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  1. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    A 25% discount would definitely make me think twice about waiting till next year to upgrade but I'm as interested in sales on plugins as anything, including a couple AE plugins / upgrades I've been eyeing.
  2. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    Wonder if MAXON will offer any special deals to people who haven't upgraded yet. Not sure what R19 adoption has been like thus far. I think mostly Black Friday deals at ToolFarm and elsewhere revolve around developer discounts but maybe we'll get lucky with a global discount of 15% or similar madness.
  3. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Mac or PC and if Mac which OS?
  4. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I wouldn't care of Maya / 3DS / Smoke whatever was the absolute undisputed best solution for a given task, I would never reward Autodesk by paying for one of their BS (scam) subscriptions. $1470 base per app, $600/yr for a renderer, more for bundles, own nothing. FU Autodunce. At least with Adobe you're only paying about $600 a year, less if you do it for multiple years, and less still for a single app if that's all you need... and you get absolutely everything they make. I don't like their system either but at least it's within the realm of fairness because they don't screw around with their flagship apps, giving you some and not others. Autodesk are a bunch of blood-sucking vultures. The per app price is terrible, no legitimate bundle options, and the terms are bad too. Screw that. If MAXON ever did anything close to what Autodesk does, I would not hesitate. I'd be gone in a minute and never come back. Regardless of XP, of MoGraph, or any of it. I'd suffer through whatever I'd have to gain profiency with Houdini or Blender and deal with whatever shortcomings out of principle. Always vote against bad behavior with your wallet. I don't think MAXON will do that but just making a point. Staying away from an Autodesk-like licensing scheme (for any of these developers we like) is important, and the second any of them follow suit, we should bail. If a client wants it, let them buy the license... .
  5. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Going to spend some time this weekend in Houdini Land.
  6. Save .STL with textures?

    What CBR said. It's a very limited format, used mostly to swap assets between CAD programs from what I've seen.
  7. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I would say this is particularly true of Blender because it uses so many unconventional UI methods, and its panels and toolbars are organized in confusing ways (not to mention hard-to-interpret iconography in some areas). And unfortunately it's one area where they're sort of patching it up with new workspace stuff for upcoming versions, but not directly improving how the UI looks and works. I think we're at least a couple years away from a Blender that "feels familiar" in the eyes of C4D users. Not to say it can't be learned, though. Houdini can be a little strange too coming from C4D but I think on balance its UI (if not all of its conventions) are more evolved than Blender by a decent margin. Also I would expect them to continue improving it at a rapid rate. Just like everything else they do with that app.
  8. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Yeah many people (consumers) are lost on that point — that from 8-10 feet away, in various lighting conditions it is difficult to notice 4K's improvements in resolution. HDR stuff is a little easier to notice because it can eliminate color banding and so that's a thing but yeah... 1080p not going anywhere, anytime soon IMO. I don't think 4K will go the way of 3DTV which was little more than a marketing gimmick and a way to get people to buy new TVs, but i do think it will take several years for it to become more of defacto resolution. A lot of things are required not least of which is a whole helluva lot more bandwidth to residential customers for not a whole helluva lot more money (because I don't think people will pay it for that specific purpose). 4K streaming opens a big can of worms in that area. The Comcasts of the world will probably play the "you can have your extra bandwidth and only modest monthly price increase when you pry them from our cold, dead, greedy hands" card. They will be the reason for slow adoption, ultimately.
  9. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Unless you plan to limit your renders to 1080p in which case it's peanuts ($200 a year basically). Sure everyone is bananas for 4K now but the reality is very few shows and movies are 4K. TV shows especially are still 1080p by a wide margin. Point being it's not a "defunct" format by any means. Pretty funny that the AIXsponza guys are now Houdini guys. I'm sure they use a lot of tools including C4D still, but it does say something as some of those tutorial examples I looked at are things that you'd expect to see in C4D. Competition FTW. Between this and Blender 3, MAXON stands to lose quite a few customers in the next 12-18 months if they don't start making major advancements, both in terms of solving issues people have requested for a long time and in terms of new innovation. Hopefully they've got some good things up their sleeve that they've been working on for a long time. One last benefit of the doubt as all these hardware and software issues come to a head and resolve themselves one way or another between now and next fall. But for sure I'm going to spend some time starting with Houdini this winter, so if I switch I'm not at Day 1 next summer / fall. Actually a useful thing either way as I'm assuming you can move stuff through the MAXON Houdini Engine thing with the Indie edition, not just full commercial.
  10. Leaving C4D-Land.

