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    lol Are you trolling me? "Remove stuff we don't want to multi-thread"? Like they're forced to re-write everything they don't remove? I'm as chill as chill can be... bro. Just making the observation that sometimes removing stuff from an app is nothing more than cleaning house. And yes, I take it as a good sign. None of that impacts what I do much, so I won't lose sleep over it either way... but yeah. Hopefully more (as in additional) substantive updates from MAXON are on the way this winter.

    I don't think you can make the logical jump from the list at the top of the thread being removed to "lots of things will be multi-threaded in C4D with R20." Multi-threading is not related to any of those things, in the sense of being dependent upon them (not being there). Any multi-threaded function has to be re-written and optimized such that its operations can be divided among numerous CPUs — that's the real challenge, not removing other stuff AFAIK. More than likely the things being removed are simply to clean up the code base now that the functionality has been replaced with other technologies (Python, Melange, etc), or in some cases are just obsolete. Removing them possibly might result in benefits like faster launch times, increased stability (i.e. reduced opportunity for conflicts, dependancy issues, etc). But I hope MAXON keeps the updates coming more than once every six months. If this is to be a big release it is to their benefit to feed us some blogitude every couple months leading up to release, to get the buzz going, etc. Keeps us interested and optimistic as well.
  3. Now that XP4 has been released, it makes sense to have a thread where we can ask questions / get first impressions. Has anyone received their copy and upgraded yet?
  4. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Meh. I understand why you might say that but think of Bloomberg online as being a little like CNN. They're often more interested in getting a "news bite" published before anyone else, rather than first determining if that "news bite" has any real meaning behind it / is actually something people should be paying attention to. What you should be looking at is the level of detail and context, and it's poor. Honestly if I were this person's editor, the story never would've been published. It may well be true, but journalistically there's nothing there. It's pure window-dressing. Nothing but vagaries and assumptions.
  5. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Nah! If it's all the same to you, stick around for a while yet. This forum is pretty good I'd say. :) While it's not unheard of for parent companies to sell assets out from under the noses of the people working for said asset, I agree with your earlier statement that most likely that article is nothing more than fabricated crapola on the part of a web team desperate for page rank and eyeballs in an area where they don't get much.
  6. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    All things being equal I tend to doubt the veracity of this story, not because it was denied (evidently? anyone have a link?) back in August but because the story itself is very thin on details. Online publications are notorious for posting "might be, could be, we're not sure and you can't disprove it" click-bait when ad revenues are low or other problems. This story, based on timing, length and topic, seems like click-bait to me. But what Cutman said is true; doesn't matter if MAXON denied anything. Companies lie all the time about acquisitions and mergers. That said I wouldn't be totally shocked if it happened. If the parent company feels they're over-diversified and that they stand to make more from a sale than holding onto the company long-term, they'll do it. OR, maybe there's discussions between the parent and MAXON's management where MAXON wants to go a different direction and parent tries to find a suitor.
  7. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Autodesk: there would be no C4D; they'd cannibalize it and kill it off within one release cycle. At the end they'd offer everyone a "special discount for the first year" of their BS subscription model to keep everyone on board (with Maya or MAX), then after that back to rip-off central. Adobe: price of subscription would jump to $650-$750 for the suite (good excuse for them to raise it — which is inevitable) and within a couple cycles the quality of the software would start trending down as they added out-of-scope features and unnecessary changes and integrations. Foundry: same as Autodesk Black Magic: might work out... might even use their pricing model of $299. That would be pretty great. Not sure if they're big enough to make this kind of buy / absorb a development and QC team the size of MAXON's. Can't think of anyone else in the industry with the kind of money and resources required to make that acquisition work, who would also do it right. Worst case would be Facebook or Apple, with the intent of converting it into a purely VR/AR content platform. They'd dumb it down after a couple cycles to fit their respective UI religions and that would be the end of it.
  8. Houdini 16.5 looks amazing

