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  1. Isolines in Nature

    HAHA! I did too and was going to say something like ".....the bug's movement is all choppy-what a sucky job this bloke did!" Nature is full of Kooky things. And how messed up for the Katy-did! It can't leave the lichin.......birds will see it! And it has to tight rope walk back and forth..........If I were that bug I would let the first bird eat me and hope Buddaism is real and come back a Mantis or Spider or dragonfly.
  2. wh40k terminator

    You dispense some sound advice. Did you give Tiger Woods similar advice several years ago when he was caught sleeping around? " ......Tiger-it's a win-win situation. Either A: Elin is good with it and you get some action on both ends or B: she doesn't talk to you for 3 days giving you peace and quiet and additional nookie. You can't lose really. And also keep taking those pain meds. Probably wash them down with a good Pilsner! And you can't stay here-get into your jeep and go home."
  3. wh40k terminator

    I have been seeing on ebay some of the new Titan parts from the forge (and other new companies that do injection molding and 3d printing). I have been testing the waters saying that I am looking for model parts for my scratch built Mechs and stuff (the bit sprues for the Terminators and the Rhinos are friggin' RAD!!!!) If things go south...........do you have an open couch that I may be able to crash on?
  4. Frank Five O

    Is this for your "Die Hard" Christmas short? Now you have to model John McClane............ I actually own the children's book for this https://www.amazon.com/Die-Hard-Christmas-Illustrated-Holiday/dp/1608879763 @VECTOR
  5. wh40k terminator

    Great job! Makes me want to bust out my Imperial Guard and start painting again................against my wife's wishes.
  6. ST III Spacedock

    whoops! made an error. I saw "joined" and thought that was when the post was created................. In my defense - I just came back from vacation and am still a bit jet-lagged.
  7. Frank Five O

    Frank has left the building................and took his png with him.
  8. Phaser and Shield effects!

    Do whatever it takes to keep you interested. I jump around as well - it keeps me motivated to then go back and model. Great job.
  9. ST III Spacedock

    LOL. Just came across this thread.........now in 2018! I love looking at these things and learning something new. I now have to learn JSplacement and see how that will work for me. Thanks @Cerbera again for your insight (albiet a bit late for me) and thank you @3D-Pangel for sharing this project
  10. Ealexander Sketch Book

    LOVE the rain on the windows. I am n awe.
  11. AGREED! Robocop is one of the BEST movies from 1987 (Predator, Lost Boys and Princess Bride all take honors). That reboot was alright..........like going to the Quickie Mart on the corner for a burrito- it fixes that immediate hunger-but nothing beats the food cart. ....and you model is good too.
  12. Käfigturm (Cage Tower)

    Thank you for sharing. Always a good time learning about modeling.
  13. Houston, we have a problem.

    Fantastic Work. Thank you for sharing
  14. Edge Selction

    I hate when that happens.........when you post a question and then get that "Ah-Ha" moment when you realize that the error was within you all along.
  15. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    Thank you