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  1. That is some awesome stuff! Are you planning to do some tutorials on this, or at least provide the C4D files? I'd be really interested in how you achieved this stuff without any plugins.
  2. I've been playing around with the Field Forces and Volume Builders in the last couple of days and thought I'd make a tutorial out of it to get people started. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that struggled with this new feature at first, even if you have worked with particles before Please let me know what you think!
  3. Adaptive is a bit faster than progressive and you can get the exact quality you deem acceptable, so that's why everybody is using it for final renders. With progressive you can technically get a final quality as well just by limiting the rendertime but that could not be the same quality for a different scene because it would take longer to achieve the same quality level.
  4. I didn't mean to imply that MoGraph has anything to do with realistic rendering. All I meant was that scenes you typically do with MoGraph don't need insane amounts of material and texturework. Keyword here is usually.
  5. OSL is not necesarry because most if not close to all materials are achievable in all render engines. It's a nice extension if you are after some specific effect or something that isn't supported by the engine yet, but it's certainly not something an artists needs to know. The three cornerstones of realistic rendering are just three things: modeling, materials and lighting. If you mess up one of these three, your rendering will look bad. A little bit of bad modeling isn't as severe as a bad material or bad lighting though, in my experience. There's a certain margin of error for models but the eye instinctively picks up wrong materials, it's just something our brains are very, very good at. Substance is only really needed if you want to do more complex stuff. If you're into MoGraph or generally more abstract stuff I don't think it's needed for good looking renders. Also, Fresnel is out of question since every single material ever has fresnel so without fresnel there is no realistic shading. It's just one of those basic rules.
  6. Unless I have to do some advanced masking or other photo manipulation that is more suited to Photoshop I almost always use After Effects, even for stills. For basic camera imperfection effects and color grading After Effects is just more intuitive and better in my opinion. Photoshop also doesn't support all the effects and blendingmodes in 32bit which is huge in my opinion. After Effects doesn't have this restriction, so you can apply more effects and have more control over your final image in AE. Ultimately you'll have to find out for yourself though. Just try what you like more. For animation of course After Effects is king.
  7. Well, the question is, is Rebus ultimately costing you more money than the new PC? I mean yeah, you can use the PC lateron as well but do you need it?
  8. You could just rent hardware or send it to a renderfarm. There's renderfarms for Redshift I think, only Octane seems to have this thing where they only allow their own renderfarm because of some licensing stuff. No need to buy new hardware just for that. One service I have VERY good experience with is https://us.rebusfarm.net/en/lets-go/render-farm-specsRebusfarm. They have a dedicated Plug-In that is basically one click and you render your scene. They are also very affordable.
  9. Yeah, that's exactly how Octane does it. It generates geometry before rendering, which is why a huge amount of hair takes a huge amount VRam, which is an issue in some cases. Coincidentally I've been playing around with hair in Octane yesterday, just to see how well it looks and how fast it renders, even with DoF. This is the result: Nothing fancy but it might give @GaryAbrehart an idea of how well hair works in Octane. It's dynamic as well, so you can render full simulated animations with it.
  10. I'll be honest with you, I haven't had any issues on that level with my hardware for years I guess you're just unlucky, sorry. Good luck with getting this sorted out, please update if and what solved the problem.
  11. You can't "connect" your GPU to Octane. Octane takes every available GPU in your system anyways, or at least the primary GPU. What you can still do is go into your Octane settings and see if the GPU is even recognized correctly, but I doubt it isn't because it IS rendering if I understand you correctly. If that doesn't help, well, maybe the folks over in the OTOY forum have another idea but the next step I would take is uninstalling C4D completely, deleting the entire C4D folder inside your appdata folder, reinstall C4D and reinstall Octane as well. You can also try completely uninstalling your driver and then using a driver cleaner to get rid of the last bit of the driver, then reinstall the one you want to use. You can also check if all your hardware is seated in the motherboard correctly and clean the RAM and PCI-E slots with some canned air. And if THAT doesn't help, last resort, reinstall Windows (use the built in factory reset tool in Windows which is basically the same as just wiping your HDD and reinstalling it). After that, well I guess your card is dead / damaged. After all your PC is only 2 months old so RMA should not be a problem.
  12. Alright so I just tested this out. I downgraded my GPU driver from 436.30 (newest game-ready driver) to 431.86 (newest studio driver). I just spent over an hour working on the same scene that CONSTANTLY crashed yesterday, and at this point I did not have any crashes whatsoever. You might want to try downgrading your driver to THIS ONE here. It's the newest studio driver for your 2070. Let me know if that helped. I'll let you know if I experience any more crashes, but for now it looks like it's working again. By this point I hade at least three crashes yesterday. EDIT: Just looked through your OTOY Forum thread. The graphics driver you're showing is way, way too old (419.35). The newest one is 431.86 which is over 6 months newer. For GPU rendering I'd recommend to always keep the driver that is working without any problems and ONLY update the driver if necessary. I use my machine for gaming as well which is why I need to update it more often but I've had tons of problems doing so. Also try to use the studio drivers only. This is a new driver category that NVIDIA provides that are specially tested for artists and render engines. At this point I didn't have any issues with any of those specific drivers, only with game-ready drivers
  13. But isn't that exactly what the displacer does? I mean, the first thing that comes in contact with the tube is the base of the "spike" so the entire spike folds in, because theres nothing keeping it from doing so. EDIT: I'm starting to think this might be best solved with some bones and xpresso. Make the spikes fold in with some bones and trigger the movement via xpresso when they come below a certain point on the y axis.
