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  1. This has been answered numerous times with a very clear yes - that‘s exactly what „converting“ a license means and makes perfect sense. If you want to keep your r21, you don‘t convert and instead add an additional subscription to your account.
  2. Nice, I'll look into it tonight - looks like it's exactly what I need though. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create an animation and can't quite wrap my head around how to do this. Let's say I have a cloner that generates spheres along a spline and an effector that introduces some irregularity. I want to animate those clones along the spline. Now I need some clones to leave this sequence. They fly towards a defined point and build a new row by themselves. I could realize this with keyframes as soon as they have left their cloner sequence, I'd prefer a parametric approch though. If you could provide any insight in how to make them leave the cloner (or if a completely different approach would be preferable), you really could help me out here. How would you tackle this? Thanks for your input! I've attached a beautifully drawn scribble of the problem. Thanks!
  4. Almost. You overestimated the subscription price (VAT is actually included in the 59,49 we pay in Germany) and ignored VAT for the MSA price (which is 550 now, not 500.) So it's actually Perpetual 3.500 + 7 years updates (7*650 = 4.550) = 8050 vs. Subscription 60 * 96 = 5.760 Know at how many years perpetual actually catches up? Fifty. Perpetual: 3500 + 50*650 = 36.000 Subscription: 50*720 = 36.000 After your 51st year in the industry, you then safe €70 a year. Yay! Most of us don't pay VAT, but the calculation stays the same. I get it if people are annoyed because they don't own their software anymore, but there's no need to spread misinformation. Still - I'm with you on the fact that having something that you can sell is better than owning nothing at the end - still, for my day to day work, it just doesn't matter enough to get upset.
  5. Sure, you're right about the option of financing it - but still, for new users it takes a long time (about 15 years or so) until the perpetual option is really cheaper than the subscription price. I just don't care all that much about owning software, possibly because I come from a classical graphic design background and software subscriptions are a thing as long as I'm working commercially. I care about being able to use the latest tools when I need them.
  6. As there's so much hate towards the licensing changes, I wanted to give a bit of an alternative perspective. For me personally, the licensing changes are exactly what I hoped for. I'm currently on R20 Broadcast. Studio would have been nice, but dropping 3.5k just wasn't an option when I decided to get seriously into creating 3D stuff commercially. I've bought an MSA for my upgrade to R21 and wanted to upgrade to Studio in 2020, which would have cost an additional €2.000. In September, I'm getting R21 with all the Studio features I've been missing for free - I'm saving 2k. If rumors are true, I'm then going to get 2 years of upgrades (which are - at least for me - mandatory. Being on an old version isn't an option for me, due to compatibility reasons alone) for €1.000 - again - that's cheaper than the MSA would have been. 2023 onward I'm going to have to pay €700 per year - but I'm fine with that. It's really going to take some time until it's going to eat away the money I've saved from not having to upgrade to Studio. I know people like me are the exception, I just wanted to shed some light from a more positive angle here. Yes, it would be fantastic if they offered an Indie option, but subscription based licensing is becoming the norm in the software market and it was only a question of time until MAXON would join the other companies. Yes - feature-wise the update is weak - here's to hoping we'll get some nice features in the coming months.
  7. I'm selling a Cinema 4D Broadcast License for 990€, all transferring fees included. If you buy the MSA you get the R21 for < 1.300€. PM me if you're interested!

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