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  1. Here are some tips from @Cerbera on this forum He talks about flow and direction.........and there are actually a few that are showing you what you need. At least you can get an idea on where to start.
  2. @BigAl3D I think this has become my new favorite quote...........I am going to use this on my kids.
  3. Thanks @Rectro for this info. I constantly have to reduce the models when I bring them in from Inventor (royal pain) from our engineers. Apparently they dont care about poly count.
  4. Speaking of Star Wars stuff-have you guys come across the podcast of them talking about Old Ben Kenobi being a racist old coot? And that the Sand People are not just shooting randomly at the pod racers-but trying to get them off their land because the races are destroying the fragile environment? Pretty funny https://kottke.org/17/12/the-peoples-history-of-tattooine
  5. Just saw the @VECTOR but the link is DEAD (like my love for the last movie). Can I have that again? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Don't give us that humble "nothing special" ! You may get some some of that pat on the back inspirational stuff from dave ( @3D-Pangel - but you don't fool the rest of us. You ARE the SH!!T (of course right after @Cerbera - I am scared of him) Of course-I am always in awe.
  7. Wow! Six months ago I would have closed this window and started Googling Mech armor. But now I could follow everything that was said in the posts and in videos. Thank you all for this discussion. I have some lighting and textures to fix.
  8. Fantastic Video and a great topic for a refresher.
  9. One thing I see is that Nametschek holds a LOT of software that C4d fits perfectly into. Engineering and Architecture software with TONS of outlets that C4d can fit right in and give it a level standing ground like Autodesk. I am being the optimist on this one............but I was also optimistic with Adobe too......and they broke my heart (SCREW YOU Adobe for taking away The Red Door pub in Freemont!)
  10. I'm pretty sure you cheated @Igor and just bought the model from someone else.
  11. HAHA! I did too and was going to say something like ".....the bug's movement is all choppy-what a sucky job this bloke did!" Nature is full of Kooky things. And how messed up for the Katy-did! It can't leave the lichin.......birds will see it! And it has to tight rope walk back and forth..........If I were that bug I would let the first bird eat me and hope Buddaism is real and come back a Mantis or Spider or dragonfly.
  12. You dispense some sound advice. Did you give Tiger Woods similar advice several years ago when he was caught sleeping around? " ......Tiger-it's a win-win situation. Either A: Elin is good with it and you get some action on both ends or B: she doesn't talk to you for 3 days giving you peace and quiet and additional nookie. You can't lose really. And also keep taking those pain meds. Probably wash them down with a good Pilsner! And you can't stay here-get into your jeep and go home."



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