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  1. Hi , I have problem about edge of model when use After effect camera lens blur or other plugin. I test plugin with gradient , the result seem right but when depth that come out from c4d will got problem. When I render from c4d I use focus in front of object and rear blur behind object. This one is result that use depth from c4d This one is test by using gradient png file that I attach is resource.
  2. Thanks Dan again for answer. Now the easiest way to me is bake down PLA but I still want to know how you way are done , I try to find command and tutorial but find nothing. If I understand correctly , your way will freeze object on current frame , if my scene have 90 frames that's mean I will have 90 mesh of cloth right ? ps. I am still curious about those two video , they both have cloth tag and use morph tag in same object but still working. (On second video it's happen on 27:39) And I try again exact same thing that they do but not working. Did they use magic ?
  3. Thank you Dan for reply , I dont know why these tutorial can do that, Anyway , in your way "baked into a morph produce multiple current state to objects" If I understand correctly you mean bake point animation right ?
  4. Hi , I want to make cloth loop and use pose morph to control the model but when I use it's nothing happen I already restart and clear all cache but no luck here. Did I miss something ? https://drive.google.com/open?id=11Ngnk3UvHaKxAz3fRaNNsmbrvYDlqYF8
  5. Thank you very much , Look great but it is no transition between first object and second object. I try to add object that little bit scale between those two but no luck.
  6. There anyway to make everything scale 0 but when effector more than 1 active they will scale up ? like in this case.
  7. here is my test scene , If you unactive plain1 effector that is result I want to get. and when active another effector all object will scale down. test.rar
  8. Hello , I want to make scene when ball touch the ground grass will show up , but ball in the scene have more than one ball. So I make my test scene like this , I use plane with polyfx and add plain effector to scale all face down. Make fall off to box then tick invert. It's looking good. When effector go some area that area will show up face like I want. but when I add second plain effector to scale another area it's not working like I imagine. It's look like two plain effector cannot use together when one effector use in invert mode. And this happen with cloner too. Any help would be appreciate.
  9. Hi , Can you upload rBoole plugin please , I cant find any link of this plugin.

    1. Seano


      Do you still need this, I can upload it?  Missed your message somehow.



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