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  1. With the purchase of Allegorithmic, we can feel Adobe becoming more serious about 3D, maybe MAXON prepares the response the other way around.
  2. As much as I like C4D as it's the only and first 3D app I know, sure I will give Blender a shoot.
  3. No it's Pagemaker that was developped by Aldus and bought by Adobe. Indesign was released 5 years later. I'm personally quite glad for the new subscription option and the versions simplification is long overdue but they should probably also release a indie version like the competition. That said I'm sure it's a good under-the-hood release but it's more a .5 version like MAXON accustomed us every two years.
  4. To be honest quite a disapointment features wise but the new cheaper licencing solutions with only one version is a wise move, that only is a big shift from MAXON stand point.
  5. Eevee is really awesome, the "new" C4D viewport looks already outdated.
  6. Something the new CEO can bring without hesitation from Adobe is this new feature request forum as the MAXON suggestion page has always been like a black hole where users, I'm pretty sure, ask for the same features again and again without knowing if their requests will be taken into account.
  7. For the split command, it's better to use a modifier key to erase (like perfect slip script) or keep the source polygons. Something I already sent to the MAXON suggestion page several years ago. Same thing with the solo command, everybody still use Magic Solo because it's just one click. I already pleaded MAXON to use just one button and use modifier keys for other options. For R20 I read C4D finally erases remaining points by default when deleting polygons but keeps them with the shift modifier key.
  8. A least if, once completed, the new core could allow CA to be as fast as Maya, it is worth to wait a bit more but MAXON doesn't give any details or timeframe.
  9. Ok thanks it is reassuring a bit, just hope to gain some performance in the future then. The Prorender denoising could have helped but it 's a little unfortunate that it hasn't been yet implemented.
  10. I'm waiting for some additional comparisons, but at first glance, the problem I have with ProRender is that while it gains features to be production ready, it doesn't yet provide the significant speed we can expect from a GPU renderer at least having a very high-end configuration with multiple expensive GPU. From what I already saw, all other third party renderers are not just two but multiple times faster to achieve the same result, and with OpenCL officially deprecated in MacOS it doesn't seem to be the best bet for MAXON.
  11. Better to strengthening something that was already strong than resting on its laurels like they did with Bodypaint for years. Something I'm sure is whatever the size of the R21 release will be, as long as BP won't received a significant update the overall reception will be always a bit tainted, same thing with the long overdue multithreaded object handling.
  12. To be honest I expected something more "obvious" like the new Blender's Grease Pencil system but my expectations were obviously too high :)
  13. In another thread, I remember someone who saw an interview with Andres Hildebrandt, vice-director Marketing from MAXON, in the latest 3D World mag, who said that in regard to R20 "one of the focuses that might be obvious is that we want to reach out to the 2D community"... I saw the new features and I don't see what he was talking about.
  14. My guess is that the new modeling core is a huge task and they need to go further to provide a new UV editor as the two can be related. We can, however, see that things are moving, the new volume modeling is very similar to Modo's MeshFusionn and it's a good thing, it would just deserve a node based editor as well, as things could be rapidly messy with more complex objects I think. My biggest disappointment would be that they didn't (yet) move to multithreading regarding to object manager and xpresso.
  15. It's a good news, more support for ProRender is a good sign for the future of this renderer.


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