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  1. Hai Cerbera, Thank you very much for your reply. I'll start with new spheres, didn't realise it was that bad! I tried the scene without a spline wrap (using X-particle 2.1 emitter with an attractor), but the overlapping spheres persist. An image of that is in my first entry. Perhaps I should upgrade X-particles? Anyway, it's an interesting journey to find things out.
  2. Tried the Rigid Body Tag, but they kept on merging while bouncing with balls of other emitters. I've included a part of the original emitter, so if you're inclined to make some adjustments, feel free ;-) Balls Regular Emitter.c4d
  3. As ever I turn to this site whenever a head-scratcher comes along in my C4D Adventures. I'm trying to have a flow of balls rolling on a surface towards an object. First I used the regular emitter, with balls going along a spline. It works but the balls merge and don't stay apart (like marbles). Nothing helped (be advised I'm an amateur), so on reading this forum I tries it with X-particles 2.1. Still the same problem ... can somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanx in advance! Balls on Floor.c4d
  4. Inline

    How to rotate an UVW Map?

    Bezo, thnx for your input, only the tex-files were not included, so I couldn't see a render or learn how you've done it. Cerbera, it seems to work just fine ... just some tuning. Thank you both very much, Regards, Inline
  5. Inline

    How to rotate an UVW Map?

    Thank you very much, I'm going to (try to) repeat your advice. If nothing comes of it, I'll ask for your C4D-file ;-)
  6. Hai All, I'm breaking my head over the following and would really appreciate some help: As a project I'm (trying) to make a golden snake, but I can't get the texture/bump in the right orientation along the sweep. It should have the small scales on the back (as a snake skin), but it's rotated the wrong way. It's in UVW Mapping as I want it to follow the body and keep it's form. Whatever I tried or looked for, to no avail. So, please, help ... Thnx GoldenSnake.zip