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  1. We get same cinebench scores which are and should be pretty amazing. We have come across an issue with C4d animation on a scene using cloners with deformers. Old iMac runs it perfect. iMac pro runs at a painful stutter!. Switch the cloners and deformers off in Cinema - still stutters. However if you delete them from the scene, animation runs smooth again, which is very worrying i.e it shouldn't stutter full stop! but also seems to be calculating their geo even when your switching if off in the layer tree. We are wondering if its a High Sierra / C4D issue, as all of our older imacs are still running Sierra
  2. @manyarms I suspect you will be right! Company went and ordered them anyway - will see how X particles performs and also post cinebench scores when they arrive in the next week or so
  3. sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the very detailed responses!. Since my interest in purchasing an iMac pro for myself, my company has declared that they will shell out for two maxed out 18 core iMac pros for the two C4D seats we have! with the intention to upgrade to Mac pros when they come out. I fear that 10 core machines will be faster for C4D in general for everything but rendering though, as they have the higher clock speed?. We have 3 network servers with 72 cores for rendering so thats not what we will be using the iMac pros for....
  4. @phobos don't suppose you have either X particles 4 or Realflow for Cinema 4Dv2 plugins?. Considering an iMac pro purchase upgrading from a 2012 maxed out iMac as well. Was wondering if anybody knew what these plugins take advantage of - CPU clock speed? or cores? or both? and whether you've noticed a considerable improvement in simulation times?? Also a more basic workflow question compared to your old 2012 iMac - is there a noticeable difference in the speed of the interactive render region window with complex scenes etc. i.e. speeding up look dev of a project. I'm not sure if this is a single core process within Cinema so might not be much quicker. Trying to justify a purchase Cheers for any info



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