    For kicks (it's been at least 2 versions) I downloaded the apprentice variant for 16.0.736 tonight and had a look through the UI (which has definitely improved some but is also definitely still a mile deep) and the feature set. Mind-blowing. I can see now why MAXON made the move of integrating the Houdini Engine: they probably knew there was no way they could catch up. So instead spin it like you need both elements in the workflow. However it's pretty obvious if a person can become proficient with what's here, you'd have need of no other DCC tools save for a few very specialized apps like ZBrush and Substance stuff maybe. Easily the deepest toolset I've ever seen. So the question for everyone is really one of available time and dedication. Learning Houdini is not impossible but nothing has changed in that it will require a lot of effort (unless you're super-uber-artist who picks up complex apps overnight). Putting in a couple hours every day to learn one small part of the feature set, I could easily see this app taking a year to learn. But on the other hand the payoff you'd get in terms of creative freedom and marketable skillset would be pretty huge. Still not clear to be how much scripting / coding is a core part of the workflow (i.e. you need to know it to really make the app work the way it is intended) but regardless this app is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. Not picking on MAXON (this applies to Maya or any other app being compared) but this feature set... DAMN.
  11. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Because the limitations I'm dealing with are partially hardware-related and we're likely to find out if those limitations are lifted by Spring or early Summer (i.e. before R20), I'm going to stick around a while longer. That and I am hopeful XP4's performance with Cycles4D is such that it solves some of the problems on their own. But that Houdini demo is damn impressive. The rate at which they innovate absolutely puts MAXON (and pretty much everyone else making a DCC product) to shame. I get there's a big learning curve there but the feature set is indeed far ahead of C4D at this point. Release 17 won't be that far behind. I won't be surprised if i find myself with a copy of v17 Indie when the time comes, making the transition that way. The pace of innovation is what's going to kill MAXON here, potentially. I get their dedication to stability and that's commendable but it's also a liability in this context as I don't believe Houdini (unlike Maya) is known for being a buggy mess.
  12. Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    Can assist with the following potentially, assuming there is a need and momentum builds going into the new year. Mostly based on workflow stages from above link. Story conceptualization, writing, editing (plot development, simple dialogs, etc) — have to start here unless this is a purely abstract movie / short movie with no dialog, etc. In that case I assume we'd start by cranking out different storyboard progressions until we had one we liked. Could potentially help with pre-vis, just depends on what it is. Reference photography, depending on the kind of location and season required. HDRI if required. Effects Animation, especially if stylistically there's a need for abstract concepts, fluids, things of this nature. Tools would be XP, Cycles4D primarily. AE + common plugins like Trapcode, Plexus, Stardust, if needed. Video Editing, possibly color grading and some basic compositing if I'm comfortable enough with Resolve and Fusion by then. I've probably got at least a year to really learn these tools. Just kicking the tires right now / evaluating whether I want to bail on AE for anything other than Trapcode / Plexus type stuff.
  13. MAXON Labs is GO !!!!

    Hey MAXON what's up with the mighty Labcoats these days? Anything new on the horizon? For that matter, the blog too. ;)
  14. HDRI Haven is free now...

    What Cerbera said. Thanks!
  15. I guess it depends on what you mean by "realistic" but bottom line and what I was saying is, there's no reason to think that it won't be a physically accurate simulation when other types of geometry are interacting with cloth bodies in XP. Everything they do is physically realistic for the most part. I mean fluid simulations (liquid fluids) are tricky and no system is 100% accurate (including RF as far as I know), but even there it's lival to be pretty damn close. They haven't sneak peeked their fluid solver yet but easy bet it's better than the existing one and the existing one is pretty good in its own right for small-scale fluid interactions.