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  1. I am rendering out to passes and have done a camera fly using the "use camera path option in the light mapping and irradiance cache as primary. My frames render at around 40 secs a frame. Now the GI is calculated and saved but I want to make some changes (16 bit to 32bit) and I render with GI set to auto load and yet my renders go up from 40 secs to over a minute a frame..the GI is already calculated so it should be faster..what is going on..any ideas ?
  2. OK rendering out to 32bit passes seems to solve it.
  3. If I go back to the picture viewer and manually save the pass it is ok just needs gamma correction...this is on R20..I will test on R21
  4. I have rendered out a scene file with physical sky as GI and all looks fine in the picture viewer, I wanted to comp my shadow pass on it and blur that but when I load the diffusion pass in fusion or irfanview it is all red yet shows OK in the picture viewer. I a saving as 16 bit. Any ideas.
  5. Yes that is part of a set of scenes i plan to do. What i am trying to do is master all the tricks of fast..FAST renders. Billboards, pre rendered sequences, baked textures and lighting, proj mapping etc. Then I want to really make use of Fusion, something I have been gagging to get really into. I have a subconscious critic who is always saying "That is cheating" for example in TFD i spend hours, days trying to get an explosion to run using real world physics fuel burn etc when I could sculpt my explosions, the end image is what counts not how I got there. It is all just smoke and mirrors
  6. Just testing advanced render see the youtube video for the full on blurb
  7. Use a fluid sim , x-particles has one I think. I work with turbulence FD
  8. Make a sky with a gradient texture, add an infinite light and give it a sun tag and adjust the time. Add some GI or an ambient light if needed
  9. Seems fine now..as I have said many times before the forum is fine it has all the members need..if it aint broke don't fix it.
  10. Still getting that annoying yellow bar at the top of the page making the C4D site pretty much unusable.
  11. And now it made my last post hidden ??!!
  12. Sadly most IPB owners, and I include my past self, are brainwashed into getting the upgrades and the attendant headaches setting everything up. IF IT AIN'T BROKE.... The last forum was fine, as was the one before that. This one has teething issues which will be ironed out and then a new update will arrive. So many plugins ..so much temptation to stuff your pockets with sweets...in the case of IPB.... bloatware THE LAST FORUM WAS FINE but people are obsessed with the idea that last versions must be problematic version..all new versions must add value or so we are brainwashed
  13. still getting that yellow bar telling me a web page is slowing down my browser etc ..firefox latest build
  14. That noise is too slow and too ring like..it looks like a sped up "Trans Mat" beam. Have you tried pyrocluster or fluids such as TFD ?
  15. I am sure XPExplosia is a powerful tool but without GPU simulation TFD blows it out of the water. I can easily create sims of millions of voxels in minutes when it would take hours on the CPU
  16. Put that up on youtube please
  17. Noise velocity and animate the noise wind
  18. Here is an exhaust done with pyrocluster. If you want to do similar with TFD let me know.
  19. yes..add visible noise and/ or animate the visibility settings ( xpresso noise to the visibility parameters)
  20. Best and fastest way to do a blowtorch lamp is with a visible light
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