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  1. you can't trade an r20 perpetual license for a sub. you only can trade an r21 license for a sub afaik. also i don't think you can do it via the website anyways. also if you get r21 and then trade that perpetual license for a sub, r20 and the versions before will always belong to you, no matter what. at the time you bought r20 and versions before, there was no sub, there was a different eula, so it's not possible legally to take those perpetual licenses away from you, at least that's how i understood it. regarding you last question: you could have gotten r21 for regular MSA price, but there was a certain grace period for it (i believe it was end of september?), so that opportunity is now gone. best to talk about it with a MAXON representative though, maybe they can do something for you.
  2. how's that low poly??? https://gyazo.com/04a10817523b8fe119e2d0048161fcb9
  3. to fix the legs find the "L/R_Thigh_Bendy_targ1" null and set the priority of its constraint tag to something lower than the 25 it's set to. i set it to 15, seems to work fine. i just guessed that though, i'm not gonna pretend i understand that rig entirely. the issues with the arms when you move the spine i couldn't reproduce after setting the prio for the L/R_Forearm_Bendy_algn nulls to 30 like bret suggested. are you sure you didn't change anything else as well? btw, welcome to the wonderful world of c4d priorities, fix one, break another, what's not to love?
  4. How much of this working is just having good topology? >> it's good topology + good design. can I achieve such a style with just simple primitive shapes and still animate it? >> no. of course you can animate primitives, but it won't be anything like your example. when making a model for animation do I need to have the body under the clothes if it's not showing? >> no. is it better for weighting that everything be created separately and not merged together? >> doesn't really matter. will adding thickness to the shirt effect the weighting when i go to animate? >> don't add thickness to the whole shirt, just fake the thickness at the openings by extruding the edges inwards a little.
  5. you don't have to un-bind anything. just add your joints and controllers as a child of the head joint of your mixamo rig and paint the weights for those joints in.
  6. as for your question: you could make the hula hoop ring dynamic (give it a rigid body dynamics tag) and the characters mesh a collider tag. make sure to set the shape from "automatic" to "moving mesh" for correct evaluation. but tbh i would just animate the ring by hand, making the ring stay up and have it circle in a smooth motion by animating your character and using dynamics is even harder than making that thing stay up in real life with your own body
  7. it's been a while since i used the advanced biped, but i know that priority issue wasn't there when i used it. just tried it with r19 and r20 to be sure, and it works just fine in those versions.
  8. it's actually quite simple: if you want to make it as a freelancer while being specialized, you need to be really good in your field to get gigs constantly. that's why i'm a generalist the other important question you'll have to ask yourself is what is more fun to you. for instance my personality doesn't really allow for being too specialized, i get bored too quickly. i would hate doing just character animation each and every day, even though i love doing it. so diversity in gigs is important to me in order to keep my sanity (sort of). i've been freelancing for 18 years now, and to me variation in jobs is the best thing about it. if i would want to do the same thing every day i could as well be employed. edit: happy new year to you, too
  9. tbh fluid sims is the least important thing for me i need c4d to do natively, it's at the very bottom of my wish list. it's quite a special task and there's xp, realflow, houdini, blender and so on for that.
  10. i'm fully booked and tbh not an expert in mocap rigs.
  11. @manyarms might be the refraction causing it... although i have made toon glass with refraction before, and i didn't have those issues. if you want you can send me a link to the file and i'll take a look....
  12. you can do it in hierarchy mode. best practice here is to make parent nulls for your controllers, and just include those parent nulls in your pose morph. that way you will be able to still move ALL your controllers after you've set up your poses.
  13. noseman is making a tutorial about the general technique for cineversity. don't know how much he's going to cover though.
  14. i've been recently experimenting a lot with cartoon sfx setups like water, fire, smoke, explosions and so on purely with mograph, fields and volumes. no particles, no plugins. most fun i've had in a while, also i'm quite impressed what can be done with just the on-board tools. just wanted so share those here too, since people seem to like them a lot on twitter, hope you'll like them as well. https://twitter.com/everfreshdesign

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