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  1. I feel like getting the absolute basics (including basic modeling, animation and the rest) down through tutorials and then just learning the stuff you want (which is how you did it with AE and I did with C4D in general) is probably one of the better ways. Doesn't burn you out as fast and there's little chance of missing some very basic techniques you didn't even know existed.
  2. If you disable reflectance in the material it won't reflect a thing, so not even the lights. That's a way. You can also disable specular reflections in the lights so they only light the scene, but do not create specular on any surface.
  3. That wouldn't stretch the baked texture though, would it? The texture should be way lower resolution, but would it fix the stretch?
  4. I haven't had too much time with X-Particles but I haven't crashed it yet. Freezes, when I accidentally enter 0.01 in some setting instead of 0.1, sure, but that's not the plugins fault. I had the worst experience with all kinds of render engine plugins so far. V-Ray was HORRIBLE in this regard which is why I finally switched last year when they announced their subscription program after the Chaos Group takeover. Octane also crashes occasionally, but it's rare.
  5. Well, I remember trying 3DS Max for a while, probably like 10 years ago and I generally liked the workflow the software offered. Loading times were horrendous even back then but I felt like the modeling toolkit was crazy good. Can't really speak for Autodesk Software nowadays as I don't use a single one. I occasionally dabble a bit in Fusion360 for my 3D-Printing experiments but thats about it. I like that software though. The general mood around them seems to sour more every year though. No matter where you look, people complain about sh*** updates, missing features, constant crashing and so on. Can't really remember when C4D crashed on me the last time, excluding Plug-Ins of course.
  6. I'm no lawyer but going by everything I know about licensing and contracts what Autodesk is trying to do there is ABSOLUTELY not legal. You cannot change a contract like this. You need an okay from both parties and if they, at the time, sold the license as perpetual they cannot change that to a subscription model or basically change anything about it. This is why there are contracts in the first place. I'm so increadibly happy I never started with Autodesk Software. Seriously, screw this company. It's a shame they hold such great software hostage.
  7. Wouldn't call this dirty! As long as you're only using this "packaged" project for rendering, what's the point of keeping organized textures? I don't think there's a better solution for this, it's just good to know that beforehand insead of when you paid several hundres for a broken rendering...
  8. I did that in the file I attached. Just look at the F-Curve, there's all animated stuff in it ;)
  9. Man, I wanted to clean my apartement but now I got stuck with C4D again I played around a bit more, scene file is attached again. Glad I could help! Wave.mp4 Wave.c4d
  10. What do you mean you don't see any distortion? What you see happening in your picture IS refraction and the exact effect you are after. Though I forgot to tell you that you need to hollow out your sphere, otherwise C4D assumes it's a solid object which is not what you want. I've attached a scene for you to see what I mean. To me, this looks like a shockwave! Wave.mp4 Wave.c4d
  11. Refraction happens as soon as you enable transperency in the material. The IoR value (index of refraction) is the "refraction" value in the same tab. Glass is around 1.49 - 1.51 iirc. If you enter 1.0 you'll just get no refraction at all, so I'd try going with something very low like 1.02.
  12. That is... interesting. This is my standard workflow, even rerendering while simultaniously working in AE on the same files. Is it a local drive? A network drive?
  13. You have Auto Focus enabled which completely disables the Focal Depth setting.
  14. The questions is, why not just work with all necessary Multi-Pass layers enabled already from the start? If I understood you correctly the problem is that Single-Pass and Multi-Pass renderings inside C4D already look different. So why not just use Mulit-Pass from the beginning and adjust your lighting and materials according to that?
  15. You could probably do this with a sphere with no internal or regular reflections and just the refraction active, with a very, very mild IoR. Should give you the same effect.
  16. I'm really bad at math, though I understood what he did there. I don't see the problem though? What's the point? Please enlighten me
  17. Welp, their loss. But I assume not having realistic butcheek physics were part of the reason
  18. @Vertex Helix I don't think thats true dispersion though, right? To me it looks like the effect in the picture above is dispersion inside the glass, actually splitting wavelengths, and not the soapy effect you can create with the thin film shader. Assuming I am correct, you cannot create this effect with the standard C4D renderer. At least not with the standard material. It might be possible with the nodesystem somehow, but I don't know it well enough. However, every truly spectral renderengine should be able to produce this effect. I've used V-Ray and Octane and they both were able to achieve this, although V-Ray was very, very slow when doing so.
  19. Honestly Cerbera, sometimes I question if there's anything on this planet you can't and haven't already mastered
  20. I don't think you're ever too old to learn something new. Yeah, it might be a slower process (and I notice this already as well, lol) but with enough dedication and hard work everything is possible. But what the hell, 30 is still young. Go for it. That's mainly MoGraph and Particle Simulation. You'd either have to use the integrated C4D particle system and thinking particles (which suck and are outdated as hell) or get X-Particles which is increadibly powerful. It's another ~600€ though, unless you get it second hand, which is what I did. They have a 30 day trial though, so you could try that out.
  21. What Cerbera said. I started with C4D when I was 13. Now I'm 27, so I have 14 years of experience with it. Of course, of those 14 years the intensity with which I used and learned the program fluctuated a lot, especially during my time at university. I still feel like I don't know sh**. There's so many areas where I have NO idea what and how it actually works. I have very basic modeling skills but I feel like I'm pretty good with materials and general rendering techniques and settings. Ironically a big part of the texturing / material process happens outside of C4D in softwares like Substance Designer and Substance Painter so I also spend a lot of time there. Find a part of the software that makes you happy and especially interests you, and stick with that until you feel confident enough in the topic. For me it's materials and rendering. Nothing like spending a couple of hours in Substance Designer, rendering the Material in Cinema, showing it to people and they ask you where you got that photo from. You can chose whatever floats your boat! Modeling, character animation, motion graphics, simulations, materials, lighting, rendering. The beauty of 3D is that you are never done learning which makes it an increadibly thrilling hobby or job. If someone asked me to rig a character I'd have to pass. If someone asked me to model something moderately complex I'd have to pass. If someone asked me to animate a character I'd have to pass. I've done and tried those things, but I suck at it and I find no joy in it. But that's fine, because nobody knows everything. Even if you spend every hour of your life in C4D for the next ten years you wouldn't be an expert in everything. Again, find something your particularly enjoy and try to learn that. Stick with it. Learn everything around it that you need for that particular project. That's how I learned C4D. I never bought a book or video course, all I did was wade through the (very, very good) documentation, watched tons of YouTube tutorials and tried to implement that in my own projects. This is by no means a perfect way to learn it, but it worked for me. Good luck! Edit: Also, if you ever feel stuck, Cinema and the entire CG area has an increadibly welcoming and open community and almost everybody will try to help you and give a way techniques and tips that took them years to come up with. Just ask, people will help you.
  22. I think it's a combination of normal maps just working this way and your shader. If you'd reduce the roughness of your model you'd see the crevices way, way better. When the viewing angle is very straight there's just not much contrast in there to make it pop, which is why it looks like the detail is vanishing.
  23. You could use fields for that. Create a Box / Spherical field and feed that into the brightness of your material. Animate the field along the path you want and bam, done.



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