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  1. Yeah I made the mistake of going by the ToolFarm announcement and list. Neither of those guys are on there. Although he is on the picture. heh Did seem odd to me. Live and learn. Have to go with the official site.
  2. Did you guys see the list of presenters at this year's SIGGRAPH? Some new faces, GSG no longer there I don't think but if you read through the notes for all of them, the thing that caught my attention a couple of times was VR-related stuff. I wonder if the main features we can expect this year are ProRender and some type of addition for VR workflows. Which is important but would leave me personally with a decision to possibly skip another year. Thoughts? Anyone else read those presenter bios the same way / catch the same vibe? I don't don't much with VR in general or have much interest in it so possibly this is something they've been doing at prior SIGGRAPHs without any particular feature being the reason why.
  3. More of a roller-coaster... lol It's calm, then it's a mess, then it's constructive again... until it gets personal again. It's how we roll, apparently. Soon... soon SIGGRAPH will provide a proper distraction.
  4. But in this context the negativity had nothing to do with MAXON or C4D. It was as simple as one person disrupting a positive flow of comments and discussion about the product, in order to "zing" someone on a personal level, which predictably results in that person coming to their own defense. It's like sometimes people value an "I told ya so" or "you didn't do what you said" over the current, useful flow of debate, and will interrupt said flow to get a word in edge-wise. THAT , needs to not happen here. Especially when things calm down after a flare-up. It's one thing to post an interjection in the middle of a sh**-storm, quite another to re-kindle the storm for no apparent reason. ANYway... we all love us some C4D of the Future... back to it. :)
  5. Can we not drum this up again? If people have "gotcha" comments, all fine and good (free country), but keep it to private messages to avoid derailing the thread. Too much? It's like we can't go three days without a snipe from someone.
  6. Yeah I looked through all those jobs including the QC thing which along with software testing is something I've done professionally but I can't afford to move to Europe unfortunately. That's a young man's dream job though. Unmarried person with no roots... jump in it!
  7. Yeah that's the thing I was talking about also. Looks like they don't often release new builds but I'm sure they will with 2.8. Would be crazy not to.
  8. Blender 2.8 is shaping up to be an outstanding release. Massive viewport overhaul, big improvements recently to Cycles, and other areas. Blender is a legit 3D platform for all workflow types. The UI is an issue (that will eventually be updated — there's a lot of plans on the roadmap, gotta love roadmaps!) but there is a third party entitly that sets up and saves a more C4D-like interface and then creates a build of their own for this product. I imagine it won't take very long after 2.8 is released for them to have it. I think it's called Blender for Designers but I can't check at the moment.
  9. I think there's some native language confusion going on there. As to the core implementation, it was first brought up around R16 and should be at least partially implemented already, but is an ongoing development effort, is it not? As to his last comments I think he's just saying that parts of the SDK now allow for the possibility of multi-threaded functions to be developed where before it was not an option with those types of functions. Doesn't mean it will happen with any given plugin (or even that it would be necessary — not all tasks benefit from parallelization and in some cases would be an outright waste of effort) but that at least the option is there now.
  10. mbyrne: Thanks for your clarifications. Sounds like you didn't get this info second hand so benefit of the doubt is warranted I guess. Blutz: thanks for posting. Can't speak for anyone else but for my part I understand that big changes in an SDK usually but don't always accompany big changes with the parent app, and vice-versa (small changes in SDK don't always mean small changes in the app). Mostly this was a question of where did the rumor come from and with the information given (which was little) did it make any sense. All things are possible as they say but I usually go with Occam's Razor myself when it comes to guessing what software developers are going to do or why they did what they did. And most of the time the answer is, not as much as what's rumored or not the conspiracy. :) graphos: also a good sign if true.
  11. Agree if they ever overhaul Xpresso and add nodal materials that they should be tightly integrated. It should feel like one unified component of the GUI. This happens to be an area where MAXON excels traditionally so if it happens I don't have much doubt it will feel seamless.
  12. All fine and good. Except the rumor was "the R20 SDK is out and there's crazy stuff in it!" (paraphrasing). THAT, IMO, is BS. I doubt that it's out, and if it's out it's to a very small alpha group / VIP group as you call it, and the odds that any of them leaked anything to some random forum poster is miniscule.
  13. Kiwi: if there are seperate alpha and beta groups and the former is a smaller group of VIPs that gets stuff in advance of the typical (closed) beta schedule, it's possible they would have R20 features and/or SDK info. But that makes it even less likely it would've been leaked IMO. I used to alpha test software for Adobe, and I'd be shocked if that relatively small group wasn't substantially larger than the group MAXON has designated. Seems logical if this is the system they're using, it would be pretty small. One or two devs from key organizations like SideFX, AMD, Nvidia, Allegorthmic, maybe a company like Disney that generates actual open source tech... and then half-dozen high-echelon plugin developers (Insydium, the VRay guys, Otoy, etc). Only companies whose software plays a crucial role for a large percentage of users. Most popular plugins out there (GSG, et al) would not require alpha access in this scenario. And going back to Adobe, there were never leaks of alpha features that I can recall. Even back then people in those positions respected it too much / were too vested. And as Cutman points out, easier to identify who might've actually leaked something in that scenario.
  14. Not sure I'd assume they would release R20 SDK to any tester this early. Or that it would even be finished right now necessarily. The assumptions go both ways but this one smells like BS to me. Don't the beta periods for one version follow the release of the previous version typically, including SDKs that go with those betas? Also I would think people could be a little more liberal with information about the SDK but maybe not. Not buying this one though until someone more directly connected to MAXON comments in the affirmative about early release of said SDK to some people.