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  1. Having a character animation in 60 FPS that I would like to slow down 200%. I tried “Move/Scale…” in the Timeline’s Function menu. After “Scale” is set to 2, the duration of the animation become twice as long, but the distribution of the keyframes is quite odd and uneven. It actually should be every second frame. Attached a screenshot and scene of a simplified example scale keyframe 1x.c4d scale keyframe 2x.c4d
  2. Hi bezo and teknow, I’ve seen you both responding to my tracer question thread here: http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/92353-tracer-sequentially-onoff/ Then the C4DCafe server went down and your and my posts seemed not made it to the backup. So I post my reply here. The original tracer question is even related to this topic: I am now emitting particles (or clones) form a character surface whenever the velocity of the mesh reaches a certain speed based on the velocity map. When the arm, food or head moves fast, the tracer creates the trails. However, if the same body part moves, and then stops for a while and then moves again, the tracer automatically creates a connection line between the last and the new point. It basically connects the gap in which no movement was detected. This is what I want to avoid. I need the trace only the “fast” movements without interconnecting them with a single line. I am aware that this is not a regular function of the tracer, as it basically counts the points and (based on the length steps) interconnects them. So I am wondering if there is a workaround. Maybe by deleting the unwanted lines or changing the line thickness to zero for the unwanted connections, or anything else that helps to achieve this. Thanks for any help!
  3. Ok, found it. MoInstance has to be a child of the cloner and needs a reference to the actual cloned object. Scene attached. Time offset solution.c4d
  4. I’m generating a bunch of clones along an animated spline object (using the cloner in “object-mode”). All attempts to time-offset the whole thing failed so far (step-effector, MoInstance,..). I am not sure where the problem lies exactly. Attached a sample scene. Thanks for any hints! Time offset problem.c4d
  5. Seems to be a tough question… But there is a wide range of applications, like simulating writing with a pen or brush. I have found many writing examples using the tracer only produce a single stoke. But usually during writing or paining, the stroke is only visible when the pen touches the paper. So there are gabs between the stokes. I was trying to create trails with Cloner or MoInstance that are producing spline circles that change the size according to “write on/off”. When no line is produced, the size of the circle is set to zero. Then, the circles can be connected with a Loft nurbs. One can even manipulate the thickness dynamically based on pressure (like a brush size). So far the theory. Unfortunately, Loft Nurbs is not creating a shape along all circles but treats each curcle individually. So it only creates disks. Any suggestions in this direction (or other solutions)?
  6. Usually, a tracer traces objects, clones or particles in a constant manner. When a traced object disappears, the tracer stops tracing. However, when the object appears again, the tracer draws a connection line between the last tracing point and the new. Is it possible to avoid this connection line and show only the traced path considering gaps when objects disappears? Attached an example scene that illustrates the question. tracer problem.c4d
  7. Seems that xparticles can’t emit directly from a vertex map. As I need an even distribution of particles among the surface, either the mesh resolution of the character has to be increase or a solution with TP will work with vertex maps. Teknow, would you mind to explain how to “use the object's Position Velocity and hook it up to the Float Value of FloatMathMultipy” for someone who is not too familiar with the xpresso nodes. Or is there a way to use the plugin with TP? Another option would be to increase the mesh resolution of a rigged character, but it kind of spoils the rigging when I try. I didn’t do the skinning (done with another tool than C4D), so I just have the bones and mesh already deformed. Not sure if it’s possible to change the res without messing up the rest. Thanks for any suggestion!
  8. Extremely helpful tips. Thanks a lot! The plugin in really cool. The xpresso patch too. May need some time to figure out how to modify it for my purpose. Not very familiar with xpresso… Many Thanks
  9. I want to emit particles from the surface of a skinned character. Here come the tricky part: when the character moves fast, more particles should be emitted than when it moves slow. I guess the velocity of the mesh polygons has to be linked to the emission rate somehow. Any ideas how this can be achieved, either with TP or any other particle system?
  10. Thanks! this works perfect. When the connect object that hold the spline is into a spline mask, it even avoids the boolean operations of the spline mask (which I don't need in this case)
  11. I want to use multiple splines to clone objects along them. The individual splines are dynamically generated and thus can’t be connected destructively. The connector modifier can connect splines in a none-destructive manner. However, if I want to use this as a cloner-object, it is not working. Even the spline context menu is showing up in the cloner object settings, but no clones are aligned on the splines. The connector works well with sweep, so it seems to produce a working spline. Any idea? cloner splines.c4d
  12. Thanks quesolastima. I want to invert this in a way, that a ring is shown. Now, the inner part is not inverted.
  13. Any possibility to affect clones outside of the falloff area of a effector? I want to kill all clones that are not in the falloff area. Attached a scene that shows clones killed inside the falloff. Spending hours trying to reverse the effect, so that the clones outside the area are effected, no luck. Any idea? Mograph Effector - Falloff Curve .c4d