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  1. johnalexevic

    Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Filter menu in alphabetical order, for god's sake!
  2. johnalexevic


    I consider R18 is a big step foward. Really neat mograph enhancements, Opensubdiv (yay!), Object tracker, new knife tool . In contrast to how I felt a year ago I'm starting to think MAXON WAS lisnening. Maybe this release won't please everyone but I count myself into the (verry) happy customer group this year. I'm sure the upcoming updates will bring more people into it.
  3. johnalexevic

    C4D Cafe lost and new files,free to use!

    Mmm, as I understood only a small part of those 30 gigs Tenow uploaded correspond to lost attachment files from the forums. Compressed .c4d scenes are usually small so I thought it was only a matter of time to get them back up.
  4. johnalexevic

    C4D Cafe lost and new files,free to use!

    So, they are not recoverable? I hoped they would be re-uploaded in the future.