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  1. Yes I've had issues with Rebus as well as Ranch
  2. which render farm do you use?
  3. I'll get back to this thread soon. I got busy. Plugins - X-particles Only used Physical render with GSG Softbox for lighting. No GI or any other setting like AO. I did not check the temps. I'm going to strip down the scene 1 layer at a time and see if its a C4D file issue. Could be some sort of OS/Hardware too.
  4. I've never noticed this before. I have a scene that is slowly zooming into an arm with hair. However the render times keep increasing between each frame. So i turned the computer off and restarted the render where it left off (image seq render) and the render time went down drastically. Render was ramping up to 7 minutes a frame. Then I restarted the computer and it went back down to 4 minutes. Then over the course of 12 new frames rendered, its back up to 7 minutes from 4 minutes. And previously last night I was rendering the first section of the render at it was rendering at 15 to 25 minutes per frame. Restarted, then 4 minutes, Insane!? Also noticed just restarting C4D does the same effect. My computer is still fairly top of the line, 1080Ti 12GB, AMD 16 Core Threadripper 1950x, 64 GB Ram, etc. Questions I have been asking myself, Is there some sort of processor/memory leak happening? I'm not super technical on thsoe subjects, but it does make me wonder. Anyone else experience anything like this before?
  5. Just tried placing them in same folder. Didnt work, sigh. As in collect assets? Yes. The xpCache does not show up in the newly created folder. I have to manually copy-paste the xpcache folders in and then reattach once in the scene. Once I go to send to render farm or team render. The xpcache is nowhere to be seen. And the real kicker is my maintenance is up as of 2 weeks ago, but this issue was brought up to Insydium last year and they had a hotfix for it, which did not help.
  6. Anyone have any issues where they cannot get the External file to upload to a Render Farm or even in a Team Render? No matter what I do the files cannot be found.
  7. In this example there are outlines of a complex brain model. Is there a way to achieve this? Here is the model I am trying to work with. I was thinking of somehow using a boole with cloned discs but it became too complex for c4d to calculate. Or somehow use a spline to wrap the brain?
  8. issue appeared to be x-particles. seems I found a glitch. when i removed x particles motext showed up.
  9. And i can make them all show up if i change the Display > Lines And then change it back. I can save the project after, but when i reopen, all those motext files are invisible in viewport/render until i turn them off/on. If i then send to render farm, they do not show up.
  10. This is a recent render to a renderfarm No Motext, which seems to be the main issue, images are working now.
  11. Motext/Images are not appearing until i turn the layer off then back on. When the project is opened up the text is missing. Turn the layer off on, and its back. Any ideas? This is one of the strangest issues I've ever encountered.
  12. im going to be attempting this differently. ill be using an alpha within my striped material and then stack it into 2 other layers onto the boole.
  13. If i wanted the ends to be separate colors. is there a simple way to do this? In this image i ended up making 2 slices and set selecting those with 2 different materials. however this doesn't seem to translate well with the materials on the rods within the boole.
  14. is there a way to have a boole object keep the cutout material from the main object? In the below image this is precicely what I want/need. However this was done with an obj model that is already cutout. I will need to animate the rods/cylinders within the box with some slight angle keyframes. When i recreated this with a boole object the inside is grey and I cannot get it to imprint with the stripes. Am I using the right tools? Is there a better way? i have build this out using cloned blocks with green and blue material. I did try using a pattern material to create the stripes but that didnt work out as I had planned. Here is my recreation with a boole object.
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