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  1. Have a look at this.. https://u-render.com/
  2. Best ask the Redshift Gurus..sorry..Oh I have to be careful to add the "F"..so easy to miss it !!!
  3. Could be an issue with "education" in the path name, try to manually direct it it or rename the r20 folder
  4. You are saving as a composite project file which does not use a multi layer file as it arranges all the passes for the comp application. Switch off comp project and you get your multilayer option.
  5. IPB is a nightmare to update configuring the add ons is cat kicking stuff. Keep at it !!!
  6. Why not directly camera track in Cinema 4D ?
  7. Rough test render. I need to work on the edges. Render Time 1 min a frame at 1920 x 1080 on I7 3930K 6 Core/12 Threads . I was experimenting with render times so baked out a model. Thing is render mem usage suggests i could have a far higher detailed model but this is the limit of subdivs I could get inside the program. Perhaps I could adjust some prefs to get the RAM usage optimized..or is it a GPU thing ? I don't think so as the GPU has only 12 GB RAM and this model is far more than that. Quality is bad embedded watch on YouTube !! Why model it ? Well the processing time for high detail sub ploy displacement is the issue without a render farm.
  8. I have been playing with the demo of Octane and though it does seem fast I have yet to really get into it but it does seem very blurry. The detail that shows in advanced render and Physical render are just washed away. Is anyone using Octane and getting sharp crisp results ? If so ca you post some examples
  9. why not align to spline and animate that ?
  10. OK this time i removed the 2 extra lights one was a ambient light and one directly at the base with a slight angle. And no Multi-scattering . Render time is down to 3 hours and with post to add a glow and some colour correction I think it will work. Don't forget this is just a test of the hero explosion. there will be loads more TFD elements and debris and camera move/shake Depth of field etc etc so This will work I am sure when sexed up with the other passes and post work. Down from 16 hours to 3 hours !!
  11. This is one standard emitter pumping out fuel. As simple as it gets.

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