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  1. shadd

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    So I am an educator and freelancer. Here are my thoughts. From what I have seen more students are striking out on their own as opposed to getting hired by studios and companies. Contract work is becoming more common and having to purchase something as expensive as C4d Studio can be difficult. While I know Cinema 4d and Adobe products are quite different, I wish Cinema 4d's price was more in line with Creative Cloud pricing and if you really compared what you get, I would argue it is quite comparable. Even something closer to what Houdini does would be an improvement. I also like what Octane was doing (before V4). I think perpetual licenses are important, but offering a subscription is also beneficial. I think there should be an advantage (either monetarily or feature-wise) for perpetual licenses, but nothing that is too drastic.
  2. Hey guys! I have been trying to get responses to quick survey that asks about Job Title, Experience, Preferred Input device, and preferred Renderer. I am using the data for personal reasons, though if anyone is interested I am more than happy to share the results. If you could help me out that would be great. The link is: https://goo.gl/forms/Bmqi5JdyZz0Zvuw22 . I apologize if you have seen me post this on other areas of the internet, but this is the last place I plan on posting. Thank you for your time! --Shadd
  3. So in order for a GPU (internal or external) to affect rendering speed you need to be using a GPU renderer (Octane, Redshift, Cycles, ProRender etc.). If you are currently using the Standard of Physical Renderer then adding a GPU of any kind will not affect rendering speed. It is also worth mentioning that most GPU renderers (with the exception of Cycles and ProRender) only work with Nvidia Cards. As it stands it requires a bit of work to get an external Nvidia GPU to work on a mac. I would also caution you about ProRender, as its implementation is far from complete and at this point is not very usable. Hope that helps! --Shadd
  4. Are you using the effectors on Mograph generators (cloner, fracture, etc.). It doesn't sound like you are, but perhaps dropping all your objects into some fractures would work, and then you could use the same effector(s) on all the fractures. Another option would be to use expresso and connect all the properties from all your effectors to one master one.
  5. shadd

    Combining a bunch of spheres

    MagicMerge did the trick! Render times went from 8 minutes to 3.5 minutes. I should have also mentioned I was using Octane so I don't think Edgeshade would work. There were plenty of other projects I could have used that on though! Thanks for the help!
  6. shadd

    Combining a bunch of spheres

    I do want the spheres to intersect each other, but I don't want the intersecting geometry. If part of a sphere is inside another sphere I want to get rid of that (like a boole union). Doing so should speed up renders as well as make the sss more accurate.
  7. So I created this object and I am working on using SSS. It is made up of spheres in a cloner so there is a lot of intersecting geometry. I know I can use a boole to "union" objects, however given the amount of spheres (approximately 700) this doesn't seem terribly easy. Here are the ideas I have: 1. Make the cloner editable and combine spheres into 2 or 3 different objects that don't intersect. Then boole those 2. Use a skinner or mesher object from a plugin (x particles/real flow) to generate one continuous object. From what I have seen it doesn't look terribly easy to create something as smooth as this, not to mention I think the polygon count would be very high. Can anyone think of any better ideas?