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  1. You just need to: 1: Clear the cache 2: Hit play until you get the frame that you need. 3: Select all the Dynamic tags 4: Go to Dynamics TAB>> Set Initial State. 5: Go to Frame 0 And delete the tags. Good Luck.
  2. I just made a quick test of your settings and it looks ok, probably your scene file has something or your material. If you could share the file, we could check and help.
  3. Probably this example could helps you to start. Just go inside the Control and animate the END. Good Luck Example_Domino.c4d
  4. Emir

    Baking a texture out

    You could use Bodypaint Add your shader to an object. Change to bodypaint Layout. In the material section, click on the X to turn on the texture. The just go to File>>>Save texture as>> Good Luck
  5. Emir

    Mograph Effector pickle

    Is this what you are trying to achieve? Good Luck Example_Escene.c4d
  6. Emir

    Baking object for use with Element 3D

    That's an issue that alway happens, and there is no method to fix that 100 %, but you should try some things to reduce the problem: -Do a manual UV Unwrap, it's always better if you put the seams in non visible areas. -Paint outside the UVW, when you paint your texture, is a good idea to paint a little extra outside the UV's, it's like to put a "safe area". -The less seams you put, the harder it will be to see them, try to put just the necessary Seams, that's why is better to manually unwrap the uUV's. Good Luck
  7. Emir

    Baking object for use with Element 3D

    To use a model in Element 3D, Make sure: You convert your sculpture to and object, you could achieve this if your right click on your sculpture>>Current state to object You Also need to Unwrap the UVW, which is not going to be easy with a high Poly, So, you may probably need to use retopology, to get a low Poly Object of your Mask. After you have the UV's you could paint your texture and get it inside Element 3D. Good Luck
  8. Emir

    Change a Value in a Cloner

    I don't know if this is what you are trying to achieve, but: 1.- Inside the cloner select Clones>> Sort. 2.- Create Mograph selections of the cloners that you want to control. 3.- Add a Plane effector and uncheck the position value. 4.- Create a copy of the main clone (in this case your Null with the light and objects) and put them below as a second Object to be clone. 5.- Add the mograph selection tag to the plane effector and move the Modify Clone slider until you get the second cloner on scene. 6.- With this you can control only that clone with the second clone controls. Here is an example. I hope this helps. Good luck Example_ Clones.c4d
  9. You could try Spline Dynamic Here is an example, you need to tweak to achieve the result you are looking for. Good Luck Test_Spline DN.c4d
  10. Emir

    Cell-shader materials flat in viewport

    You could try Art Shader I hope this helps. Good Luck
  11. You could try to use a a Point Cache tag to calculate the cache of a Cloth tag, once you do that, delete the cloth tag and using the Point cache tag, you can change the scale percentage. Here is an example. I hope this help. Good Luck. Cloth_example.c4d
  12. Probably this is what you are looking for. If so Add Keyframes to the "scale" of the plain effectors. Good Luck Object Example Step.c4d
  13. Emir

    Control Multiple Deformers with One

    I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but pose morph is a good option, here is an example. B is the control and A is the target. Good Luck Control def_Ex.c4d
  14. Emir

    Telstar18 Model

    If someone is interested on the model, you can get it for free here: https://www.pixldgblog.com/2018/05/free-telstar-18.html
  15. Emir

    Telstar wire

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