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  1. That’s actually a pretty simple technical reason: They can’t. Up to and including R20 they use serial numbers. Serial numbers are valid within the installation and up to R20 don’t validate online. They can’t revoke your serial. The whole system is offline with no point for MAXON to intervene after they gave you your serial. You could interchange your serial with someone else and they couldn’t know or do something about it. From R21 on, they completely abandoned this system. It’s online-activation only, for all types of licences. The licence information is stored solely on MAXONs servers. It’s as simple as that.
  2. Well, you obviously don’t understand our concerns or don’t bother to. Listing publicly stated facts from MAXON doesn’t do a lot to ease the concerns people have.
  3. Ist ja auch ein kleiner Unterschied, ob man eventual oder eventually sucht. Egal, gehört hier nicht rein. Back to topic.
  4. Eventually ist ein sogenannter false friend: klingt einem deutschen Wort sehr ähnlich, hat aber nichts mit dem deutschen eventuell zu tun ;-) er meint „schließlich/letztenendes“.
  5. Because: If they take the MAXON offer to go sub at a very good price for two years, they will pay way, WAY MORE after those two years. If they take the opportunity to get a cheap perpetual licence for R21, their only option in the future to get a newer version is a subscription (at signifantly higher price than their former MSA) or upgrade at significantly higher costs than a Prime upgrade has been in the past. However you slice it: They’ll pay much, much more after two years. Edit: And with all subscription options, those former MSA customers loose access to the software they paid more for when they stopp paying. What was not the case for them as MSA customers. But why am I making a case for Prime/Broadcast/Visualise customers here. I have enough problems on my own as a MSA Studio customer
  6. Just to be sure nobody thinks that’s the abstract fear people who want to buy perpetual have with online-activation. The problem is not MAXON closing shop but deciding to not activate perpetual licences after 3 years anymore, just because – you know – pushing customers to upgrade or subscribe etc. This particular problem boils down to: In the future, even if you buy perpetual, MAXON controls if you’re allowed to use your license.
  7. I have the feeling some people have to be reminded that *adding* the option of subscription is a good thing. The huge problem here is everything thats taken away from Studio-MSA owners —> the future perpetual-licensees. People like me (MSA Studio) are royally effed in a number of ways. I’m happy for students who can now go in with a subscription to wet their feet. I’m happy for those who don’t mind ~100$/month rent because they need Cinema 4D for only 2–3 months. (and by the way, I also don’t care about Prime MSA owners getting a mayor update for the same price. Although I’m not sure they’ll be happy after the first two years are over.) I, as a MSA-customer with Studio feel treated extremely bad by MAXON. I know, I’ll get R21 with my current MSA. But there must be changes made to some decisions within this next year or I will need to make changes after R21 (that maybe slowly migrating to other packages, while using R20/R21 as long as they run).
  8. Uh, for me the CV Plugins are absolutely essential. I definitely don’t want a subscription. Loosing Cineversity after my MSA expires would totally suck big time. I think all customers, especially Perpetual-upgraders should have access to CV. Why not bundle CV with every upgrade for a year in addition to a stand alone subscription.
  9. This won’t work with Maxons model, unless you decide to pay the much higher monthly rental to have this kind of flexibility. The 50$/month is only for yearly, paid upfront.
  10. The bad stuff with Maxons new pricing options keeps piling up while digesting the news. It seems there are even more people harmed by this than I anticipated first: For example, people with MSAs for Prime will pay much more in the future for example. So much for “cheaper”. Every option in the new pricing models seems to have serious disadvantages for someone. Maybe, if there is any heart in this company’s management left, it helps if everybody with concerns and disadvantages through these changes writes a feedback directly to MAXON. Not a rant, but a legitimate, friendly mail explaining the concerns. I guess their management won’t bother reading forum posts. But I hope there is a more direct feedback line that actually reaches them.
  11. Phew, what a disappointment. Seems cheaper at first sight, but having to choose between never owning a version or having a full license without access to cineversity and Plugins is cruel. I only occasionally have Cinema 4D jobs. I could only subscribe for when I have a job that needs Cinema 4D. But that also means not being able to open my own files without paying the monthly fee first. This feels very wrong. feature wise the future looks really bleak: many things promised for years still not here. Looking at Adobes model here, ßi think we can expect even less meaningful features every year, because subscription money is coming in anyways. i hate Blender, but I just bought a beginners book on Amazon. I was such a Cinema 4D fanboy since R14. So disappointed :-(
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