in general you can decrease "Filter Size" in the Octane rendersettings.
  2. That'd be super great! Lighting is the one thing I still struggle with a lot, granted I haven't invested too much time into actually perfecting it. Simple question, do you work on these renders afterwards in Photoshop or something similar? Or do you use the renders as they are? I feel like Corona NAILS those rough surfaces like no other engine, looks silky smooth.
  3. Man your renders are always so clean... please teach me
  4. To be perfectly honest, I didn't buy XP for the rigid body simulations. C4D already does that really well. I bought it for all the rest ("simple" particle simulations, smoke, fire, ...) which C4D can't do or is too hard to do as I despise TP. Maybe at some point I might face that problem if I want to mix all the stuff but as of right now it's fine for me. I can see it becoming a problem in a production environment thought.
  5. I live in a C4D bubble so I don't really know... Is there a good replacement for it? I know there's pretty much nothing like it in C4D and I've seen Realflow for a couple of times. Afaik that's mainly for fluid simulations, right?
  6. Oh whoops! Should have seen the Mac interface
  7. Or just change it from a relative path to an absolute path. So instead of /users/accountname/desktop/... it would be c:/users/accountname/desktop/...
  8. I've been using XParticles for a while now, mind you, not in a production environment at all. I've been using it in my freetime to do some abstract artwork and get used to the plugin before I am willing to offer it as a skill to clients. I think it's a great Plugin, it hasn't crashed on me once and every single time something didn't work and I rebuilt it I noticed that I screwed up some setting. So no, I can't confirm that rebuilding stuff from scratch magically fixes some scenes, but I don't deny it either. I haven't used their tech support either, except once when I bought my license (used) and it didn't show up in my account. I got an answer in less than 4h every time. I think some of XParticles systems are very obscure and badly documented though especially since a lot of functions have been depracated and moved to other parts of the plugin. It's sometimes hard to get a clear answer to very simple questions. Their videotutorials are great though, learned a lot just by watching them. I haven't used the forum for the sole reason that it seems to be dead so I never bothered even registering so I can't comment on that. All in all though considering that's a plugin and not a dedicated software and the amount of features it delivers it's fine for me. As I said, I haven't really encountered any severe bugs or issues.
  9. Looks like he's using X-Particles. Not sure if you can emit particles from splines in C4D without plugins, but I don't think so.
  10. Have a look at this and see if it helps S&T_Glass.c4d
  11. I haven't contacted support yet, no. R20 is good enough for me right now so I don't worry too much about it, but it's on my to-do list. I know my way around PCs so of course, I did that. No process is running after it crashes, it's just gone completely and won't start again. The interesting thing is that the process actually starts up again, it's just stuck at something around 8% CPU and 250MB RAM usage.
  12. https://quixel.com/megascans/library?search=grass https://source.substance3d.com/allassets?q=grass https://www.poliigon.com/search?query=grass&type=texture Maybe you'll find something there
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