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  1. Dang, that rounded edges thing looks AMAZING. Almost seems like cheating! Rim looks awesome, by the way! How did you do the text / lines on the side of the tire? Bump map? Looks really clean.
  2. Trying to get back to some of my C4D models...been doing more and more vehicles lately. I feel like I'm getting fairly decent with my Sub-D modeling skills but it's just so time consuming. Does anyone have any decent plugins they recommend to help speed up modeling workflows? For instance, if I want to punch a hole in something it takes tons of planning to do it properly...but today I just stumbled on Great Summit's mesh boolean plugin and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it? If it works as well as their showcase videos I feel like it could save me hours and hours of modeling. Any suggestions for good plugins that increase modeling workflows?
  3. Hmm, so I cranked the absorbance distance to 5000 and the result was the same...background is transparent but the bottle itself is still rendering a background.
  4. I'm having some trouble with a project... I'm trying to make a Glass bottle that I will superimposing on a matte painting... I'm able to make the background surrounding the bottle transparent, but the bottle is showing up black (the current background). Is there a way to render it out so the black background contained inside the bottle shows up as transparent when I export it as a PNG? Here's an image to illustrate...
  5. Combined my Samurai project with my Honda NR 750 project...I was also watching Ready Player One when I made this. I really wanted to do the entire city background in C4D but my aging computer wasn't up to the task (I had to cut down my Subdivisions to get it to go, computer kept running out of memory!)...I was lucky to get the motorcycle and rider even rendered. The only things I didn't model myself in this scene are the background photos and his sword. Everything else I modeled from scratch. You can see the post process work in the gif. Let me know what you think!
  6. Hah, okay...if not, I was going to ask for a copy of that file!
  7. I'm legitimately unsure if that's an actual model or just a straight photo of your bike...
  8. I'm definitely going to check out HB Modeling Bundle. That beveling points to get a circle thing works, but it's so clunky! I only use it because I don't know any other way. Think I do: Chamfer, Sub-Division 1, Depth -100 ...it approximates a circle but still leaves a lot of clean up to do :-(
  9. Thanks! Agreed, the grips are on my list of things to fix.
  10. Looks, awesome! Cerb, do you have some kind of plugin you use to get punch out the dial circles into your mesh or are you just beveling the specific points out to make the circle?
  11. Bit more done on this. Throttle, grips, dash...gotta finish up the rear wheel drive assembly and then I think it should be done.
  12. Some more progress with the wheels, struts and brakes. I was pretty happy with how the rims turned out, they had a lot of irregular lines and curves that were tough to add in.
  13. Hah! Here it is! Top is without SDS, middle is with SDS...very bottom is the tank before I divided geometry at all...I was super happy with the way that turned out, I managed to get the cut out for the gas cap and that indented curve in the tank while still keeping polygons relatively low. Only reason I had to subdivide the rest of it was because I couldn't get those headlights in there without more geometry. I've definitely learned when it comes to smooth vehicles, the less polygons the better to keep lines smooth looking.
  14. My Samurai needs a sweeter ride than just a skateboard. Working on this Honda NR750...classic early 90's Superbike...pretty happy with this one so far. Curved body work was a good challenge but not too crazy. I had to subdivide a little more than I wanted to get the headlights in there but not nearly as much as I've had to with previous models. Still have a decent amount of details to put into this one...but that's the fun part!
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