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  1. I haven't done 3d work yet-but that reminds me of when I was a freelance designer. I found out (thru experience) that the client usually doesn't explain their needs fully in the beginning and then throws crappy change requests which do not address their final needs. Add to that clients who have no idea what it takes to get to the finished product and just assumes "this is an easy thing for you-just whip it up!" @grain Well said. Too bad we in this industry (anything to do with art), we have to dodge many bullets.
  2. I couldn't find this topic in the new member page........ Why am I still classified as a new member even though I have been around since 2013. The only reason I can think of is how many posts I post. I can comment till my hearts content-but I do want to go outside once in a while...............
  3. @Cerbera - Thank you again for sharing the link. I look forward to gleeming off ancient knowledge of our craft. @turboniko - Thank you for taking the time to teach those of us who seek.
  4. Thanks Cerbera! I can't wait to view these!
  5. I agree with Teknow. Magical! I started not too long ago with Max and had a HELL of a time learning for my job. When they hired this new guy who convinced the department to move to C4d-I was up and running in no time and got to the same level as my StudioMax ability within a year. You want to gripe........Lets talk about Adobe!
  6. Man..........I have never seen diligence so fanatical. Show me on the render where the triangle touched you.
  7. What's funny about this conversation is that I had this same one back when I was starting out as a graphic designer (many....many years ago). One thing to remember is perseverance-never lose site of your goal. Don't fret over the hacks who seem to be getting jobs for sub-par work. Life gives some people the luck of the draw while punishing those who diligently hone their craft. As @HSrdelic, @Cerbera and @VECTOR have said (either outright or implied) is that patience, lessons and standards are essential. Know what you want to do and don't let anyone else deter you from your goal. There are too many opportunities out there to get stuck with the one right in front of you. Rembrandt painted haystacks till his hands bled. Michelangelo wasn't the original artist in creating the statue of David. Jeff Bezos lost BILLIONS of dollars in failed products and services (just heard that one on the radio). .....and I am saying this because you have time on your side. This is my second time going around.
  8. So, I am a veteran noob with C4d and Octane and came across something that shook the cobwebs from my head. -what is the difference from loading an image in the diffuse texture (straight up "Load Image") OR clicking the arrow on texture (still in Diffuse) - going down to C4dOctane and then choosing ImageTexture. Are they the same thing or do you get better control using one over the other? Thanks
  9. Stunning. I agree with Lopakam - the details are amazing. It's the little things that we don't really think about that make an image go from a great render to a work of art ( example: the way the carpet doesn't sit all flush on the floor)
  10. Something to aspire to. Beautiful! Are you going to model the interior?
  11. One of my first renders that I did earlier this year for my company's catalog. It's a custom medical cabinet that we sell and our photographer couldn't shoot the real thing. Still have a long way to go in mastering reflections, lights, luminance and all that jazz.....but I think it came out pretty good. Rendered in standard render.
  12. Very Nice. I like the animations of the dropping circular screw holder thingys.
  13. Are there some streamed forums or events? It would be nice to see what the mothership has in store for us.
  14. Very Nice. Another artist to aspire to. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I recognize "The Great Gazoo" Either you are as old as me or you watch too much Nick at Night