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  1. Hi! I baked the ambient occlusion on my models, and it is working nicely. The next person whose gonna work with the file, wants to open it in 3D studio max and continue the work in unity. The fbx export are fine. All of the textures visible except the diffusion. It's not exported it with the other materials. In 3ds its worse... It cant find the proper UV coordinates, and it's looking for the textures in a different path (in program files MAXON folder lol). How can I export a proper file for 3ds max? There are only two material: color and occlusion. It's simple, but still I'm wasting hours in it.
  2. Maybe Tony Stark made the white sunglasses :) just check out his watch. After that anything is possible.
  3. Thanks for your reply! The good thing about anatomy, I've learnt it for two years on University of Arts. I am graphic designer actually. I didn't want to sculpt the webs, I like to draw it in PS or Illustrator for UV mapping. The other cloth materials will be generated in C4D. If I will use a basic man model from c4d that is a cheat? The most sculpted characters are created from basic human body. Also the Subd modelling can give me more experience, and challenge.
  4. Hi everyone! A few hours ago I've seen the new Captain America tralier. The last seconds were amazing! Like Spider-Man! I think this is the best looking costume for Spiedy ever. A while I really wanted to create some human model. I never did that before. Just industrial stuff, and animals maybe... All the time... I want this next level, and I want some progress in my 3D knowledge. A Spiderman modell doesn't too hard, but not the easyest, so I think it is good for first time. Of course the texturing will be hard, I want it photo-realistic. First I will draw concept art about the costumes parts and the webs After that I need to decide the modelling method. Regular polygon modelling or scultping. Sculpting can be ideal, it is the easyer way, but the character has very clean shape. I am just beginner, if you have a good advice I'll gladly hear it! I will post as soon as I can! (Sorry about the grammar I am try my best!) Civil War trailer