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  1. I'm selling my Arnold license version 1.6 with core. The license works with C4D, Houdini, Maya, 3DsMax, Katana and Softimage. Price 300€
  2. Happening me right now. Not sure how to proceed with my project right now without knife tool.
  3. I have similar problem with line cut tool. It cutting thru geometry even though I have visible only checked.
  4. Youre right. Im missing HDRI. Thanks
  5. I'm using Bake Texture option in C4D and I'm not getting the result I wished for. I can't bake out reflection channel, my baked textures are black. So all the work with anisotropy, reflection maps are not visible. How can I bake reflection channel to UV maps with visible results? I also have problem to use in normal channel, the noise and bake it out to UV maps. When I'm using texture noise everything works fine. Is it possible to use Noise generator as Normal map?
  6. Thanks, i hope that too as Im in need of that plugin in this moment.
  7. Yes I understand that. I have problems to export animation to Unreal but solved it with this plugin. If someone would like to share it with me I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm would like to buy this plugin. Does someone know where to find it?
  9. I'm looking at motherboard dual socket for Xeon 10 core processors. That would be 20 cores and 40 thread rendering. Does C4D supports such a performance?
  10. What is the best way to achieve seamless animation for cylindrical 360` screen? I know there is a plugin from Cineversity for a VR rig and I would like to know if there is any other solutions for that. Basically I would like to have seamless projection after stitching together a plane into 360 cylindrical shape.
  11. Another question, how can I change position of the emitter? Its kind of locked now in axis center.
  12. Do you know how to control colors in this scene? For each splitt there would be different color.
  13. Thanks, this is interesting. I really like also the way the cells are replicating them in the video at approx 00:50 https://vimeo.com/196269431
  14. I would like to achieve something that you probably can simply make in Houdini. I would like to create Mitosis (cloned cells). Here is workflow... 1 cell clones to 2 sells. Those 2 cells clones to 3 cells each. 3 cells clones to 4 cells and so on. Each cell must clone until you decide its enough. Is there any script or xpresso workout to make it happen?
  15. Is it possible to render selected polygon in an object as object buffer? Example: if I have a cube and 1 of the faces I want to render separately as object buffer and not have it seen in render. This could be easily solved if composting tag would have selection to object option. I cant have 2 separate objects.



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