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  1. Honda NR750 WIP

    Some more progress with the wheels, struts and brakes. I was pretty happy with how the rims turned out, they had a lot of irregular lines and curves that were tough to add in.
  2. Honda NR750 WIP

    Hah! Here it is! Top is without SDS, middle is with SDS...very bottom is the tank before I divided geometry at all...I was super happy with the way that turned out, I managed to get the cut out for the gas cap and that indented curve in the tank while still keeping polygons relatively low. Only reason I had to subdivide the rest of it was because I couldn't get those headlights in there without more geometry. I've definitely learned when it comes to smooth vehicles, the less polygons the better to keep lines smooth looking.
  3. My Samurai needs a sweeter ride than just a skateboard. Working on this Honda NR750...classic early 90's Superbike...pretty happy with this one so far. Curved body work was a good challenge but not too crazy. I had to subdivide a little more than I wanted to get the headlights in there but not nearly as much as I've had to with previous models. Still have a decent amount of details to put into this one...but that's the fun part!
  4. Roland SH-09 Synth

    That aged texturing around the edges looks amazing!
  5. Haven't done anything in a while, I need a better rig to do some larger things...I managed to put together this samurai and I was pretty happy I was able to get him rigged pretty effectively which is something I'd struggled with in the past...
  6. Thanks, man! Quick question though, maybe I'm confused, if I want to do some rendering with Octane isn't that done via GPU?
  7. Awesome, I will check them out, thanks! Any suggestions on a good graphics card, processor and ram for C4D? Probably going to be doing a fair amount of After Effects and Photoshop as well.
  8. My C4D work has been really hindered by my hardware limitations this year. Currently struggling to render anything with my 2 year old Macbook Pro and it leaves me with no options for GPU rendering which is slowing me down immensely. I'd like to remain on a MacOS but I just don't think Apple is really interested in supporting "pros" anymore so I need to look at a PC. I don't mind using Windows but I don't know if Windows 10 is any kind of reliable / stable... Anyone have a good out-of-the-box recommendation for a PC? I don't have the know how to build my own so I'm looking to just buy something decent. I'm hoping to find something reliable which I feel like has been an issue with the last few Windows machines I've used (My last Windows 8 ASUS machine had multiple hardware and OS headaches which soured me on PCs for a few years). I have about $2k to spend...
  9. Texturing sizes for closeups, etc.?

    I think I figured it out but I pretty much have to completely redo my UV map. It mostly comes down to me not having setup the UV properly in the first place, I just started unwrapping polygons...definitely utilizing my UV space poorly contributed too and my model also has way too many polygons which isn't helping. I think it's salvageable, though...this is my first big unwrap project so I'm struggling through it, learning as I go...I'm much happier with these test results (below). Still having to use a giant canvas to get the detail I want but it's still serviceable at 8k x 8k. I think I'll probably need to break up a fair amount of the texturing into different pieces so I can better fit the things that need to flow together into one UV map...thanks for the help all, as usual! For reference, I'm trying to do something similar to this guy's absolutely JAW-DROPPING detail work on an F14 jet:
  10. Texturing sizes for closeups, etc.?

    It's still a bit pixelated looking when I reduce... honestly, I'm 99.9% I botched the UV unwrap process now that I'm looking at other tutorials. Lol...every time I think I have a handle on things there's a whole new system I have to learn from the ground up! Can't wait until I get to the lighting process, I'll probably have ripped all my hair out by then.
  11. Texturing sizes for closeups, etc.?

    Yeah, it felt like it was too massive, for sure. I was actually just trying to see if the bigger I went with it if that would smooth it out but I felt like it was probably the wrong way to go with it. I've tried all the material sample modes. I've tried both standard and physical renderer. Render output is about 5k x 3k at 300dpi...keeps giving me results like this:
  12. I have a fairly large, high-polygon model I'm trying to texture. I split up the UV Map (still not very good at this process)...I'm exporting a very large texture (20k x 20k x 600dpi) and my texturing lines are still pixelated when I try to do some close up shots. When I pull out a bit the textures look smoother, but when I try to focus on more detail shots, the textures and bumps look really pixelated. Maybe I need to go even BIGGER with the texture? I'm trying to draw some very thin panel lines onto a piece of machinery but when I pull the texture into Photoshop, the model is so large that only a 1 pixel line works for what I want to do...maybe that's part of my issue? Also, does anyone have any good texturing tutorials when it comes to things like modeling panel lines onto cars? Maybe part of my issue is in Photoshop?
  13. WIP - F22 Raptor

    Damn, I had a feeling you guys would call me out on the wires! So one of the things I learned with doing those saw-tooth panels is really the only way to cut down on excessive distortion is to crank the heck out of the subdivisions. That way you have enough geometry to add in your edge control lines without stretching any polygons too far... The whole reason I'm trying to model ALL the panels instead of bump mapping is because I want to do cut-aways and exploded views with it. I still have a lot of panels to go, but I'm really happy with this base model. Here's a few views of the wires before sub-division....still probably not as clean as it could be, but I'm happy with the final results so far!
  14. A few months ago I was realllllly struggling with this model but I was able to get some one-on-one help from Cerbera and he really helped me get my head straight for approaching this design. In the last few weeks I've been able to get back to modeling this...the tricky part about it is carving in all those saw-tooth panels into the plane's geometry, but based on what Cerbera showed me I've really been able to smooth out my geometry and I'm super happy with the results thus far. Easily the smoothest model I've done to date, let me know what you think so far!
  15. I think where im having trouble is to know when to add geometry and how to do it in a way that's uniform that doesn't stretch out polygons and makes it appear lumpy like you're mentioning. Ive done a few aircraft models in the past that I felt looked much better than this...but I want to take this model to the next level by actually building the removable panels into it...and for the F22, those saw-tooth panels are so frustrating. I've tried cutting them into the geometry, sliding points around to get what I need, etc... Right now I'm trying to do like yo guys are suggesting and I'm going to rebuild the basic shape but try to pay close attention to edge flow, etc. Im hoping I can keep posting my progress and you guys can give me some advice as I go, I really appreciate it.