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  1. Probably, this tutorial could help you to start: https://vimeo.com/295514710 Good Luck
  2. Emir

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year from Mexico
  3. Hope this helps, it's a little cleaner, but it still has some issues. Good Luck 1715_Hat_Hard.zip
  4. If you unwrap your UV's, you will get the same UVW Coordinates, unless you uncheck the "Texture coords UV's" inside The Obj Exporter. Good Luck
  5. You have "Use Color" On, you need to turn it Off in that objects. Good Luck
  6. I'm not sure to correctly understand what you need, but if you want to connect two splines: Select both splines>>> Right Click >>>> Connect Objects + delete. Hope that helps. Good Luck
  7. .mp4 is the format, i've been uploanding some .mp4's without trouble Like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpGLs8XHkxS/ Good Luck
  8. Try to uncheck "Fix Cloner" under the cloner object tab. Hope that helps. Good Luck
  9. It depends, take a look at this images: If you arrange every UV on the center (for example) You will get a mess. If you arrange the UV on a different position, you will get a "good merge". Hope that helps Good Luck
  10. Probably the Ngons are causing this, but if you go to your "Logo" Extrude Object >> Caps You could either Change from filled caps to Caps or just uncheck Constraint. Good Luck
  11. You could try to better get the position of the clones using expresso and create cloner objects in each position, so you could add a tracer to each cloner. I made a preset to do this a few years ago: https://pixldgblog.com/product/demo-null-your-clone Good Luck
  12. Using a Plane effector with mograph selection coul help, but i'm not sure of your final gol. Good Luck dots_circle2.c4d
  13. For something like that, this could be an option Example Circle2.c4d Good Luck
  14. A spline could be an option. Good Luck Circle Example.c4d
  15. Probably this example could help you. Use Fix texture Good Luck Example_Cubes.zip



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