  14. In theory you should be able to do this by setting the displacer type (in the object tab) to one of the three RGB modes (RGB (XYZ Object), RGB (XYZ Tangent), RGB (XYZ World)). They allow you to "displace" anything in three dimensions instead of just along the vertex normal or comparable. You can read about the funcionality here. I've never used this before so I can't really help with that, but that might be a lead. Or somebody else comes up with a way better and easier solution.
  15. Unfortunately I don't have any old enough C4D version installed to actually use falloff, but what I came up with SHOULD be doable with classic falloff instead of fields. I'm using a displacer on the spline instead of a bend deformer. I'm blending from 0% - 100% power with a linear field at the top of the "tube". I attached the screenshots, hope thats clear. I'm not 100% sure that that's what you want just let me know.
  16. No, this is not normal. C4D is very stable and I haven't had to many crashes with Octane and other Plug-Ins. In my experience, third-party renderers crash more often than other kinds of plug-ins, but not that much. This is definitely not something related to some general Windows machine instability, it's something else. I will post my logs as soon as I'm at home, if there are any. As I said, it just hard crashes with Octane AND with ProRender, without any Errors. I cannot imagine it's Octane as I have used that same version on R21 and R20. While using R20 I never had this problem, so the only things that changed is the C4D Release and my GPU Driver that I recently updated. I'll let you know if I find anything. EDIT: Also, by "new GPU" he doesn't mean literally a newer GPU. You can just RMA your current one in that case, if nothing else helps. It sucks but hardware breaks, sometimes albeit rarely even very early after buying. If you can, borrow a similiar GPU from a friend and try that out. If that GPU works without crashing chances are you really have a faulty one.
  17. That is true, but that should not make Octane crash instantly. GPU's don't get that hot that fast.
  18. I had something similiar yesterday! Though I'm using R21 so I'd probably blame it on unstable Octane... But! I've been having this issue on a slightly more complex scene. Nothing too fancy though, just some work with Field Forces, Tracers and a Sweep. Lot's of Polygons, nothing else. I even converted the result to a basic polygonal model to make sure it's not the generator that is crashing the software. There is no predermined point where it crashes, it just sometimes does. While rendering, while changing a material, something like that. And it crashes HARD. No Error Message, no bug feedback request after restart, nothing. The weird part is that C4D does not start anymore unless I reboot the system. Even closing the .exe by hand in the Task Manager yields the same result. I thought maybe it's my scene but now that you say it... it crashed once then kept crashing all evening until I gave up. Rebooting every 20mins is not feasable. Let's see what comes of this. I'm not sure where it's coming from, but I suspect the graphic drivers. It only seems to happen when using Octane and ProRender, not just plain C4D. And I've recently updated the driver to the newest game ready version as well I'll probably try a downgrade this evening and report back.
  19. Well it all depends on what you want to do. Personally I almost always just use the exposure and hotpixel removal. When I don't want to comp a picture in PS I'll use saturation and highlight compression, but that's about it. As long as you save as 32bit there is really no reason to use the camera imager, unless you don't want to touch Photoshop / After Effects / ... at all.
  20. Bodypaint is way too old to be relevant today, even with updates, I agree. Unless MAXON pulls a miracle here and basically creates another Substance Painter inside C4D it's not going to be used much. UV on the other hand is still important. I don't have RizomUV and never felt like I needed it, but the tools inside C4D are still lacking. They're just not comfortable to use.
  21. At least for me that's the problem I see. If it was communicated more clearly, for example: "Get CINEMA 4D now for 750€ a year or 105€ per month". Right now the website sells it, at least at first glance, in a different way. The plan that locks you for a year is shown in monthly cost as well and the overall price isn't shown at all. I think that's just misleading, but I can accept that. It's business, I understand that. Question is, why can't you guys offer one price per month and one perpetual price, period. Why does it have to be more expensive if I only use it for a month instead of a whole year? All the other softwares I use have that option. There is no need to decide if I want a month or a year, the subscription just runs for as long as I want it to, for one price. Thank you for explaining that in detail, very interesting. This is the kind of stuff that helps understanding actions of a company that looks like greed at first.
  22. I think we were talking about generally paying monthly, not yearly even though it's advertised as monthly price. At least that's what I meant
  23. Oh cmon now. Any other company in this space that has subscription licensing does it, so you can do it too. You wouldn't be the first one to do it, and won't be the last one. You know what's a nightmare as well? Forking over 750€ in one batch to get access to the software, which is not even perpetual, under the disguise of "monthly" payment. Because it isn't. It comes DOWN to XY€ per month, but it's not PAID that way. 750€ in one batch is way harder to swallow than just that one two figures number every month. This is one of the reasons why people finance stuff instead of buying it all at once, even if it costs a little more. It's seriously disheartening what's happening right now. I love C4D and the community, and I like Maxons high quality, stable software output. I've been using it for over 10 years without a second of feeling like I'm not getting what I'm paying for. But this one little change has change that. I was seriously excited that you finally offer a subscription service, and then I saw that the "monthly" 80€ price is not monthly at all. Please don't see this as a personal attack, because it is not. And I love that you guys communicate with us here on the same level but again, as a customer, I don't care what a bookkeeping nightmare this would be, because others have been doing it for years and they didn't go bankrupt from having a couple more accountants.
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