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  1. Hi guys, Before anyone starts bashing their head on the wall thinking; "Jesus this again!" I have an issue with this method rather than wanting to know how to do it. (See the Greyscale Gorilla tut attached) The issue I'm having is when I try and generate the UVW coordinates the texture deforms and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I'm sure there is someone on here a lot smarter than me that can figure out why it's doing that. Thanks in advance TEST.zip
  2. Hey mate, thanks for getting back to me. Probably should've said that I've tried that too. It's basically the same problem when using visibility as with the point selection because it only works like an absolute value. I need the clones sizing up as the vertex map changes from 0% to 100%.
  3. So if anyone is interested. I found a solution and ended up just settling with a brute force technique of baking the texture with the Bake Texture tag. This seems to work fine but is not the most elegant solution, so if anyone else has any other suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Shader_Effector_Vertex_Map_02.zip
  4. Hi there, Apologies if this has been covered before but I've been battling with this all morning and can't seem to find the solution anywhere online. I'm trying to distribute clones using a vertex map. I've found a way to use xPresso and convert the vertex map to a selection and essential use that in the cloner selection. Problem is that I want to animate the Vertex map. So that solution leads to popping as the selection is only activated when the Vertex weight is at 100%. My initial thought was that I could colourize the Vertex Map and use that to drive a
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