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  1. ABMotion, thank you so much for your reply!!! I'm not keyframing, but your method was exactly what I needed to solve the problem and link it to the HDRI plugin. The "C4D Shader" node always perplexed me because there was no input. I could never get it to work otherwise. Works like a charm. Thanks again!!!
  2. Hello All- I hope I'm posting this in the right place... I'm trying to do a simple link between a bitmap texture and Redshift. Basically, I just want whatever texture I load into the color channel of a C4D shader to appear in the image path file link of the Redshift Dome Light. I've tried everything I know in simple xpresso, but none of it seems to recognize the texture path as a path. I had a result node to make sure that it was seeing my path, but that string still goes unrecognized. It works if I copy/paste it into the dome light, but not with an xpresso link. I've seen GreyscaleGorilla do a similar setup to get their HDR plugin to work, but I'm guessing there's some scripting involved on the front end. I've tried moving this into Python, but I'm having even less luck with that. The reason for all of this is to get HDRI light studio to work with Redshift, since there's not support for it at the moment. I've attached 2 files, both of them fail miserably. Many thanks for any help!! HDRI link test.zip
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