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  1. Something @VECTOR brought up on the snake. Your brick is consistent all the way across-where is the perspective on your faces? That is an easy fix based on what was said-but that was the first thing I saw. But-that is a really good castle. Good job!
  2. craig crookedile

    HOLY !!!! Don't give me this "I just found this redshift thing on the ground and thought I'd give it a go....." This is fantastic. The crocodile is remiscient of the Preston Blair croc and is wonderful. Add to that your rendering of the swamp with the fade in focus and fog in the background. I am totally envious. I both applaud you and hope a meteorite hits your computer.
  3. Creating a shell from an imported model

    That Inventor function still has its faults. And it doesn't play well with Catia............so I am back to square one. That solution that I found does work and it actually doesn't take too long to select all outward facing faces. I was hoping there was a plug in somewhere. I guess I found my first project when I start creating my own plug-ins.
  4. Bridge Between Two Selected Edge Loops

    SWEET POLYGONS OF MERCY! I had a similar problem several weeks ago and just bridged each edge to the other. Didn't even think of the Stitch&Sew (much less the Shift option). Thank you @Cerbera
  5. Creating a shell from an imported model

    I forgot to add that my other solution is to just rebuild the model - sometimes using the existing parts, but mostly just modeling about 80% of it.
  6. Greetings all, So here is my dilemma: I get Catia files from our furniture group to make interior renders. Well....they are HUGE when I import them into C4d (millions of faces of laminates, screws, drill holes, door hinges....etc). Is there a way to create a shell of the assembly? In Autodesk Inventor, there is actually a subroutine that creates a lower poly model that lets you decide what holes to fill and how much detail you want to keep. My investigation has come up with a simple solution of picking all outward facing faces (by manually selecting them myself) - inverting the selection and deleting. Then I can create a cube (or several cubes) to keep the viewer from looking thru the model to make it "watertight". I was hoping that someone has found a better solution.................anyone?.............Bueller?.................. Bueller?
  7. C4D thumbnails in explorer in Windows 10

    Just got upgraded at work to Windows 10 and I have R19. IT WORKS!!!!!! Thank you @whthawk , it was first with your lights.....and now your windows knowledge.
  8. Are Triangles considered as bad as Ngons

    This is what I picture @VECTOR
  9. Are Triangles considered as bad as Ngons

    @VECTOR"Marbles" was the family friendly term. I envisioned you suiting up as only a fanatic could (40k reference) and getting ready to burn all heretics........
  10. Are Triangles considered as bad as Ngons

    I was wondering when @Cerbera would make an appearance. The Great and Honorable Quad Protector has saved us again from Chaos. (I am kind of surprised that @VECTOR didn't lose his marbles over this ).
  11. My Wip's & Finals

    Well, I'll let you know how it is. I'm picking up my copy tomorrow. Although I am going thru Bloodborne right now. Have a love/hate relationship with it.....for all the obvious reasons.
  12. Ealexander Sketch Book

    I am in awe. I love those interiors....especially the first one with the tripod lamp. I love how you have the seam showing thru the lampshade. It's little details like that that push it from good to FANTASTIC!
  13. Mountains at Dawn

    I think it's fantastic. At first I thought that everything was in focus and that wouldn't happen in real photography-but it does. I just scoured google images and saw similar images to yours. Dark outlines, reflections, black specs.......they are all there. Although your low hanging clouds do seem too blueish.......(IMO) IF you took your photo out of this forum-I think people would have a very hard time telling you it's a render.