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  1. Hallo everybody, there is a chance in future to see Cineware open to the external (GPU) render engine like Redshift, Octane..., o maybe Arnold? Many thanks for a reply!
  2. Hi Westbam, if you see correctly the attached images can you see that they are linked by Constrain tag:
  3. Hi guys, I setted up a correct moving balloon anchored a with string: After this simulation a disabled "Set" in Spline dynamic tag/ proprieties / and I got a floating balloon with string: Now I like to keyframe both action. I.e. i'd like to simulate for 10 seconds an anchored balloon and then I'd like to unlink it to let it floating away, but it's impossible to keyframe the "Set" parameter...
  4. Hallo guys, I create a balloon anchored to floor with string but I have problem with the Constrain who Is not sticky fix to his position when the simulation start...: How can you see, just after the first simulation frame, the string top is out of position. There are a red string and a yellow string, both out of the original Constrain position...; what is wrong? Please help! Thanks in advantage.
  5. Duca

    Shading Motext (Redshift)

    Ah okay, sorry!
  6. Duca

    Shading Motext (Redshift)

    Great, but the problem is that I 'd like to use REDSHIFT render...
  7. Hallo everybody, I created a falling Motext and now I'd like to colour with a different shader every single letters of this text: "SOMMERKONZERT 2018". How can i do it? It is possible? I attached a very basic scene. Thanks for a reply! Coloured single lettere in a Motext.c4d
  8. Hi bentraje, the link to the tutorial is broken.. and I need the same solution: Any other resource to understand how to make it?
  9. Happy to contribute to your big work buying your script when it will be available to be purchased. For now, I'm gonna test new version. Congratulations!