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  1. Make a tree

    Thanks digitvisions I am using now your previous advise (using mograph cloner) it I am getting satisfying results for this porject.
  2. Make a tree

    Thank you 3D-Pangel. This one also look cool.
  3. Make a tree

    Thank you Westbam This plugin might be the very thing I am looking for. I'll take a closer look on it next week.
  4. Make a tree

  5. Make a tree

    How would you create those trees and bushes. Without any costly plugins.
  6. Make a tree

    Thank you Cerbera I'll take a look at this tutorial in the next weekend. I failed to mention that my tee does not have to grow. Is there any way to create a not by using hairs?
  7. Make a tree

    Hello How do you make a tree? I was looking on this tutorial, and I didn't like it.
  8. Xpresso – convert rotation to horizontal

    Thank you Abyss I tried your way and it is working. I am happy. And thanks to all the rest of you.
  9. Xpresso – convert rotation to horizontal

    If the lever is rotating and the rod should move horizontally, how can I parent them?
  10. Hello A basic question in Xpresso: I would like to rotate a lever (by keyframes) which should control a rod movement. I think I should use a Range Mapper, but I am little confuse by this node’s parameters. The lever should be rotate from -22 degrees (rotation B) up to +22 degrees. The rod should be move, on Z axis, from -106 Cm to -167 Cm.
  11. Black Smoke in S&T

    Cerbera Here is the outcome of what I did with your suggestion. It come out really cartoonic and I like it.
  12. Black Smoke in S&T

    Tank you Cerbera. Any basic tutorial for this technique?
  13. Black Smoke in S&T

    Hello How should I add a simple black smoke to a moving S&T locomotive?
  14. Which fps I really need?

    Thank you DTea Since I'll probably use the motion blur, I can crank it down to 25 fps.
  15. Which fps I really need?

    Here is the opening scene sketch: It was made and rendered at 30 fps, 1280x720, and no S&T rendering (which takes only several Min.). I am not sure about fast movements, since there is a train which will pass very close to the camera, much like the text is doing here. I have not removed the Hebrew narration, since I am sure most of you can speak this language fluently.