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  1. pro render engine

    all the evga ones i could find are overclocked, leaves me with an asus... https://www.alternate.de/ASUS/GeForce-GTX-1080-Ti-Founders-Edition-Grafikkarte/html/product/1338563?campaign=Grafikkarte/ASUS/1338563
  2. pro render engine

    @nerv thanks for the tip, i wouldn't have paid attention to that, really appreciate it.
  3. pro render engine

    @Cutman @nerv thanks... well, i guess a 1080ti fe it is then... seems to be available after a short google.. between 850 and 900€... is there a difference between the ones from asus, gigabyte or evga? i talked to a fb friend in a german c4d fb group, he also uses redshift with an egpu on a mac, and he also recommended the akitio node ( https://www.akitio.com/expansion/node ) ... costs 269$ on amazon. so all in all i'm gonna end up with around 1500€, including a redshift license... life is quite expensive as a mac user! @VECTOR once the card arrives i'm going to send you some sexy pictures of it :P
  4. pro render engine

    @frankm @grain thanks for the info guys... since i'm on a mac that netstor e-gpu isn't an option for me unfortunately, since i need a tb3 connection... and up to now i couldn't find any thunderbolt 3 e-gpu box that can handle more than 1 card :/
  5. pro render engine

    @Cutman thanks for testing... yeah, the hdri is a bit complex, but nevertheless prorenders performance is really disappointing... i never liked the look of any render i've seen made with it in the first place, they all somehow shouted "hey look, i'm a cg render". if it would have been blazingly fast i would take some time to see what i can get out of it, but since it's slower on both my computers than physical renderer i see no point in it. any recommendation for a card that plays well with redshift? i'm really not that much of a hardware geek, so i'm pretty clueless which card i should get.
  6. pro render engine

    @Cutman great, thanks for the info. that's what i was hoping to hear :) i've not yet heard anything negative about redshift, everyone using it seems to love it.
  7. pro render engine

    i'm really thinkin hard about getting redshift, seems to be the most versatile gpu renderer right now. but since i'm a mac user that would mean i need to buy an external e-gpu enclosure. which isn't that big of a deal, but i'm wondering: since i use to work with my trashcan mac as well as with my macbook, is it easy to switch between those two machines or do i have to buy two licenses then? on the redshift page it says it can be transferred from one machine to another by deactivating it on one machine and transferring the license to the other machine, but i have no clue how complicated or time intensitive that procedure would be. also took a look at corona last night, i like some aspects of it, and it's really fast for a cpu renderer. but it has rather limited multipass options, no motion vectors, no camera based position pass and so on, which is a deal breaker for me (or am i overlooking something?). also i'd prefer a nodal material system. sorry to hijack my own thread :D
  8. pro render engine

    the fact alone that we haven't a thread here yet where people show their beautiful pro render engine renders can't be a good sign. and yes, i agree, instead they should have made an effort to make physical render faster. we already have enough gpu renderers on the market, even when pro render was announced most people weren't excited, and back then no one knew it sucks a** that hard... i hope MAXON realises it was a mistake and focus on more important stuff for the next release instead of putting more time and resources in pro render. really a disappointment.
  9. pro render engine

    it's been a few weeks now since r19 came out and i've not seen a single render by users here or in any forum or facebook group made with pro render. i've tried to test it myself a couple of times now and always quit out of frustration after half an hour or so. today i thought i might start really really simple. a cube sitting on a plane both with default material and a sky object with an hdri. pro render at default settings. even that takes 1.20min to render a fairly grainy result. played with the settings, but i can't even manage to get a smooth result with a simple scene like that. did anyone make similar experiences? edit: ok, got it almost noise-free, but 5.30 min for an almost grain free render of a cube on a plane? seriously?
  10. Crazy long render times ?

    for animation try to avoid GI in general, unless you really really need it. GI can be faked pretty well by proper placing of lights, but you need some practice to get results that are close to a GI look. i've seen people using GI where it literally has no effect at all, like isolated product shots for product presentation videos. when there's nothing for the light to bounce off of, GI just makes no sense. i once helped out a studio with some effects shots for a hand blender, in that scene there was only a glas with a tomato in it and the lower part of the blender, which was completely made of reflective metal. all on a dark grey/black background. and they used GI. i altered the scene a bit and removed the GI, and they couldn't even tell the difference while rendertimes decreased from an hour per frame to 10 minutes per frame.
  11. did you try disabling openGL viewport? could be your old machine just struggles with that. i'm on a mac, too, and so far everything is working fine in r19 for me. @Cerbera can't reproduce your crash either...
  12. Buffers and Semi-Transparent Material

    an object buffer respects transparency natively. i didn't have to do anything.
  13. Buffers and Semi-Transparent Material

    those are all the passes you would need for that particular setup... edit: plus of course an object buffer for the car itself ;)
  14. Buffers and Semi-Transparent Material

    no need to apologise. yes, i mean 2 versions, one beauty pass with the transparent object visible and one with low render settings and the transparent object hidden. you can do this either with takes or just hide the object manually, whatever suits you. if you also render out an object buffer for the transparent object you can then just put the depth pass with the transparent object on top of your position pass without the transparent object and mask it with that object buffer. sounds more complicated than it actually is ;)
  15. Buffers and Semi-Transparent Material

    there's a plugin that respects transparency in depth buffers: http://www.blackstar-solutions.de/endofin.php but if you are planning on using the depth map for post DOF, that won't be of any help either, for that i recommend rendering out a position pass, otherwise you won't get clean edges. https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/your-depth-pass-is-wrong/ also i recommend rendering out everything at double size and scaling it down in post to get perfect results. you can lower the render settings accordingly, so you end up with similar render times. by scaling it down in post the grain will be minimized. i usually use the depth pass just for fog. and if i have transparency involved i render twice. for the depth pass you can lower all your render settings so it renders within seconds. so no big deal, but yes, would be cool if the c4d depth pass and position pass would support transparency natively.