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  1. There are not many engines that support AMD GPUs. The sad reality is that CUDA has the monopoly on that, so you either need to get an NVidia GPU or live with whatever renders you can find. The only ones I know of are ProRender (integrated in C4D) and Cycles. There are probably more though. If you want to use the big boys though you'll need an NVidia GPU.
  2. There are AI upsamplers, for example it's integrated in Octane. The results are not great, and depending on the content, even horrible. This is not a normal workflow at all. Downsampling is probably more frequently used, as it gives you a nice sharp image.
  3. Most "cheap" mice that are wireless are still all Bluetooth at their core. If you want something that is not BT you need to look at Logitechs Lightspeed mice, like the G903 for example. The dongle is just as big as any other dongle, so it basically vanishes inside the USB port. I have that mouse, and I love it. Battery lasts a long time, you can still use it with cable if it's every empty and they even offer a wireless charging mousepad so you never have to plug the mouse in again. Of course, that is rather useless on a mobile setup.
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  5. DasFrodo

    BMW 315 PS DA 2

    From the album: Miscellaneous

    Rendering of the BMW 315 PS DA 2 Mostly procedural materials made with MAXON Noise, only 4 roughness maps used in the scene. Made and rendered with Redshift.
  6. DasFrodo

    BMW 315 PS DA 2

    From the album: Miscellaneous

    Rendering of the BMW 315 PS DA 2 Mostly procedural materials made with MAXON Noise, only 4 roughness maps used in the scene. Made and rendered with Redshift.
  7. DasFrodo

    BMW 315 PS DA 2

    From the album: Miscellaneous

    Rendering of the BMW 315 PS DA 2 Mostly procedural materials made with MAXON Noise, only 4 roughness maps used in the scene. Made and rendered with Redshift.
  8. I've been working on texturing a BMW 315 PS DA 2 for a texturing contest over at thepixellab for the last couple of days. Finally finished it Pictures are in 4k, so please have a look at them in all their glory!
  9. This is currently the only solution yes. Don't recommend it because it completely detroys rendertimes. Better idea would be to do it in post.
  10. Already got an answer in the Redshift Forums! Apparently it undersamples AO by default in the Bucket Render, so you have to massively increase the AO samples, either in the global sample override (got mine up to 1024 now) or in the material. Working perfectly now!
  11. Yep, MAXON Noise! Redshift integrated all the noises that C4D has in their native material system.
  12. Yeah the Demo they offer on the website is sadly by far not the newest version... it doesn't have the MAXON Noise, for example
  13. Definitely. 2.6 is way too old. They switched to an entirely new shading core recently as far as I understood.
  14. Alright, this is more than likely a bug or there is something fundemantel about Redshift that I do not understand. I will post this over in the Redshift forums and see what they say. I'll update here.
  15. Hi everybody, I'm currently working on some more complex shader setups to get used to the Redshift Material system. I'm now facing an issue that I cannot figure out. The AO node / shader has some weird behaviour when I do the final renders (render in picture manager) of my scene. It does render correctly in the IPR, which is the weird part. Best explained with two pictures: In the IPR the AO shades across multiple objects, as expected In the Picture Viewer the AO does seem to ignore certain objects in the scene and doesn't shade them at all. It DOES include them in the calculations of neigbouring objects but it does not shade them. I can't find any rhyme or logic to this. If I render multiple times it does always look the same I can't find any logic in which objects get shaded and which don't Normal orientations on all objects are fine There is no modifiers / generators / ... on any of the objects. These are all pure polygonal objects I have attached a reduced scene file. Does any of you have any clue why this is happening? [EDIT] Just noticed that the error goes away if I enable automatic sampling in the experimental system settings. So it seems like it has something to do with sampling? [EDIT2] Okay, what the hell is going on? If I set Unified Sampling to 16 16 it renders correctly, but if I set it to 16 64 for example it screws up again? [EDIT3] Updating Redshift from 3.0.20 to 3.0.22 didn't fix it unfortunately... Old_Car.zip
  16. If you are running the IPR while you're working on the materials they won't refresh. It's either or.
  17. Which is why I'm saying you need to understand how C4D works. If that material doesn't look correct in C4D then obviously something with your material is wrong. As you are a total beginner I am 99% sure that you did not set up your material correctly. That is very, very basic especially with a simple texture with a normalmap.
  18. You will need to look at Tutorials on Cineware for After Effects. There is tons of documentation coming with Cinema and tons of tutorials on YouTube. There is no way these concept can be adequately described in a forum post. Before you do anything else you will need to understand how the bridge between C4D and AE works and what C4D actually does.
  19. If that is easily possible with the Substance Designer AO Node, then I don't know how. The AO you need for edge wear is not a simple inverted standard AO as far as I know. Iirc I used the Edge Detection Node for that and that worked pretty well. Sorry, I can't follow. What are you asking exactly ?
  20. Me neither, I've only heard about it because digitalproduction.com had an article about it. Thought it couldn't hurt to share
  21. Boris FX just released the standalone version of their software Particle Illusion for free. More details here: https://borisfx.com/products/particle-illusion/ I haven't tried it myself yet, but apparently the entire thing is pretty much fully featured, and has almost no restrictions (even supports up to 8k ProRes). The only downside is, it's standalone only. No integration into any compositing software.
  22. Could be that, or maybe your Renderview is in Clay Mode?
  23. Thanks for reminding us, I would have totally forgotten about it. Looks like I know what I'm watching this evening
  24. You can pretty much only send it to MAXON. If your department refuses to help you you could try through the forum, I don't know if that's possible. @Igor can you help maybe?
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