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  1. Hi everyone, I always have a problem to export a perfect PNG sequence to After Effect with transparent Alpha channel. Everything fine, except one thing. Gamma. When I import the animation to After Effects my render looking so dark. I did a search on the internet for any soluton. I found that it is something gamma value problem. I changed the gamma with effect in AE to 2.2. It is almost good as suggested in another topic, but it is not the same. When I open the png in Photoshop the gamma looking good. It is good. Then why on the earth I have a problem with that in AE all the time? What is the secret? :D My render options, down below
  2. Hi! I baked the ambient occlusion on my models, and it is working nicely. The next person whose gonna work with the file, wants to open it in 3D studio max and continue the work in unity. The fbx export are fine. All of the textures visible except the diffusion. It's not exported it with the other materials. In 3ds its worse... It cant find the proper UV coordinates, and it's looking for the textures in a different path (in program files MAXON folder lol). How can I export a proper file for 3ds max? There are only two material: color and occlusion. It's simple, but still I'm wasting hours in it.