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  1. On 2/1/2020 at 7:17 PM, bezo said:

    why you used str(......)?

    Just use  g_additionalModulePath ="C:\ProgramData\Redshift\RS3.14\Plugins\C4D"


    I have removed now the str part and only use a path to redshift folder as suggested but yet C4D cant find it.

  2. 6 hours ago, srek said:

    You can use it as a commandline parameter or set it in the config.txt file in the resource folder.

    I added this to the config file but C4D cant find it 


    # additional module path(s). it can contain multiple entries. use ';' as delimiter.
    g_additionalModulePath = str("C:\ProgramData\Redshift\RS3.14\Plugins\C4D")

  3. Could someone please help me to set up the variables so I can point C4D to different versions of redshift in win10?


    Where do I find this file C4D_PLUGINS_DIR?

  4. 1 hour ago, Rectro said:

    Can you update your profile to the version your using please as it helps us help you.  Many issues are version dependant, or limited.

    Sure Will do

    1 hour ago, Rectro said:


    Going by the thread title your importing a Alembic Mixamo rig, not something I do normally as  stay with FBX for this.   will have a look into it a bit this after noon.

    Importing Houdini Alembic.


    1 hour ago, Rectro said:



  5. 54 minutes ago, Rectro said:

    Do you have keys added to the time line, if so thats what may be locking it. 

    No keyframes. Alembic is exported in another software.


    Without a image or file its hard to say.  If you wish to move the root of a object that is rigged and animated you can add it to a Null and move that, or put it in a Pivot object from the Animate menu.

    I can add null but it wont let me move alembic. I can move the null but not alembic.


    As your in r17 alembic abilities may be limited as additions to this did get added.  Try selecting the Alembic and make it editable.

    Im using R20. Making it editable removing all alembic parameters including alembic file itself.




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