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  1. Hy guys, do you think Cineware will be compatible with Redshift renderer because MAXON has just Redshift acquired? Unfortunately, at this moment Cineware can't support any external (GPU) renderer...
  2. Wow, many thanks! I have no programming knowledge and I have no Idea how to edit it. I tried to open the CSC file with an editor (WordPad, Notepad ++) but only an incomprehensible cascade of characters appeared to me. I can't even figure out which of the two versions is the best, ie the one above( def main(): doc.Flush() ) or the one below( def main(): doc.FlushUndoBuffer() ). If I could have an attached version it would be great. Anyway, the question was about "How to flush memory in C4D" and not specifically only about my old script. It was only an example. I asked if there are other methods, maybe more up-to-date and effective, to make the memory flush, because - as I said, this that I attached was just an old script. Many thanks!
  3. Hallo everybody, I'd like to know if is there an update script or plugin to flash C4D memory that works in C4d R20. By the way, I have an old script that doesn't seem to work (but maybe i forgot how ti install it...). I attach it here, maybe someone can test it. Thanks for a reply! Flush Memory.CSC
  4. Hello everybody, there is a way to create this effect using a custom shape instead the spheres default? Here can you see screenshot, and I attached a basic project file. What I'd like to obtain is changing default particles sphere with , for examples, letters, or numbers or star shapes... Thanks for a glad reply! Particle waterfall.c4d
  5. Great, I'm gonna try the first and the third suggestions. About the latter, maybe I could use MagicProjector plugin... Thanks you for your help
  6. Hallo everybody, I modeled this piece of the watch bracelet: Now I have to apply an embossed text: I though to create a Mograph text, extrude it and "merge" it on the surface (but not regarding to topology). So, I never do something so and of course, I am not so expert in modelling..., so please, give me some suggestion. Thanks in advantage. Duca
  7. Hallo everybody, I am following this tut about sound effector: The problem is that even if the tut are non old, the tools of the Sound effector are not more available...: specifically, I do not know how to use/find the tool "Apply mode" to. Please help!
  8. Hallo guys, I search for a topology tools fur 3d text. In internet I found this one: and this one: https://www.mustaphafersaoui.fr/my3dfont-tool-for-cinema-4d/ Anyone had experience with these tools. They works great? And, above all, which kind of type fonts are available? Another way should be to use Cloth to retopo 3D text. a long time ago I saw a tutorial that did it well but now I can not find it anymore. I found another that uses the Cloth but it does not work very well ...: So, if you have suggestions about it, here I am! Thanks for a reply!
  9. Hallo everybody, there is a chance in future to see Cineware open to the external (GPU) render engine like Redshift, Octane..., o maybe Arnold? Many thanks for a reply!
  10. Hi Westbam, if you see correctly the attached images can you see that they are linked by Constrain tag:
  11. Hi guys, I setted up a correct moving balloon anchored a with string: After this simulation a disabled "Set" in Spline dynamic tag/ proprieties / and I got a floating balloon with string: Now I like to keyframe both action. I.e. i'd like to simulate for 10 seconds an anchored balloon and then I'd like to unlink it to let it floating away, but it's impossible to keyframe the "Set" parameter...
  12. Hallo guys, I create a balloon anchored to floor with string but I have problem with the Constrain who Is not sticky fix to his position when the simulation start...: How can you see, just after the first simulation frame, the string top is out of position. There are a red string and a yellow string, both out of the original Constrain position...; what is wrong? Please help! Thanks in advantage.
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