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  1. insert text variables into MoText

    Oh, I see you had almost the same problem already in this topic: Trying to get the best out of it...
  2. insert text variables into MoText

    Hi jed, thanks for the response. Thew Math:Add node (in string mode) was really the thing I was looking for. The other thing I thought I'd figure out by myself is how to get a consecutive numbers count? The final missing component in my setup is now to add this into the string chain. Any ideas on how to get those (increasing) numbers into my chain that add 1 to each new clone? I want the cloned MoText objects to say something like this: This is object #1/10.000 This is object #2/10.000 This is object #3/10.000 ... I was hoping to find something like a "clone/iteration count" in the Cloner object properties that I could then string into my text chain. But actually any count mechanism would do (as long as I can string it to my text chain, since I'm simple staring at 1 in natural numbers). Doing it manually wouldn't kill me, but would also be great to learn how to build it procedurally.
  3. insert text variables into MoText

    Okay, I think I figured it out. Will post when done...
  4. insert text variables into MoText

    Okay, I just doubled my Xpresso-skills doing research, but still... I'm just able to extract the names of two accordingly named null-objects and string (?) them out into my MoText text field. I don't worry about about the numbering yet, but how can I tell Xpresso to take the two text parts (the names of the nulls) and combine them into one text? (So that I can have one well-kerned text, no matter how long the number will be that will be added later. My set-up in progress as seen in the screenshot...
  5. insert text variables into MoText

    Okay, thanks. Unfortunately I wouldn't know neither to find nor to use them for my Xpresso-skills are still somewhere out there... I hoped there could be some link to someone or some page that had the same problem before. Thanks anyway.
  6. Hi guys, sorry, that might be an Xpresso/python/C.O.F.F.E.E.-newbie question: I'm trying to add text variables to a running text in MoText. To be more specific a text like this: "This is object #X/10.000" In this case "X" being replaced with the actual number. The numbers are really just a consecutive row of numbers (1 to 250), so if I didn't had to put it into running text I'd just clone two MoTexts and blend them. I personally thought C.O.F.F.E.E. might be a good way to deal with it, adding some sort of text variable to the script like this: var i; for (i=0; object(i); i++) { doc->AddUndo(UNDOTYPE_CHANGE_SMALL,object(i)); object(i)#PRIM_TEXT_TEXT="This is object #"[[[yet to discover 'text variable-bit']]]"/10.000"; object(i)->Message(MSG_UPDATE); } Unluckily I couldn't find any help on replacing just a part of the text online or kept searching for bad keywords. If anyone here has an idea that'd be a huge help. Already thanks for reading, Beni