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  1. i have d/l it and it could be a normals thing or maybe overlapping ploys..lots of blue polys
  2. Does not appear to be a C4D Bug..best ask the Octane people.
  3. Sorry not that up on volume builder..if you get no answers here try asking MAXON
  4. Clearly something to do with the volume builder object
  5. Often i find that if I did not close a render window down properly when I hit render again I get a new blank PV. Go to windows and check you do not have an active one.
  6. I suggest, after deep deliberation.. a course of leeches
  7. Definitely true and Jascha is working flat out on it but as you will appreciate I cannot divulge details suffice to say it will be a quantum leap.
  8. Video is of no use. Have you made the cylinder editable ? or is it still parametric..i e from the shelf ? Make it editable
  9. Yes i will cover both. You can get feedback quickly but the smoke shading is not yet up to scratch in TFD v1..that will be changing and Jawset are going to impress you with the next release..but I can say no more on that. Generally I find feedback and iterating fairly quick in AR as I keep my settings way low and only up them for render but that is where the hit comes..sadly I do not have a thread ripper to see if the 24 + threads will close the gap with a GPU renderer. I have played with Arnold and like the idea that the shading can be done directly from TFD shaders but the native bcf GPU volume rendering is I think struggling. .. and conversion of bcf to vdb takes a loooooooong time. One of the problems I have, maybe common in CGI art work, is that i fixate on the minatuae, I try and make my smoke and fire too detailed but when I look at real footage the detail is not really there. In that sense RS would be fine as I find it does give a flatter smoother look to fire. I have to force myself to realise the viewer will see these shots at maybe 2-3 secs a take and there is so much action generally going on that they are not going to concentrate on each voxel !
  10. You simple add it onto your background..screen mode is probably the way to go but experiment. To do smoke AND fire separately just render twice with one or the other switched off and composite the resulting renders. All explained in my 13 hour tutorial set. https://store.payloadz.com/details/2605809-software-training-turbulencefd-tfd-for-cinema-4d-fundamentals.html
  11. With Redshift becoming integrated..well at a price, into C4D I was wondering what most members would like to see. I have a major scene tutorial on the go and would like your input on whether I should be doing it in RS or AR/Phys ? I may well do several versions perhaps a version bundled with my full tutorial set ? I will of course include a TFD overview. Redshift seems the way to go but I am sure there are many who are sticking with AR/Phys..your views ? Here is a link to my tutorial set which of course is still very much applicable though I will off course be doing a new set for the upcoming TFD 2 https://store.payloadz.com/details/2605809-software-training-turbulencefd-tfd-for-cinema-4d-fundamentals.html
  12. Not even a thanks !! Bloody marvellous eh ?
  13. Good to see someone appreciates the effort made..it really was painful.. each tag took ages to kill. It was maxing out at 63 GB RAM and having to page. Still kept me off the porn sites for a while.
  14. You could also put a compositing tag on the ceiling and untick cast shadows
  15. In the light settings you can exclude objects just drag and drop them into the project tab on the light properties. You can choose a range of things to exclude, shadows specular etc. Default is all.

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