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  1. Käfigturm (Cage Tower)

    Thank you for sharing. Always a good time learning about modeling.
  2. Houston, we have a problem.

    Fantastic Work. Thank you for sharing
  3. Edge Selction

    I hate when that happens.........when you post a question and then get that "Ah-Ha" moment when you realize that the error was within you all along.
  4. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    Thank you
  5. Floating Island

    All of this is impressive (feel bad for the pitiful time after work I spend on C4d). The one thing that blows me away is the grass......and the patchiness of the front yard. The variation of the grass is really nice as well. It's usually the small things that distract my eye.
  6. A Sci-fi industrial tool

    Great Job! Reminiscent of the cutting torch in Dead Space. I agree with @StCanas, even though you have scratches-there is no oil or dirt or stains. You would think that if equipment has that many scratches-it would have stains and dents. Also-where is @VECTOR? Our Quad Inquisitor seems to be laying down on the job....................
  7. i did some baking today.

    .....the real one. The render is just alright (KIDDING! They are both good)!
  8. i did some baking today.

    Fantastic! Even your chocolate graham cracker crust is tempting.
  9. Bedroom Interior

    Here in the states, you get some brick walls (or cinder block) all over the place......so the wall isn't that bad. The scene looks like a place in Florida.
  10. The Finer Details

    I like how you added the "God Bless" like that fixes your initial cheeky post.
  11. Some ProRender rendering

    Actually @Igor, I am finishing up AC Origins...........Been starting to doodle some Anubis armor.
  12. So....these are fantastic, but I do have some questions @VECTOR. A. What is your resource material? How deep is this nerd infection? 2. What are you doing with the finished models? D. When are you doing this? Don't you have a day job? Girlfriend? XBOX? (these are actually real questions-I find that I sometimes dont have xtra time after work, wife, home repairs, dealing with my kid, AC Origins.......I am just looking for some other examples of time management.)
  13. Some ProRender rendering

    These are fantastic! Makes me want to put down Call of Duty and actually do some meaningful modeling.
  14. Truly wonderful. Love the car-reminds me of my uncle's old Ford LTD.
  15. Fishing boat Scene

    These are Great! I love how you drew the boat (being a cartoonist)-which is probably why it appeals to me. I haven't done any ocean water yet-but I am now inspired to now because of your render. Keep up the great work.