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  1. My Wip's & Finals

    I loved Witcher3. Problem is each of those games takes many hours to go thru and enjoy...........and I have a wife and kid and a house that needs fixing. Took me 6 months to get thru Witcher (I am not complaining-I loved every minute of it). I am hoping the new Assassin's Creed will deliver-looks pretty good.
  2. My Wip's & Finals

    I am. Haven't played Andromeda yet.....the reviews scared me to wait until it's in the discount bin.......plus finishing up my third run of Fallout as well as Prey.
  3. My Wip's & Finals

    This is fantastic! I love the little details like the smoke detector and the cup on the end table. Plus the can lights with the bulbs set in are the best. I believe it is details like this that push it over the edge from cool render to Phenomenal! I was in awe with the Salarian Armor-now I just cry tears of joy when I gaze at your interiors.
  4. TAG Heuer Watch...

    Fantastic! The leather is great!
  5. Subdivision Surface Sphericals

    Is this one of those instances where you have to accept the evil to get the desired results? The ends justify the means?
  6. WIP, cheeto

    Donald seems to have mange or something
  7. Cube Appreciation

    So.....how long have you been rendering Cubes? I sense a life long quest to get the right default proportions and the correct color grey. I am in awe on so many levels.
  8. muse X - 3D/2D animation

    FANTASTIC! Coming from a Flash animation background-I have to say your transitions are almost flawless. I will add you to my list of c4d artists to aspire to.
  9. Matilda II infantry tank modeling

    This is fantastic! Giving me more fodder for my Walker. I do have a couple of questions for the professionals @VECTOR - what do you do with the topography on a cylinder when the top goes to triangles? Do you leave it? King of Snake's suspension has two cylinders that have all those triangles going to center. Is this one of those "unique" scenarios where you leave the triangles? @GaryAbrehart - you talk about building similar to real world components. What do you do the rivets? Are all those modeled or done in texture? Or any of those smaller assemblies? Is it one of those things that if you do not need a zoomed in render-you texture it out? Just curious.
  10. Steampunk Walker

    The ends look like sound waves oscillating to an unknown sound. I cannot remember what I did to have that happen, but I know now that my current barrel does not have the same topography. Although-I am debating on some of the assembly. I have some items intersecting while others have a nano space between them. Sometimes you just can't get things to align up just right.
  11. Just someone new

    Welcome Joyce, Everyone here is great and loads of help. I think you will enjoy your time on the site.
  12. Steampunk Walker

    OKAY. Here are the the wireframes that @VECTOR asked for. In my defense-I started modeling this before understanding Quads and Triangles and how the hyper-nurb function worked (please Grand Inquisitor -grant me lenience). Hopefully I didnt make them too small that you cannot see the wireframe.
  13. Showreel 2017

    Fantastic work. I especially like the coat of arms animation (but the tunnel came in a close second).
  14. So...Here are some pics of my steampunk walker (Steampunk AT-ST or ED209.....your choice) that I started when I was first learning C4d. Thanks to this forum-I was able to get past some of the more confusing aspects of modeling. Sad to say..........I got busy with home repair and work and stuff-BUT I think I am ready to start over again and finish this guy. I also added the reference-the original art that I did when I first created my walker. My first love is paper sculpture..............c4d is fast becoming my second. Forgot to add the reference.
  15. Isn't that odd that when we work on projects that we love (I am currently working on a steampunk AT-ST) - that it becomes almost as stressful as a full time gig?