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  1. Cinema 4D R19 Service Pack 2 Available

    This isn't a complaint as such but I am aware that my clients will be upset if Houdini Engine support is still stuck at 16.0.633. This spring update usually updates the Houdini Engine support to the a newer version and 16.5 has been out a very long time. It wouldn't be so bad but Maya, Max, Unity and UE are updated every single day with Houdini's daily builds. Now I understand that because MAXON update the Houdini Engine support themselves rather than it being something provided by SideFX but MAXON shouldn't make such a big deal about Houdini Engine support if they can't at least provide support for the latest Houdini Engine production builds, never mind the daily builds.
  2. I'm due to get a large particle sim from a client created in X-Particles which I need to bring into Houdini. The problem I have is that they keep on sending monolithic .abc files (the whole sequence in a single .abc file). Does anybody know if it's possible for the C4D Alembic exporter to output the Alembic cache as a sequence of .abc files? This is far friendlier for rendering on the farm as the renderer only has to stream the point cloud on each individual frame. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Modo 10.1 announced

    I'm with you. As a fan of Softimage's ICE, I think FE has huge potential. But IMHO the beauty of ICE was that it had ream's of high level 'compound' nodes that's helped both technical and non-technical artists reach their goals more easily. I love the central design strategy of FE (to be DCC neutral - build once, apply across your pipeline) but it's not there yet. The other great thing about Softimage is that it has a very powerful procedural layer of mesh operations outside of ICE. A similar symbiosis between DCC & FE will necessitate a close working relationship with the DCC development team in question. Much as I'm a fan of Houdini, I'd love to see somebody pick up the Softimage mantle and provide procedural power and direct modelling finesse in a single package. I'm hoping this is the direction of travel for Modo. At the moment Modo are only providing foundation steps with 10.1 but the developers have a lot of love for Softimage so hopefully it might prove to be an inspiration. :)
  4. Modo 10.1 announced

    Personally I would have preferred to have seen Houdini Engine prioritised as an integration for Modo as FE is too technical for many artists. Orbort has been a relative success as a source of Houdini Digital Assets and there are close to 200 assets for the Max Creation Graph being shared at MaxPlugins.de (in under a year). Fabric Engine on the other hand has had one asset shared publicly in the last 12 months - the Kraken rigging toolset. FE is a fantastic tool but it's aimed at studio pipelines and the vast majority of tools being created for it stay in house. The get the most out of FE you really need to be well versed in C++ (KL is quite similar). The Python stuff announced in FE 2.2 is purely for high level scripting as Python is obviously not threaded in the same way as KL (the whole point of FE really). Much of the excitement for FE on the Modo forums is from artists who don't really understand what skills are required to get the most out of it. They see it as an answer to Modo's performance issues with deformer heavy rigs (but don't realise there's no off the shelf solution - even Kraken isn't a standard GUI approach and that's currently only available for Softimage and Maya). Sadly the Modo management & development team haven't had the vision of MAXON in this instance. Rather than accepting that little old Modo isn't that high on SideFX's priority list, they're acting like an injured party and refuse to build the integration themselves. C4D has a far bigger install base than Modo and MAXON had to build their own Houdini Engine plugin. A very smart move considering the lack of progression in other key areas of C4D in recent releases.
  5. Modo 10.1 announced

    I couldn't agree more. Modo and Houdini are a match made in heaven and much as it takes dedication to get the most out of Houdini it's become a far more accessible product over the last few years. If you can live with the 100k quad limit on exports Modo Indie makes an even better partner to Houdini Indie. Considering the strengths of Modo's render engine in an absolute bargain. If it was me starting out again I'd wait for one of Modo's 40% sales which happen at least twice a year and pick up a full license (failing that a second hand copy but only one of the current generation). C4D really needs to deliver a reassuring message this year at Siggraph. I surpises me they haven't done more so far considering the assault they're taking on many different fronts. But it mustn't be forgotten just how dominating MAXON are in the Broadcast space. Nor how many Nemetschek customers use the C4D rendering engine via Archicad, Vectorworks and Allplan. These products combined probably dominate more than Revit in the architectural space - although the luddite majority still useAutoCad. :) MAXON really can't afford to rest on their laurels in the media & entertainment space as C4D is increasing looking like an anachronistic product offering to many customers here. If it wasn't for the might of Adobe backing up the Mograph offering, things could slip away very quickly indeed.
  6. Modo 10.1 announced

