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  1. Here is the file T Rex - Cmotion.c4d
  2. I am a C4D acolyte,Sometimes i am not bothered with render time. I get a "what if " in my mind and start playing. Once I have seen if it can or cannot be done I move on...it is not professional but then neither am I If i had the render capabilities in R6 I have now I would think I was tripping. I am in that time frame now..Very pokey StarDawg at the moment. If i had the render capabilities in R6 I have now I would think I was tripping. I am in that time frame now..Very pokey StarDawg at the moment.
  3. i could object matte the problem areas out and use that as a mask for post work in fusion ?
  4. But AR and me goes a long ways back. We've kicked each other senseless many times but I kinda love AR..and it is there with the kit so anyone stating out has to get a handle on it. If I was doing this for a dollar, there is lots and lots more to do with this scene, I would not mind unloading that to a farm. I am just comfortable with AR..And that is just another way of saying I do not have the dollar to get any better !! Another reason for the long render was as a stress test. You see my rig is in a poorly state and I want to get into a long fun project and to take a break i decided to render this out to make sure my rig would cope. The water cooling radiator is hanging out like it's lungs are out. The fans on the GPU are failing. But not a whimper on that long render. So the rig will see me through and I can get on with a scene I am doing for a tutorial I set that scene up in 2014 I think. Going through old old files and sadly having to delete old friends that will not play with me any more. I, like many others, got the Sponza bug years ago. It was a standard scene to learn on at one time. So to be honest I may well revisit it and adjust the GI. I am wondering if I can just do it for the problem areas and composite. Yes I must play with Sponza some more..it is very calming
  5. But if you are new to cmotion You get Terry out of your content browser setup and walking a walk cycle..lovely expression, you then have the beast so you pull and push his controllers, you slap him around for a while and he becomes your pet. Then you can give him forward direction and match a floor to him. The rest is playing with his strings. Make him dance.
  6. Igor..I do appreciate the sense of Humour. To be honest I was talking to some people on my Facebook who really know nothing about CGI ..in fact we were having a giggle over a Gordon Ramsey vid, he is rather forceful Chef over here. So TRex was being discussed and Jurassic Park. I was telling than The animations in there are not has hard as they think. the devil is in the details. So i made the vid. Coming over here I saw this section was empty and realised that the place id not full of experts there re some newbies here and Terry Rex always helps as an inspiration. Cmotion is neat but I have not really ever got into it.
  7. And I did not mean to start a competition. If someone's got to lose..I don't want to play
  8. Was explaining this to a friend and made this in 5 mins. It shows C-Motion and how you can get feet to match terrain in a few minutes. C-Motion is quite neat no ?
  9. Redshift versions 2.6.47 and 3.07 do not support TFD on R21 yet. The Redshift developers have confirmed that the next builds will add support. There is a simple workaround to make versions 2.6.47 and 3.07 load TFD correctly, though: Go to the TurbulenceFD folder that you extracted when installing the plugin Rename the file TurbulenceFD_R20_1448.xdl64 to PleaseIgnoreThisOneRedshift.xdl64 Rename the file TurbulenceFD_R21_1448.xdl64 to TurbulenceFD_R20_1448.xdl64 Restart C4D This works because C4D does not care about the filename and Redshift only loads the files TFD_loader_R15.cdl64 (which handles R15 through R19) or TurbulenceFD_R20_1448.xdl64 so far.
  10. Check youtube for others go at this classic 3D render test. Cannot find videos of the actual structure, You may think 35 hours !! But it is a real test for global illumination with the only light being from the open top. And there are some very smooth ceilings so artefacts are a problem The trick is to stop it looking CGI with some depth added and atmosphere. That I will work on next. As i said earlier 2.5 mins a frame when we would be looking at 10 mins + for a good still render..so I am quite pleased. Gonna really punch it out with some added lighting and the god rays The blotchiness on the right upper ceiling is due to the reflected sun light from the floor a really hard thing to calculate and get right but it is stable..I will look at getting that fixed in post perhaps with another render just for that section of ceiling, but it should not be too smooth, like the left hand one, as the sunlight will have an effect, just not so blotchy.. I can separate those polygons out for the render but still have the full building give the GI indirect lighting so should be a relatively fast render. I will do that with an alpha so i can just composite it onto this existing render. Watch in HD full screen to lose the flicker
  11. If it's "good enough"..it isn't
  12. Many years ago R6 or 7 there was a playable game of chess that came with C4D it was made in xpresso I think..How that was done.... God knows !!
  13. Worth the post just to read 3DKiwi..hope you and the family are well Nigel.15 years man..15 bloody years and still a beginner with C4D !!
  14. Here is the first video in the training series so you can see if you can handle my accent !! https://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2605809
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