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  1. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I am also intriged by this one, I don't see the benefit at the first sight, it seems to be a pure under the hood thing.
  2. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    It's a good news, more support for ProRender is a good sign for the future of this renderer.
  3. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I must say it's a nice release, probably not yet THE milestone everybody are waiting for but we have some clues the future appears to be bright. Beside new features I appreciate MAXON continues to refine his legacy tools, hierarchy objects insertions is the best example what a time saver! I like the overhaul of the weighting tools though it would be nice to have a more robust autoweight (like Mixamo), anyway it nice to see character tools to gain some attentions. At the first sight: 1. The Viewport is Jaw-dropping, finally MAXON catches up competition. 2. Prorender is very promising, can't wait all features to be implemented 3. Poly reduction generator, sound effector overhaul, Voronoi fracturing enhancements... Niiiice, killer features. 4. The new modeling core is is intriguing, I would like to know more about it Things I expect in the near fufure: 1. Multithreating, can't wait to play with a bunch of cloners. 2. Xpresso overhaul 3. More modeling tools (finally a true symmetry feature?) 4. Better UV (seems a long way to go right now) 5. Node based materials editor
  4. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    UV & Painting features in Zbrush, Mudbox, Modo or Maya are much more intuitive and powerful IMO
  5. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    Those tutorials stay (maybe for current owners) but why delete all references to this product on the website, forums and social medias? There are no references on those tools on the 4Dpublish product page neither. That's confusing to say the least.
  6. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    By the way, talking about the UV Paint plugin, developed by Kent Barber, the man behind the sculpting tools, it seems no longer available at the developer web page and all references to it have been deleted on forums and social medias. Mmm it opens a lot of speculations now...
  7. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    I don't understand why MAXON doesn't merge BP with their sculpting tools like Mudbox or Zbrush. Just look at the UV Paint plugin, MAXON has already all the foundations to create a new truly modern, efficient, streamlined and clean experience. I hope that UV Peleer and the "new" BP are just the technical pieces of something that is much more appealing...
  8. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    All I know is that after a decade of stagnant development, BP user experience is today completly outdated in comparison with the competition. If MAXON update just the BP core for the next C4D release, they will face a backlash, it's better to wait one or more years for a complete overhaul before leaving the beta program IMO.
  9. MAXON Labs is GO !!!!

    Interesting new tool in the lab by the way https://labs.MAXON.net/?p=3158
  10. C4D Under-skilled & Overpriced !?

    Where there's smoke there's fire, I don't remember people complained so much about MAXON, even the very vocal minority, several years ago, so what has changed? In comparison to the competition I think you could easily make one release with R15, R16 and R17 combined. Meanwhile we learned about the new core and MAXON is a little bit more open so I guess the best is yet to come.
  11. C4D Under-skilled & Overpriced !?

    I see your point but it's not reassuring anyway, if I must begin to learn a new renderer I need to know, even mentally, that its future is assured especially for something that is not yet released, actually there are a lot of uncertainty. Just look the physical renderer that seems now abandoned, we all know that it will be more easier in the future to completely switch to another renderer than improve the current one if the underlying technology is too different and there is no future for OpenCL anymore. Edit: That said, other than Prorender because of OpenCL uncertainty, I'm quite excited to see what MAXON will bring to us in a post new core era ;)
  12. C4D Under-skilled & Overpriced !?

    If it works as advertised it could indeed remove a lot of headaches for developers but usually there are always a gap between expectations and reality so let's wait. That said it won't resolve the fact that Prorender will probably never be optimized for OpenCL beyond 1.2 as neither Apple nor Nvidia will ever support it.
  13. C4D Under-skilled & Overpriced !?

    It means that even if Prorender continues to be developed, its core will be always based on an already outdated technology as even its strongest but truly lonely supporter (AMD) leaves the OpenCL's ship too. For MAXON who is well renowned to not spend its ressources uselessly it will be awkward to convince his users to invest time on a renderer that probably won't last the next decade, at least performance-wise.
  14. C4D Under-skilled & Overpriced !?

    I read this from an Octane developper in a CGtalk thread. Future iterations of OpenCL seem to be dead. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=1436024&highlight=opencl+octane
  15. C4D Under-skilled & Overpriced !?

    Say that Houdini's Mantra renderer is old because is CPU based it's completely ludicrous, GPU's renderers are fast but I heard they come with several limitations for certain workflows for now. Mantra is considered on hi-end productions as industry standard like Arnold and Renderman that are all CPU based, so there must be a reason why. For MAXON's future renderer (Prorender) sorry but I don't buy it because it is already on a dead end as Apple, Nvidia and even AMD doesn't willing to support OpenCL anymore. To stay hardware agnostic, MAXON would stay with the already 5 years old "1.2" version. In my opinion it's a total waste of ressources especially when a LOT of pro are on the verge to totally ditch the Mac.