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  1. A friend of mine did the same thing - was tired of flaky clients and late night changes right before prepress....... On top of what you are doing, he also identified several studios who he admired greatly and contacted them asking similar questions, ultimately landing a job at his top agency. He said he found what he liked and went in that direction rather than a general knowledge with no purpose.
  2. When you are talking about offset-would it be similar to the offset command in ACAD? Where you choose the base line and input the distance away from base line? I haven't came across that command in C4d-BUT you can get a similar result with a little bit of extra work with the line cut. If you look at that slider bar in your third picture-you can input a percentage or distance to place your cut. It even has a slider so that you can move it to the general area and then input a full, round number. It took me a little bit of time to play with it to grasp some of its potential. ....or am I off the mark?
  3. That is Friggin' Fantastic. Love it!
  4. What?!!? No Gun ports?! Where are your Lateen Rigs? It's Fantastic! Great job on the hull Texture.
  5. Great Job!!! I really like the Blade Runner feel in the lighting. Keep up the good work.
  6. FANTASTIC!!!! To solidify your decision-if you look to the Masters (Durer, Dore......as well as others from their time) none of their death figures have eyes. Somewhere I read that the eyeless sockets made the newly deceased gaze upon the vast blackness of the beyond. Here is a pic to illustrate. Again-truly stunning........all of it. @spiralstair - Fourth Wall Broken. May the Emperor grant you clemency for your impertinence!
  7. For a minute there............I thought I was going to be sent to my room without supper. And tonight is Pork Chops!
  8. I do not disagree. I too am guilty of going directly to the experts and waiting for an answer. I also understand the energy expelled on "Is it plugged in?" type of questions and the drain that they take - but, there are instances where the newbie (myself included) doesn't even know where to start. In the "solo" example, I didn't even know there was a family of that command. I suppose that further, deeper investigation might have pulled up the rest of the commands (probably in looking in the cmd palette window), but my initial investigation was fruitless.....hence the cry for help. In the future, I shall be more thorough in my research. I am always grateful for answers that I receive from the Cafe (and from you, of course).
  9. @Cerbera - You use that bit of wisdom on every newbie question............I am going to have to re-evaluate your top tier position on my hero shelf.
  10. As of right now, I think money is the only thing I can do to help out. Maybe some time in the near future I will be open to more. Thanks
  11. Hah! Didn't know there were more "Solo" commands. May have to add that to my tool bar.
  12. My questions is: Is signing up for Support Club the only way to donate?
  13. Has anyone had this problem (or maybe I am using it wrong) I have a Null object with a whole lot of stuff in it (included other nested items). When I use the Viewport Solo Single command - it hides everything and shows nothing. I have to unfold everything and select the individual items for it to work. I got it to work one time in the beginning - but I cannot remember what I did prior to allow it to work properly. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. While I have your undivided attention-I want to thank you ( @SIgor ) so I was going to donate to help out. But all I found was the Gold/Silver/Bronze contribute-so I did the Silver (I still dont own my own fiefdom yet). Is there another place to donate?
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I cannot put much wear and tear because it's brand new furniture and the college might balk at "used" products. I am working on my metals and lighting to have it pop more. What's nice for me is that this is what they use in meetings and not brochures or any other advertising-so I can keep it at a lower dpi (which cuts down my render times to just under 30 minutes). But to go back to the other things. I am still working with the different metals (brushed vs acid etched and the sort) as well as getting the lighting just right. I like C4d more than other software because I could almost just run the Octane sun and render with windows and get the desired effect-it's the closed clinics that I am working on.