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  1. Thanks noseman, I will give it a try
  2. Hi Cerbera, I'm running r20.059 studio How did you added the noise surface? Or what did I forgot in the process? thanks, T
  3. Hi Cerbera, Thanks for the reply. The 'Noise Surface' is actually for the breaking lines on the surface. See in this tutorial (7:33): But in my case it doesn't give any result.
  4. Hi, I'm working on a glass object that will break in pieces. See Attachments. For a natural look I checked the 'Noise surface', to get rid of the straight breaking lines, and have a little bit more rounded breaking lines. See example in attach. But it doesn't give a result. What did I forgot in the process? I added the file I'm working on, maybe someone can help me out. Thanks, T voronoi.c4d
  5. Hi, I'm trying to model a license plate. See in the attach an example. The goal is to have the same details in the text as the example. I've tried already the collision deformer, but when you want some smooth result it's getting really slow. Is there any other way with the tools in C4d? Best, T
  6. I received a brief from a client for an animation. The screen is 16:9. And the actual size is B 244 cm & H 142 cm. What is then the size in pixels I should use in c4d? I render it in C4d Octane plugin. Thanks, T
  7. thanks TDMSC I first tried the same with cylinders, but with the cubes it worked better. Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi, In the attachments, some examples of reeded glass I want to create. Is there a right way to model this kind of glass? Best, T
  9. Thank you Fritz, I'm wonder if there's a site where I can find c4d ready models of statues with less poly meshes, and I can use without any issues in the voronoi function. It seems the hercules statue, that greyscale gorrila used, works... best, T
  10. I found this interesting stl model on this 3d scan website: http://lincoln3dscans.co.uk/aphrodite/ & converted in blender to obj. and importd in c4d My intention is to break it in pieces with the voronoi function c4d. And I followed this tutorial (statue part start at 25:42): Everything went well, till the point I used the 'detailling' option. In the attach you see the result & settings. As you can see the inside of the pieces are not looking right. I tried different settings in detailling option, but no good result.
  11. Thanks Jed for the fast reply. Gonna test it now
  12. I'm working on a scene, which has a flickering light. I tried to make the light flickering, but can't find a way to do a proper timing with an interval. The result I'm looking for is something like the lights on the wing of this drone (starts at 2:43): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBcHNP9AdfM Created already this (see attachments), based on this tutorial. But can't find a way to add an interval https://vimeo.com/145741719 Is there a any correct way to make the flickering with an interval?
  13. Thanks Jed completely forgot you could make it as a child. It Works
  14. Hi, I'm trying to make an animation where the camera is pointed at the propeller of a drone. The intention is to let the the drone fly over a landscape, while the camera is filming that specific part of the drone. A kind of closeup. ( screenshot in attachment) What technique is the best to let the camera in the same perspective while the drone is flying?


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