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  1. I wish we had that Modo function in C4D. It's not as an elegant solution but here is how I would have done in C4D. 1.Make a duplicate of the "Windows New ProfileCloned" group. Middle click on the group in the Object list to select the hierarchy then right click on the group and select "Connect Objects and Delete". 2.I'll be using the FFD deformer and it's "fit to parent" function so delete all the unneccesary parts. I deleted everything but the top frames. 3.Add the FFD deformer as a child, click "fit to parent" in the Oblect tab of the deformer, set division of the deformer to 2. 4.Then move the deformer into your original "Windows New ProfileCloned" group as a child and move/snap the deformer points to whatever your trying to match it to. here is the scene file: Windows_ben.c4d



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