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  1. Thank you for your help and the link! Still wrestling with it, will keep trying and post an update. Cheers!
  2. Or can the objects move in close proximity but not touch (each other or) the attractor object? Help please! :/
  3. @jed hmm, yeah is good and the trouble is as you pointed out; getting them to stop moving after they move to the attractor.... look of ways to reduce on youtube but no such luck... Any other ideas or ways to achieve this? :/
  4. @jed OK, thank you. I'll look into the ghosting / motion blur. I've another question, and I hope you don't mind; is it possible to use effectors/dynamic tags in combo with the dynamics and the xpresso you've setup? What i'm trying to do now is, while the objects are moving and colliding, I'd like to separate the circles, the triangles and the squares - with an attractor type tag, or something better. Any ideas on the best way to do this? :/ Thanks!
  5. @jed spend a few days with it, and I think its getting where I want it to be. See attached. I've two questions and I hope you can help: 1. Is it possible to add stretch (trail) when the move quickly? 2. .... is it possible to create a seamless loop? :/ Thanks! brownian4.c4d
  6. @jed cool, it has the some key components, and I wonder if it's possible to add more flow, the animation feels linear? Thank you
  7. @Cerbera 1. If they could somehow burst (fast / slow in and out) or run at various speeds. 2. They could collide. 3. Would be great if they did, like a comical traffic, or data interchanging. No idea how to pull this off in C4D without doing it manually. :/
  8. Hey! Whats the best way to make objects move randomly like a bad traffic, within a box with some collision C4D? :/ As I've done manually in after effects (see below)
  9. HAH! This is so simple, it's perfect! And it seems all our efforts have come together! Thank you so much Emir and Bezo!
  10. I've found ways to reduce the overlap by adding rotation to the Cloner Blending the circle Splines, however it's not perfect! UGH, help!
  11. Thanks, and I had already tried this approach, the distances are off. However, your first one gave me an idea - and it works, it's easy to manage. Though one yucky problem, 1 row of the Spheres overlap! Any idea of the cause? dots_circle2.c4d
  12. Thank you Emir! That spline effector is an interesting approach! It's simpler and it seems to me that this one also fairly manual. Would it be possible to increase the number of rings, in- or outwards without having to add new splines?
  13. Hi good people! I'm wondering if there's a much better and easier way to effectively use the cloner, to do what I did here with multiple cloners? dots_circle.c4d
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