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  1. You can also influence the simulation speed of the dynamics by animating Time Scale in the Dynamics Tab of the Project Settings SlowMo.mp4
  2. Not sure I understand the problem but you can definitely change the export FPS without influencing the simulation. Same animation but in 5FPS and in 60FPS, directly exported out of C4D: 5fps.mp4 60fps.mp4 All you have to do is bake the simulation before you render.
  3. I think you'd need to lower the cycles / detail of the noise, so it's less detailed.
  4. Considering you scaled the images down, at least it looks like it, there's just more detail coming from the 7500x7500 image. That detail is being "handed down" to the lower resolution and using the wrong scaler you get this effect. Look at the pants, they have a pretty hefty moire effect as well. I honestly don't see a difference in lighting, just in the material.
  5. Oh god I didn't realize you posted in the Redshift subforum, sorry.
  6. Not sure where you're look but there's definitely the option just as for any other shadow type.
  7. You can do that with anything in pretty much any channel that supports shaders. What wouldn't work for example is the roughness value in the tranpsarency channel, as you can't load any shaders / textures in, just a flat value. Beat me to it
  8. Looks great! As long as you learned something from it, nothing is lost! Nobody ever stops learning.
  9. I don't have Redshift but to me it looks like you're completely blending the material into nothing which would explain the change in refraction. EDIT: Unless of course you've layered the glass below the droplet layer in a different way that I can't see in the image. In that case, nevermind.
  10. Well then set it to millimeters on export, that might help.
  11. Maybe this technique? Dissolve.mp4 Dissolve.c4d
  12. Think I need to take a look at it then. UVs is the one thing I really, really hate in 3D.
  13. There is also RizomUV. Never used it myself but I hear only good things about it. Indie perpetual license is at 150€.
  14. This is some really cool stuff, no idea how I missed that until now. Unfortunately I have XParticles already, so I don't really need it
  15. I feel like the paintjob in the last shot is a tad bit TOO reflective. Doesn't look right to me. Rest is dope as always!
  16. I suspect that this might best be discussed with MAXON support. Not a lot of people use XRefs as they are, as you said, everything but robust. So you might not even have anyone here that really uses them and has the same problem as well.
  17. I don't think you can really game when rendering. It's GPU rendering yes, but for ever frame preparation and other stuff the CPU is still in use. Just render a still that takes a while or an animation and look at the CPU / Memory usage. You'll see what I mean. I might be wrong though, I only have a single 1070 and I always render when I go to bed or leave the house.
  18. Why do you think it matters what's in high priority? As long as you're not rendering while playing it doesn't matter if you play on the 2080 Super or the 1080TI except the 2080 Super has way better performance. Just use the 2080 Super for gaming. If I were you I wouldn't get a 1080 anymore though as the RTX cores can speed up Octane significantly ever since they integrated RTX support.
  19. You can still achieve a similiar effect with inverted AO channels. You can use those as masks for grunge / wear.
  20. Without having a look at the scene file I suspect it's either the samplerate of the lights (if you have any) or it's the emissive material in combination with GI that gives you these dots everywhere. In the second case, you have two options: Switch primary and secondary GI solution to QMC (increases rendertimes dramatically but get's rid of all artifacts) Massively increase samplerate, quality and density of your GI solutions (increases renderimes as well but probably not as bad as QMC)
  21. You need to describe your problem otherwise it's really not that easy to help you...

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