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  1. I have removed now the str part and only use a path to redshift folder as suggested but yet C4D cant find it.
  2. I added this to the config file but C4D cant find it # additional module path(s). it can contain multiple entries. use ';' as delimiter. g_additionalModulePath = str("C:\ProgramData\Redshift\RS3.14\Plugins\C4D")
  3. Where can I find it?
  4. Could someone please help me to set up the variables so I can point C4D to different versions of redshift in win10? Where do I find this file C4D_PLUGINS_DIR?
  5. Here is a alembic test file exported out of Houdini that is locked to axis center when imported to C4D. alembic.abc
  6. After importing alembic file to my scene in C4D, the file is locked and I cant move it to another position. Is there any way to unlock it?
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