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  1. When you bring an object from the legacy Object Manager into the Scene Nodes system, are there any performance issues to be aware of?
  2. I was really pleased to see the the technology preview version of Scene Nodes contains a smattering of Noise function nodes. And one of the first Noise nodes I dabbled with was the Noise Selection node, very useful as the base for noise based modelling workflows as it simplifies the node tree significantly. However I do have a feature request. I know this isn't strictly the place for feature requests, but seeing as I'm here. C4D's noise functions are peerless amongst DCC's, so it's a pity the animate parameter isn't included in all four of the noise function based nodes included
  3. Ref the Ray Collision node, I've been searching for a Ray Casting node. Should have known the MAXON team had renamed the generalised CG naming convention to something new! Bad jokes aside. I'm finding the documentation to be a very fast learning resource as it contains over 70 simple examples for 'lynch-pin' nodes. The following is a great example of their usefulness: Most CG procedural/generative systems are based on the manipulation of 'arrays' and Scene Nodes are no different. The tricky part for me when learning a new procedural system is learning the
  4. As an avid observer of C4D over the years (I'm a consultant these days advising clients in the advertising sector on the ever shifting sands of DCC technologies), I'd say the biggest danger for Scene Nodes right now is that they create unrealistic expectations. One of the earliest entries on the MAXON corporate blog back in 2016 made a big deal regarding the engineering efforts towards a new Core, and if memory serves right, it was around the time of R13/R14 that talk of modernising C4D's Core was first publicly aired. So we're talking approximately 10 years here; on that basis users can be fo
  5. I had no doubt. A discussion point came up in the Rocket Lasso live stream with Rick Barrett the other day that I agreed with 100%. The crux of that discussion point was that C4D's success as an artist friendly toolset could be defined by playfulness. The beauty of C4D is that in rewards play and experimentation, as it's very hard to box yourself into a corner (unlike something like Houdini, where you need to have clearly defined goals from the outset of any project). It's that sense of playfulness that needs to come to Scene Nodes, and I think it should be a priority. At the momen
  6. ICE from the get-go was deeply integrated with the existing geometry core in Softimage; and that integration was symbiotic with its Operator Stack (similar in concept to the modifier stacks in 3ds Max and Modo). The Operator Stack was introduced to Softimage when it was released with a brand new core as XSI back in the early 00's (XSI was the most modern DCC architecture at the time, that's one of the reasons that ICE was so thread friendly for particle and deformation effects). A screen grab is probably the easiest way for me to describe what makes ICE so different to the tech pre
  7. Good to know. I have been attempting to get useful data fed to the console but I'm probably doing it wrong. I thought there might be some drag/drop shenanigans like there is with the Python console but no worries, I'm just exploring right now.
  8. Ok, so I've had less than 24 hrs with the R23 demo but I can categorically say that Scene Nodes in r23 is nothing like Softimage ICE (and I say that as someone who still uses ICE on a regular basis today, many years after XSI's EOL). Scene Nodes actually feels closer to Fabric Engine than any of the other nodes based systems I've used over the years (I've used virtually all of them at some point in time!). Less than 24 hrs is nowhere near enough time with Scene Nodes to make any kind of judgement call on it's capabilities but I will say that things feel closer to an alpha build tha
  9. That's correct in the case of Bifrost, but the beauty of ICE was that it was deeply integrated into the core of XSI. It's true that in the beginning it was fundamentally built as a system for particles and deformations (anything that involved the manipulation of vectors - all with multi-threaded performance that continues to impress, even by modern day standards ). But by the time of Soft's EOL annoucement, ICE covered many other core areas of functionality such as kinematics, modelling and crowds. But a trip to Si-Community (where the rray database of XSI addons currently resides) shows how t
  10. This isn't a complaint as such but I am aware that my clients will be upset if Houdini Engine support is still stuck at 16.0.633. This spring update usually updates the Houdini Engine support to the a newer version and 16.5 has been out a very long time. It wouldn't be so bad but Maya, Max, Unity and UE are updated every single day with Houdini's daily builds. Now I understand that because MAXON update the Houdini Engine support themselves rather than it being something provided by SideFX but MAXON shouldn't make such a big deal about Houdini Engine support if they can't at least p
  11. The latest version does slide the points as is demonstrated in this video (perfect circles with no smoothing/deformation issues). But always good to know the manual way too if that's what floats your boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q55_MbdyB_8
  12. The plugin I linked too automates the excellent approach suggested by @RokenPrice.
  13. This plugin can be handy and is very similar in concept to the 'perfect circle' script by Seneca that's popular with Modo users. http://coffeestock.boo.jp/Blog/?page_id=172 The site's in Japanese (auto translate if you're using Chrome) but the plugin functions in English and is rather nifty.


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