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  1. Bedroom Interior

    Here in the states, you get some brick walls (or cinder block) all over the place......so the wall isn't that bad. The scene looks like a place in Florida.
  2. The Finer Details

    I like how you added the "God Bless" like that fixes your initial cheeky post.
  3. Some ProRender rendering

    Actually @Igor, I am finishing up AC Origins...........Been starting to doodle some Anubis armor.
  4. So....these are fantastic, but I do have some questions @VECTOR. A. What is your resource material? How deep is this nerd infection? 2. What are you doing with the finished models? D. When are you doing this? Don't you have a day job? Girlfriend? XBOX? (these are actually real questions-I find that I sometimes dont have xtra time after work, wife, home repairs, dealing with my kid, AC Origins.......I am just looking for some other examples of time management.)
  5. Some ProRender rendering

    These are fantastic! Makes me want to put down Call of Duty and actually do some meaningful modeling.
  6. Truly wonderful. Love the car-reminds me of my uncle's old Ford LTD.
  7. Fishing boat Scene

    These are Great! I love how you drew the boat (being a cartoonist)-which is probably why it appeals to me. I haven't done any ocean water yet-but I am now inspired to now because of your render. Keep up the great work.
  8. The Discovery

    fantastic work! Reminds me of my old crappy 110 camera. Always a little blown out-but it gave the images a fantasy feel.
  9. Bedroom Interior

    Great Job! The floor looks great with the texture and the shadow on the curtain. Although I disagree with Wouter about the grass-I think the brick wall is too clean (not one big pock mark in any of those bricks......have you been to Home Depot lately?). But that is my opinion. Fantastic Work!
  10. Something @VECTOR brought up on the snake. Your brick is consistent all the way across-where is the perspective on your faces? That is an easy fix based on what was said-but that was the first thing I saw. But-that is a really good castle. Good job!
  11. craig crookedile

    HOLY !!!! Don't give me this "I just found this redshift thing on the ground and thought I'd give it a go....." This is fantastic. The crocodile is remiscient of the Preston Blair croc and is wonderful. Add to that your rendering of the swamp with the fade in focus and fog in the background. I am totally envious. I both applaud you and hope a meteorite hits your computer.
  12. Creating a shell from an imported model

    That Inventor function still has its faults. And it doesn't play well with Catia............so I am back to square one. That solution that I found does work and it actually doesn't take too long to select all outward facing faces. I was hoping there was a plug in somewhere. I guess I found my first project when I start creating my own plug-ins.
  13. Bridge Between Two Selected Edge Loops

    SWEET POLYGONS OF MERCY! I had a similar problem several weeks ago and just bridged each edge to the other. Didn't even think of the Stitch&Sew (much less the Shift option). Thank you @Cerbera
  14. Creating a shell from an imported model

    I forgot to add that my other solution is to just rebuild the model - sometimes using the existing parts, but mostly just modeling about 80% of it.
  15. Greetings all, So here is my dilemma: I get Catia files from our furniture group to make interior renders. Well....they are HUGE when I import them into C4d (millions of faces of laminates, screws, drill holes, door hinges....etc). Is there a way to create a shell of the assembly? In Autodesk Inventor, there is actually a subroutine that creates a lower poly model that lets you decide what holes to fill and how much detail you want to keep. My investigation has come up with a simple solution of picking all outward facing faces (by manually selecting them myself) - inverting the selection and deleting. Then I can create a cube (or several cubes) to keep the viewer from looking thru the model to make it "watertight". I was hoping that someone has found a better solution.................anyone?.............Bueller?.................. Bueller?