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  1. How to copy Reflectance channel

    Thanks. I would have thought that there could be a way to simply copy the whole channel. I find it strange that there isn't.
  2. Is there a quick way to copy the Reflectance channel from one material to the other? I tried copy and paste but to no avail. Thanks.
  3. Rendering front view - Problem!

    I just figured out what the problem was. I had programmed the animation of a rotation of the can. I was rendering a frame when the can was rotated!
  4. Rendering front view - Problem!

    You're probably correct. Will restart software. Thanks!
  5. Rendering front view - Problem!

    Right now, I'm in the Front view and I see the front of the can with the front of the label. When I render, I get the back of the can.
  6. Rendering front view - Problem!

    Here's the image file for the material.
  7. Rendering front view - Problem!

    R18. Cleaner.c4d
  8. I'm trying to render the front view of an object, but it keeps on rendering the back view! What's going on here?
  9. Can you have a grid array cloner that is radial, or a radial cloner this is grid array? I'm trying to build this curved brick wall, as shown. Any idea?
  10. I'm using a cloner to build a brick wall. Now I want to offer avery other row. How is this done?
  11. I'm using Noise to generate a displacement such as this one. It's a split face concrete block. The result I'm getting is not very convincing, as you can see. It's either to smooth or to "edgy". Any idea how to get this result?
  12. I'm trying to animate a logo being filled with foam, from the bottom. Imagine a transparent logo that is slowly being filled with a foamy material, from the bottom. I tried this with AE but the result is not so convincing. Any idea?
  13. What about Xpresso

    Thanks guys. I've give it a try.
  14. I also tried the Sweep and it doesn't do as much a good job as the Metaball. There has to be a way to stabilize the material.
  15. Cerebra, In the setup you posted above (Caulking CBR.c4d), would there be a way to interrupt the flow of caulking for a few seconds while keeping the caulking gun moving?