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  1. Over 13 hours of Tutorials and Projects recorded at 1920 x 1080 7.5GB download Free Updates Free Support and Advice Intro 45 min Test Setup 17 m Simulation Window 35 m Channels 52 m Upres and Timing 33 m Velocity 22 m Wind vorticity and turbulence 34 m Sim Solver Advection 27 m Render Previews 16 m Render Settings 1 H 17 m Emitters 1 h 3 m Particles 57 m Moving Containers 15 m Preparing For Compositing 10 m Freezing TFD 13 m Particle velocity 10 m Tutorials Explosion 1 1 h 38 m Explosion 2 23m Thinking Particles Explosion 35 m Sculpting With Colliders 26 m Filling Objects 12 m Wind Tunnel 13 m Igniting Fuel 14 m Candle 45m Over 13 Hours Recorded at 1920 x 1080 Project Files Included Direct Link https://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2605809
  2. Not sure about rendering but for simulations such as TurbulenceFD the MEM Bandwidth is the crucial factor..higher the better
  3. Not meaning to put your work down Techie, just to let you and other know we have had something similar for a while now
  4. http://www.c4dscripts.com/procedural-rock-generator/
  5. The trick is to get IPB working and then do not upgrade. Stick with what works and do not get tempted by all the new gizmos KISS
  6. Hi fellow Jedi and i will tell you why I am a real Jedi later.

    I was wondering if you wanted to offer my full TFD tutorial set up as a challenge Prize. OK it is nothing thrilling but ..well better than a goldfish. I will leave the rest up to you, the challenge topics etc maybe TFD as a challenge would be a bit odd as the winners may well not need a tutorial !!

    I also will not judge..i don't tend to do competition and i certainly have no abilities by which to be a judge on others. Let me know if you want to do it. I will not be offended if you are not interested

    1. Vozzz


      im not sure if this was intended to be a personal message or not. but it came up in my feed. 

      so it may be coming up in everyones feed. 

      Just thought you should know. 

    2. Igor


      PM sent. :)

    3. paulselhi
  7. Edmund:Baldrick,do you know what irony is?

    Baldrick:Yes sir,it is like bronzie or goldie.

  8. Version


    Here's a great little scene file demonstrating how to make realistic cigarette smoke. Thinking Particles is used but not Pyrocluster. It's all done with lights. While the scene file is in rel 9 format. Note: The animation plays back quicker than the animated gif here.
  9. why don't i have any friends to disply ? booh hoo

    1. paulselhi


      "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

      -Friedrich Nietzsche



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