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  1. Not to put too fine a point on it but my observation is this is somewhat a generational thing. Gen Y (aka the "dreaded millennials" :) ) have this thing where they just expect stuff when they want it or need it, and go on their way when they get it. Of course this isn't the whole group, but it's a noticeably larger percentage of the group as compared to earlier generations. I'd say close to half of the ones I work with / am around, have this attitude and it's unfortunate. In any other generation I'd say it's about 10%. I don't know what percentage of "non-thanks" people are in this group, but i know most motion artists are on the younger side (under 35), so it wouldn't surprise me if that's a big part of what you're experiencing. A lot of kids in this group whose parents sheltered them too much and did everything for them "growing up"; consequently they're not too thankful when people online or at the store or wherever help them out. It's not that they're bad kids, it's more like they just expect things they shouldn't expect (as like an automatic thing).
  2. LOL That's pretty good.
  3. Also, it is possible these proofs of concept / technology demos are the property of the university where the listed authors are studying / working. I believe in most cases they are in a university environment. Or even if not, they certainly aren't going to give that technology away. Probably takes some time to negotiate for the rights to it and then like Zalam is saying, takes a while to integrate it into the app. I remember one of the Photoshop guys was demoing something (in this same way - different kind of tech obviously) in the alpha/beta program and maybe two years later, there was a partial implementation in Photoshop. Didn't look exactly the same but you could tell it was the same algorithm behind the UI. Probably anything you see now that a dev wants, don't expect to see it implemented until about 2020. Still cool in its own right though!
  4. Mistake.
  5. Weird. I wonder why nothing is coming through when I submit stuff. [Update: I think it's a Safari issue (maybe). I just tried submitting via FireFox and received a reply right away. I would think if it were a server issue it would not have lasted 24+ hours during the period when I was running into problems.]
  6. Nice. All three of the Trashcan GPUs are definitely GCN, and I believe GCN 2. The D500 and D700 are Tahiti variants. So that bodes well hopefully. Thanks again! Looking forward to the next versions of XP and Cycles4D (simultaneous release?) :)
  7. Recently I tried to use some of the support form pages on Cineversity (to do things like submit feedback and the like) and I'm not receiving any emails back, in the form of auto-responders or direct responses. Thought my email might be the issue but am receiving other emails via the same address. Thinking they might have a technical issue with the web site / are not seeing the requests being submitted. Anyone else having issues getting support through the links and forms they provide?
  8. I guess that would qualify you then. lol! Sorry. The Egypt thing threw me off; I thought all of you guys were in the UK. Thanks for commenting. Although I may look into eGPU I hope the next version of Cycles4D will be "trash-can enhanced". :)
  9. Hi MSakr. Do you work with Insydium or just a fan of their logo? :) Sounds like you're saying whichever build was made 4/26/17 is the one going into the next update to Cycles4D?
  10. Anyone know if the next version of Cycles4D will use the build that comes with 2.79 from (the one with the OpenCL and performance enhancements)?
  11. Haven't tried it yet. Any thoughts? Indespensible to workflow?
  12. Roadmap: something we've all been asking for (or something like it) for years. It hasn't happened and likely won't happen. Can't hurt to keep asking though. If enough people do maybe they'll see the light. MAXON's strength: Building modest advancements into their existing tech once a year, in such a way that it runs very smoothly in conjunction with all the pre-existing features that have been built in over the years. They are big on stability and cross-platform parity and will choose it every time over whiz-bang show-stopping features that run at the speed of light... and crash twice a day. MAXON's weakness: Being overly conservative in the way they approach innovation and major feature advancements, and in the way they approach their dealings with the public. If MAXON had a personality type it would be extremely bright / talented, and extremely cautious.
  13. Ah what a bummer. I saw all these new posts and thought we had some new Labs stuff to look at / talk about. Alas, another thread derailed into discussion about MAXON openness and feature angst.
  14. Regarding Autodesk's letters that they're sending out, what a bunch of disingenuous, intelligence-insulting bullshit. Oh yeah, really? You're doing that because you're sure that's how your customers will get the most "value" huh? Nothing to do with taking an entrenched market that's heavily reliant on your product and gouging them while the gouging is good to increase profits? lolol Whatever flaws MSA has, it's at least tolerable when MAXON makes the release a solid upgrade. If they ever move to a subscription model, I'm gone. End of story. I think that's a pretty common sentiment among all C4D users; hopefully they realize it. A substrciption is semi-workable only when a company like Adobe gives you a whole suite of products that used to cost $600 a piece and $200-300 a year to upgrade (more or less) for $600 a year. Still has flaws, but it's tolerable. It's not even close to workable when the perpetual products costed thousands per license and still cost thousands to subscribe to except no benefit of ownership. Autodesk just cemented their reputation as a self-focused company instead of a customer-focused one. Hopefully MAXON will earn a few converts but more likely I think Houdini will win most of them due to the more similar toolset.
  15. This is a fun widget to play with. Like an instant alien space station generator or something. Pretty cool concept actually. Just needs a bit of refinement the inner and outer spacing seem to work against each other a bit / are quite sensitive to small value changes. But swapping in different types of geometry and modifying the array a bit helps too. I am officially renaming this script to "Close Encounters." Hopefully I sleep tonight. I have to work tomorrow.