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  1. Does it seem to get stuck or does it actually get stuck? S&T line generation is unfortunately still single threaded and can, depending on line settings and scene, take a VERY long time.
  2. That is correct, as per Maxons official FAQ post.
  3. Please update your profile information, you are surely not using C4D: 6 if you try to install Plugins on R21. As for your problem: Plugins should be installed here: %AppData%\Roaming\MAXON\MAXON Cinema 4D R21_XXXXXXXX\plugins If that doesn't work, make sure you're using the newest version that the developer provides or you have access to (I don't know how their licensing works).
  4. Honestly, I have never used Virtual Walkthrough. I've tried the sound system once just to see what it does, but I never needed it again. Might be just my workflow, but I don't see the point of it. @CairynCan you elaborate what you use it for?
  5. Looking at the wording on the website, no. They do mention ProRender will be coming back, this time from AMD. But the rest is not mentioned at all.
  6. Yeah, I don't understand that decision either. I have no reference point when it comes to this stuff though, so it might just be a common thing with feature removal in software.
  7. No, those are global. They are great for testing or for scenes that don't warrant spending time on optimizing, but especially with volumes you want to up the volume light samples and see what happens. Or just try out automatic sampling if you don't want to bother with these things
  8. It doesn't exist. It has been removed along with Virtual Walkthrough and ProRender.
  9. There's still this weird glow around the discs that somehow throws the entire image off. I don't think those would be there if you had downwards pointing lights like this.
  10. Yes that is exactly what I meant. Cerbera added some more valid criticism but I think this will mostly be solved as soon as you add the visible light sources.
  11. You could probably add pure white emissive discs by hand that do not light the scene. If you want that level of control I think it's just best bet.
  12. I am not sure how versed you are in Redshift, but for stuff like this the control it gives you over your sampling is amazing. You could just increase your amount of samples on your volumes until you get to a desired result. Other than that, if you just want everything automatic (and that works great so far) you can just enable "Automatic Sampling" which is in System -> Experimental. Automatic Sampling takes your Adaptive Error Threshold and tries to reach that quality automatically. Maybe try that out as well.
  13. Third party render material previews, especially in the viewport, are always a bit iffy. At least in those that I've worked with (V-Ray, Octane, Redshift). The material icon in the material manager thing is something that annoys me as well, and I hope they can fix it at some point (if that is even possible with their codebase). I do not have this issue with the Quick Shading being black, at all. No clue where this is coming from. As for the blown out light: there is a setting on every light in Redshift that you can adjust. It never bothered me, so I don't know what
  14. DasFrodo

    Golden Head

    The lighting it gives you is just too good to pass up
  15. DasFrodo

    Golden Head

    From the album: Random Artwork

    Rendered with Redshift
  16. Finally had some muse again and did a "quick" random artwork.
  17. If you're new to C4D I would not recommend trying something like this. Unless you already have a lots of experience in other 3D-Softwares I would spend my time learning the basics of the software and how working in 3D works. You could theoretically achieve it with C4Ds built-in tools, but I think X-Particles would be your best bet here. That is a Plug-In that costs several hundreds. For the fuse shrinking you could use a Sweep Spline and animated the Start Growth / End Growth.
  18. You can make the light itself visible.
  19. Please put a little bit more effort into your post. If you make no effort to formulate an understandable question and give us information as to what you have already and what your knowledge on C4D is, it's hard to justify spending time to help you. A single link to a video is not going to be enough.
  20. That is true for every new card but the 3090, since that is the only card that supports NVLink (they gotta squeeze some money somewhere). NVLink effectively pools the VRAM together which as a result almost doubles the VRAM if you have the same card twice.
  21. Jokes aside, I expect these things to be sold out for months. The demand is going to be insane because many people have been waiting for a worthwhile not overpriced NVidia Card for years now. And this is definitely is.
  22. DasFrodo

    Egg Timer

    Dammit, should have known you already did something like this
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