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  1. Might be irreleveant but I had this issue when running the wrong TFD version with the wrong C4d version. I was running a R20 TFD on R19, it didn't see the GPU's - but still worked, just on the CPU Check the version number in the TFD Plug In folder is not higher than the C4d version
  2. Looking for help on texturing a cylinder. I have a cylinder on a spline with fillet caps, if I am using a texture based material how do I stop the 'pinching' of the texture at the end of the cylinders where the fillet cap is. I don't want to UV unwrap this at this stage as I might need to make adjustments to the cylinder or spline later, any help here appreciated Best b
  3. Burgess

    Technical Model

    Needing a model of this air conditioning unit from the plan attached - I have a HR PDF - Just Jpeg'd it for the post PM me please
  4. Burgess

    Quick Modelling Job

    Prolly simple for most but i'm not the greatest modeller, and have put myself a little behind the 8 ball trying to do it myself... Looking for a UV Mapped packaging bag, somewhat like attached Pm me please
  5. Burgess

    New PC

    I have used Macs since the first version of Potatoshop, kinda used to the keys - I am still keeping my MacPro too. I would like to standardise my key use and didn't realise it would be quite so painful. I also have an identical spare Mac keyboard, which I do like and am used to. Most likely I will get a PC keyboard and switch the Windows key with another, as you say i'm sure there is some functionality but if you are a Mac user not so much, it's just annoying. I put this question here in the hope that someone had made the same migration to PC from a Mac and had some work arounds...
  6. Burgess

    New PC

    I will let you know. I'm using a Mac USB keyboard and a USB Optical mouse (I daren't try my Wacom on it!) Command Z doesn't work either, if I do a Command Z all that happens is the object goes back to it's pasted position and no other undo function is performed - the same happens if I hit the back arrow in the viewport?!?!?!?
  7. Hi, Just changes from Mac to PC, got a couple of strange things happening... Command 'Z' is acting funny - I did download a key change app to swap the 'Windows' key to a "Apple/Command' key and For some reason an object that I brought into my scene file keeps defaulting to it's pasted position even if I save the c4d file with the object in the correct position, I close the file and reopen it and the position is back to it's pasted position These may our may not be PC issues and most likely carbon issues Been a frustrating few days having not had a lot to do with PC's at all...
  8. Burgess

    Cover an object in snow

    Awesome! Will have a play with it. Thanks
  9. Hello. I am trying to cover a car in snow, I figure this will be some sort of particle odyssey. I was going to use a dust shader but need some geo to build up a cover of snow a few inches think Any hints or tips here appreciated...
  10. Burgess

    XP Collision Dynamics

    Ha! I will check it out. Feeling a little pleased about finding a work around and very happy with results
  11. Burgess

    XP Collision Dynamics

    Thanks Cerb. The XP questions baffled me a bit and I solved this by using a cloner instead - worked a treat.
  12. Another XP questions, hopefully a simple solve Particles hit collider object but maintain angle and rotation. I have a Generator with an object (that isn't symmetrical). I'd like the particles that do collide to tumble and rotate and change angle on collision Any help appreciated
  13. Burgess

    X Particles noob

    Will try, thanks Cerb
  14. Burgess

    X Particles noob

    So i go this working this much - see attach Just wondering how to make the arrow follow the trail direction? Help!
  15. Burgess

    X Particles noob

    Hey, I am trying to do a animation with X Particles. The look I am trying to achieve is Isobars on a weather map - I have this working with... Emitter with a plane as the object and follow surface with some turbulence and an Xp Trail ( for visual purposes) see pics attached I have an object - an arrow - which I would like to clone and follow the trails path seen in pic but for all the trails any pointers here appreciated