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  1. OK this time i removed the 2 extra lights one was a ambient light and one directly at the base with a slight angle. And no Multi-scattering . Render time is down to 3 hours and with post to add a glow and some colour correction I think it will work. Don't forget this is just a test of the hero explosion. there will be loads more TFD elements and debris and camera move/shake Depth of field etc etc so This will work I am sure when sexed up with the other passes and post work. Down from 16 hours to 3 hours !!
  2. This is one standard emitter pumping out fuel. As simple as it gets.
  3. My TFD Tutorial set is available here, and I will be making a full project set for this explosion. This is of course just the hero blast test for scale..loads more to do her plus compositing etc etc. But i have the core in place I can work around that. https://store.payloadz.com/details/2605809-software-training-turbulence-fd-tfd-for-cinema-4d-fundamentals.html
  4. Raw Explosion Test No CC..just to get a feel for scale on the hero blast
  5. Maybe try using TurbulenceFD for the gaseous element ?
  6. Compression is a killer for vids like this, YouTube butchers it but Vimeo is not too bad.. Default to low res ..choose high res
  7. Yes it is actually a very simple model by bazze I bought years and years ago..I think it is still up for grabs at renderosity.
  8. Oh I wish..I just slapped it all together to test some concepts I think it looks very cheezy but at least I know the basics are there for some pro scenes.
  9. This will save you a lot of time. https://youtu.be/rxsdRiFTnFQ
  10. Rough and ready test to see what options there are so sim and render are low quality https://youtu.be/LjyjxyMO3SA
  11. It is surely that doubled up render setting for the motion source render settings. Get rid of that and you should be ok
  12. Just a basic test on AA and YouTube compression artefacts..seems OK. Hey forget scale !! This is just a bit of fun.
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