    Cutman, you know from my posts and interactions with you that I've kept an open mind towards both your Houdini comments here and in general stuff you've debated at other times... but you've got an itchy trigger finger that you seem to be either unaware of or eager to use. If I might: You're absolutely right that some people truly defied their own logic (expressed previously towards you) when they decided to read this thread and post — knowing that they usually disagree with you and that you were going to posit Houdini as an alternative platform to C4D. I mean, did ANYONE really NOT think he was going to do that when they first saw the thread title? I sure did. Doesn't take a fortune-teller to know what's coming. So either you're open to the harsh feedback we knew would be a part of his larger set of points, or you're not. If you're not, either don't read it or don't respond. On the OTHER HAND... any software-specific forum is likely to end up a bit of a "safe space" for that software — it's the nature of the beast — people invest a lot of time and money and stick with it so their inclination (as a group) will always be towards the glass is half full. And they won't take well to being told forcefully that their platform sucks (whether it does or not). However, where you go wrong is less the force of your initial arguments than your temper (IMO). For this thread, you go through all of your points about Houdini (no problem), your related criticisms about C4D (no problem), and your decision to jump ship (no problem). Nothing wrong with a long-time member sharing that info IMO. I'll probably do the same thing if and when I move to another platform, just to let people know what alternative I found and why it was compelling enough to make me bolt. But as soon as someone calls you out for being "tired of your complaints" about C4D, BLAM! You don't just respond in kind, you hammer them. And from there every thread follows the same pattern. The group seems to be drawn to this dysfunctional pattern over and over. I actually found this one kind of amusing because I saw it coming two weeks and many miles away. But typically none of us (yourself included) enjoy this type of outcome, so my unsolicited and possibly useless advice is to avoid the urge to put people in their place via sledgehammer. Whether they deserve it or not is another question, but ultimately it doesn't matter — it's not the kind of medium where putting someone in their place actually teaches them something, thus altering their behavior... instead it just builds animosity / passive aggression over time. But to get back to it, not only was I curious to read your Houdini experiences but I hope in a few months after you've used it some more and see the product more fully — warts and all — that you'll post more observations good and bad and how you're feeling about the switch. As long as its done dispassionately (including any responses to challenges), it can be useful to everyone. Hell, it might even be useful to MAXON.
  9. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    Yeah I understand that's a useful thing. Wasn't trying to diminish any one feature per se. Not a big deal. I like Trapcode's stuff in general, own it, use it. Just my "big picture" perception of things.
  10. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    You and I have a different definition of "huge update" I think. What Insydium is doing with X-Particles 4 is "huge." What SideFX does with Houdini from release to release is "huge." They are truly innovating / adding a lot of brand new functionality as well as improving what's there. Most of what Red Giant has done with this latest Particular update — not that it isn't all good stuff, it is — is more or less refining what's already there. It's important on one level but on another level — given the amount of time that passes between major updates per plugin in that suite — fairly modest too. That said not sure how many people actively develop on that suite — maybe still just one guy?? If so then my comment is less fair. Not sure if Red Giant is still just sales and support, as it were. Bottom line: not saying it's not worth owning — it is — but I am saying if you look at the suite over a period of time, the pace of innovation tends to be pretty slow. Some of that is just how long it's been around but a lot of what's in that suite, is nearly the same as it was a few years ago. I suspect that they and MAXON have a similar development philosophy: slow and methodical. Nothing wrong with that but technology moves on as they say.
  11. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    True, although depends on whether you have to work in AE as a platform for a given job. But even there I am still kicking around the idea that Trapcode as a suite is more or less growing stagnant at this point / reaching its limits... and that the new Stardust plugin is perhaps a more valuable tool to invest time and money into going forward. No Sales there however beyond the ongoing "early adopter" discount they've had since summer.
  12. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    When did Allegorithmic switch to an all-subscription model even for their Indie stuff? Really disappointing. I mean the actual amount isn't terrible but subscriptions in general are a turn-off. Could've sworn the last I checked it was optional for Indie buys and upgrades — like you could do either subscription or perpetual. Or I might be losing my mind. lol [Edit: I see the confusion — I think the suite is subsciption only but the individual apps can still be bought and upgraded perpetual. A little strange they don't offer the suite as a perpetual buy / upgrade too but is what it is.]
  13. New macbook

    haha Fair enough! I honestly haven't used it in quite a while. But it's good that they've continued to develop and refine it (and retain customers in the process). And tie it to hardware in a way other apps aren't — certainly improves the longevity of any recent iMac, MacBook Pro or even trashcan (?) people have purchased in recent years.
  14. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    This was the other one I was hoping for. Nice. Very nice. Trapcode V14 upgrade shall be mine.
  15. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    That last part bummed me out. I thought we might get an MSA extension and discount on that as well but it's just the stand-alone upgrade cost. Still not bad though. Kudos to MAXON for doing the 25% thing.