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  1. did it in r19, sorry not much help I know
  2. Playing with vertex maps, phong break selection works really well. Is there away to select, in the same manner, the horizontal (flat polys) and not the vertical? A bit like a dust shader would work, have tried brushing (only visible) from above but it's clumsy.
  3. Might be irreleveant but I had this issue when running the wrong TFD version with the wrong C4d version. I was running a R20 TFD on R19, it didn't see the GPU's - but still worked, just on the CPU Check the version number in the TFD Plug In folder is not higher than the C4d version
  4. Looking for help on texturing a cylinder. I have a cylinder on a spline with fillet caps, if I am using a texture based material how do I stop the 'pinching' of the texture at the end of the cylinders where the fillet cap is. I don't want to UV unwrap this at this stage as I might need to make adjustments to the cylinder or spline later, any help here appreciated Best b
  5. Needing a model of this air conditioning unit from the plan attached - I have a HR PDF - Just Jpeg'd it for the post PM me please
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