    Confident to a point. The management team realise they have to guard against the errors made in the 801/901 release cycles. In reality, once these releases reached service pack 3/4 they delivered on their promise and were fantastic releases. But taking 6 months every year to provide customers with a stable product isn't a sustainable model. People moan about the rental cost of Maya but $150 a month per seat is nothing for a productive studio to budget for. Having a cheaper option that results in constantly missed deadlines ends up being the more expensive option. Until the developers solve the performance issues related to deformer evaluation (which is the same underlying system driving the procedural operations) Modo can still only be viewed as an 'also ran' in pro studio terms. A plucky ambitious contender for future glory but it's 15 years old now and needs to start fulfilling some of that promise. Becoming stable and reliable is a good start but it has a lot more to deliver over the next 18 to 24 months. The elephant in the room that's a threat to both C4D and Modo is Houdini Indie. Especially now that it offers access to third party rendering engines and all for a paltry $199. Houdini is far further along in it's own path of becoming more 'artist friendly' than Modo is in providing proceduralism to it's once purely destructive polygonal workflows. Between Blender and Houdini Indie, both Modo and C4D could lose a lot of hobbyist customers in the next 12 to 18 months. C4D can probably take the pressure. Modo on the other hand has a far greater proportion of amateur customers. Interesting times ahead.
  7. Modo 10.1 announced

    I'm a well known fan of Modo (and one of their beta testers) but the last thing I would shout about is it's schematic view. It's better than Xpresso but that'snot saying much. 10.0 on the other hand is a superb release that makes up for the stability nightmare of 901. I've been playing with 10.1 for the last 6 months and can't say much of detail until it's officially released (the public beta is for 10.0 owners only). But I can say it's very much in it's infancy and the road will be a long one as this is the biggest system wide change Modo has ever had to contend with. The thing that I'm a real fan of (and have fought for for a long time) is the new release strategy of incremental releases through the year, where each new point release will allow for another free demo to be downloaded. This will allow people like Nigel three opportunities to test the new features before having to pay for an upgrade (more than fair by anybodies standards). The new strategy has meant that Modo 10.0 is the most stable version of Modo in many years as it hasn't crumbled under' too much, too soon' as happened with 801 and 901. Incremental releases means that those old irritating bugs that never seem to get fixed are getting as much attention as the new bugs introduced by new functionality. The public beta of 10.1 is an extended part of this new strategy meaning that there will be a far more statistically relevant number of people testing the new features (and their impact on old and trusted functionality). Hopefully this will lead to 10.1 further improving on the stability of 10.0. What I can say about 10.1 is that it is unlikely to impress C4D and 3ds Max users who have had a light version of procedural features since their birth and these procedural features are finely tuned to ease of use and accessibility. Proceduralism in Modo is a central part of Modo's future but it will take some time to reach maturity. The difficult thing for the developers of Modo to get right is how deep to go with the procedural approach. Houdini is without doubt the benchmark for procedural power but C4D and Max do a fine job of making proceduralism very artist friendly (to the point that many Max and C4D artists don't really consider their DCC of choice to be a procedural tool). Modo is going to find it hard to keep both power users and those seeking ease of use happy as it's a trepidatious path to attempt to please both user groups..
  8. C4D future info & development

    With you there Brian. The bit that makes Maya a threat to C4D isn't MASH itself. The MASH plugin has been available for the last three years and hasn't put a dent in MAXON's Broadcast customer base. But MASH deeply integrated with Maya's excellent simulation suite is a very powerful combination. I've been saying this for a long time, C4D is pretty much a hub application these days (the R17 launch film pretty much confirmed that) relying on the big guns of Arnold, X-Particles, Forrester, Houdini Engine etc. When you do the math Maya is not only competing with C4D for motion graphics customers on a functional perspective but it's actually the wise financial decision too. Especially considering Arnold will by bundled with Maya (most likely in the autumn after Siggraph when Maya 2017 is meant to launch) Yesterday I suspected that Maya 2017 wasn't ready for launch at NAB (hence it being a further extension release) but on reflection I think it's a purposeful strategy by Autodesk to not only steal Maxons thunder on their home turf (NAB) but to be ready to deliver some heavy punches at Siggraph too when C4D traditionally has room to launch it's offering at least 3 months after the other main players in the DCC field. And let's not forget Houdini is becoming ever more 'artist friendly' and many C4D artists have tasted a few scrumptious morsels of Houdini via Indie and Engine and may be ready to step over full time to Houdini or use Houdini in tandem with Maya instead. I'm sure it's too late for MAXON to change what they're presenting in August but at the very least they need to present a very compelling roadmap. And judging by the openness of the 'corporate blog', that doesn't seem the most likely of situations. A lot of studios I work with rely on C4D to earn their crust, so this isn't an occasional passer by attempting to stir the porridge. I seriously believe MAXON have a battle on their hands.
  9. Hole in sphere

    The latest version does slide the points as is demonstrated in this video (perfect circles with no smoothing/deformation issues). But always good to know the manual way too if that's what floats your boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q55_MbdyB_8
  10. Hole in sphere

    The plugin I linked too automates the excellent approach suggested by @RokenPrice.
  11. Hole in sphere

    This plugin can be handy and is very similar in concept to the 'perfect circle' script by Seneca that's popular with Modo users. http://coffeestock.boo.jp/Blog/?page_id=172 The site's in Japanese (auto translate if you're using Chrome) but the plugin functions in English and is rather nifty.
  12. Fusion 8 Beta

    No more VMware Fusion to run Fusion on a Mac -