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  1. thankyou to every single one of you!!! you have all been amazing, i really cant thank you all enough, my apologies to c4dcafe for uploading the file, it wont happen again.
  2. not the response i wanted :( yeah, i had a feeling it wasnt great, i did pay too much for it. theres a bazillion free hard hats out there but this was the only one of this shape that i needed, i need this exact profile. so if its very quick to make, would you be interested in making it for me? i did try myself but i just dont know enough about modelling to get it to look just like this.
  3. hi guys, i purchased a model from a stock site, i have to use this model for my brief, i was given many different formats, ive tried bringing as many as i can into cinema 4d but they seem triangulated and when i place it in a hypernurbs object, i get strange distortions, i need to make the helmet highly reflective reflecting the white / grey room without the turbulent displace look.. i have attached the models, any info on this is much appreciated, i also tried to untriangulate it without any luck. ive also attached jpeg reference showing original model, hypernurbed model and that model witha chrome reflection that shows distortions in the mesh thanks in advance.
  4. ok so i have a project that i worked on a few weeks ago, its just a piece of cloth simulation that falls. i had an issue with it a few weeks ago where i rendered it, closed the project, opened it the next day and the simulation was very different. i dont believe i ever cached the animation. it took me hours, but somehow, i worked out a fix to get it back to exactly how it was.. but i cant for the life remember how i did it.. i do know that it turned out to be really easy. its driving me mad now. so when i open the project, it shows me frame 38 of the animation, and this is how it shoudl look, however when i render, or even try to cache the animation, it reverts to looking very different again. i have attached a file, just to be sure, i have also attached a screenshot of frame 38 which appears as soon as i open the file, just incase it looks different when you open it. any advice is much appreciated. thanks. curtain_fall_c4dcafe.rar
  5. hi guys, i have a dynamics setup. i want these cylinders to react with each other i.e. bounce off each other a little bit whilst floating in this space, if you look at the scene file, even though they have a dynamics tag, they just seem to fall though each other, i have them set to static mesh as that is the only collision shape that seems to hold them in place i have also tried methods using zero gravity so i can change the collision shape but then i have all the rotation issues when i tweak angular and positional damping. does anyone have any thoughts? thanks dynamics_test.c4d
  6. thanks for that, but its pretty much the same as my after effects setup, it needs to have dynamics, the discs need to subtly bounce off / react to each other. i tried angular damping and collision shape with no positive results.
  7. hi people. i am trying to create a very basic looking particle stream of flat circles, basically a grid of around 12 high and 300 wide. they need to be slow moving but also need to gently collide with each other, ive set up an emitter with the discs but they dont seem to be colliding properly and i cant seem to stop them rotating. the discs will eventually contain logos so they cant rotate on any axis. i also noticed even though the emitter is set to zero width, the particles eventually start to flare out. i.e. spread out. ? i just need a simple stream of particles like the image attached but have them subtly bump off each other a bit. ive attached c4d file. also a screenshot of the look i am trying to create which was originally made in trapcode particular.. but i need the dynamic part.. thanks in advance trail.c4d
  8. hi guys, i have managed to get my budget up to u.s. $3000 for the desktop. could anyone tell me if theres anything specific i should be buying regarding the motherboard and power supply if i want to be using a 1080 ti? i really have no idea where to start, so many choices! if anyone could recommend a build to get me started it would be greatly appreciated! also, regarding the monitor i was planning on spending u.s.$800, do you guys think thats a reasonable amount to pay? i dont need 5k, and i already have a cheap second monitor, so i dont need crazy resolutions, i just need decent color. any info or recommendations for this are much appreciated. thanks guys.
  9. thanks for that.. pricey machines though! all good, got me thinking. thanks!
  10. hi guys, i am just after a few tips on a building a pc on a budget of $2500 usd (but i am based in australia) not after specifics on building a pc, just a recommendation on the type of setup to get on this kind of budget. i already have a macbook pro and an imac, so this machine really is purely for cinema 4d and maybe some after effects work. the main reason for a pc build is that i would like to start using renderers like octane so i would like to get a "real" graphics card. should i build a pc from scratch? or are there decent pc's i could buy and just swap out the graphics card? a smallish setup would be a bonus as i may take it with me when i am freelancing from time to time, though this is not a MUST have. any info is very much appreciated.



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