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  1. Okay guys, don't kill me but I found a easier solution to use capsule shape and animation (as I desired, of course): https://gph.is/g/4Vmd05O
  2. Okay, this is great. I tried with Fillet Caps but I didn't obtain a perfect capsule as you done. Let me try again. Anyway: THANKS!
  3. Many thanks guys, both examples are similar (but better...) then my examples but... there is maybe a way to maintain the capsule shapes of the waves?
  4. the only way I found is to create three different capsule, bend them and put them under the cloner. Now I can animate them, i.e. animating Count.
  5. So, the waves are not perfectly aligned to the concentric circles, but it works. The problem comes when you try to extrude the arc spline...: in the image above you can see the the meshes are still distorted... WI FI_03.c4d
  6. So, I tried to do what you said but I used only an arc (because I didn't understand what you meant with "one small-first second large-last"). I got it but is not possible to create an exact extrude mesh with Sweep... WI FI_02.c4d
  7. Great Cerbera, but you didn't use a cloner, if i am right. You simply create the three wave (or more if needs) and then, can you animate them like you want, without using a cloner. It's okay, but I thought I could use a cloner to do it ...
  8. The target is to get the WIFI logo on the left but NOT to be progressively bigger. So, how can I change the scale axes to obtain it?
  9. Yes, the idea is to alternate three waves or maybe use more than three waves emitted from sphere, of course.
  10. I'd like simply to maintain the proportional size of the waves, because on the right they are progressively bigger..., in the right side they are distorted...
  11. Hallo everybody, I am trying to animate a WI FI logo simply made in 3d in C4d. I create the first wave and I tried to animate it with a cloner but the dimension are non proportional. I attach a simple scene and a scree shoot to show what I mean: WI FI_00.c4d
  12. Hy guys, do you think Cineware will be compatible with Redshift renderer because MAXON has just Redshift acquired? Unfortunately, at this moment Cineware can't support any external (GPU) renderer...
  13. Wow, many thanks! I have no programming knowledge and I have no Idea how to edit it. I tried to open the CSC file with an editor (WordPad, Notepad ++) but only an incomprehensible cascade of characters appeared to me. I can't even figure out which of the two versions is the best, ie the one above( def main(): doc.Flush() ) or the one below( def main(): doc.FlushUndoBuffer() ). If I could have an attached version it would be great. Anyway, the question was about "How to flush memory in C4D" and not specifically only about my old script. It was only an
  14. Hallo everybody, I'd like to know if is there an update script or plugin to flash C4D memory that works in C4d R20. By the way, I have an old script that doesn't seem to work (but maybe i forgot how ti install it...). I attach it here, maybe someone can test it. Thanks for a reply! Flush Memory.CSC
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