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  1. Alternative to Parent Constraint?

    as for the priorities: i'm also always confused about them, i usually approach the priorities issues with trial and error :D but the good thing is, by setting the priorities value higher or lower and/or moving stuff around in the object manager it's usually solvable. regarding the second question: i'm not entirely sure if it works flawlessly with the object just being constrained to one thing, since i haven't tried it yet. but what i can say that on my last project i had a character picking up a glass from a table and then putting it back down after a while, and i had the glass constrained to the characters hand controller as well as to the table, and that worked perfectly, even when i just jumped to random positions in the timeline, the glass always was in the spot it was supposed to be.
  2. Alternative to Parent Constraint?

    i've had no problems yet with the new r18 parent constraint, works so much better than before... and i don't know of anything else that might work better. what you're describing sounds a bit like a priority issue... maybe upload the file so we can have a look?
  3. there's a very simple answer to this: don't move the parent null for a moving character, unless it's lets say flying around or something. for a walk or a run or jumps or whatever, just move the hips, feet and arm controllers. moving the parent null or main controller and the counter-animating the legs is really wrong practice, and can only result in painful fiddling and wrong looking movement. even if you had the solution you're looking for, the end result would still look wrong, because that's not how things work in the real world either.
  4. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    same here, prorender doesn't excite me at all, at least not yet. although some renders i've seen look nice, they all scream CG, loud and clear. can't put my finger on it, but everything i've seen so far rendered with it is far from looking photoreal. and renderfarm pricing has gotten so affordable over the last couple of years i simply don't care that much anymore if a render takes 2 or 20 minutes a frame. but r19 holds a lot of other features (actually it's mainly the small improvements) that will be of great use to me.
  5. Using Xpresso for eyes blinking

    eyeblinks are nothing you want to have occuring randomly. even if it might seem so, eyeblinks are not happening randomly in real life either. i get why you're trying to save some work here (but to be honest, eyeblinks are the least of my worries when i'm animating a character), but it's worth the effort to set eyeblinks manually, right where they belong.
  6. 3D Artist VS AI Artist / NVidia Future!

    it really is kinda scary, igor. every society in human history has failed because of greed. and throwing oil in the fire (oil being capitalism) doesn't really solve the issue (who would have thought?). but the problems with all other systems stay the same, unfortunately greed has also destroyed communistic and socialistic systems. it's always just a matter of time until the greed of a few destroy the dreams of the many. and people without or just a less defined version of that genetic defect are always the ones that loose. it's always the same, history repeats. i'm stunned we even made it that far. and no matter how well thought through the blueprints for any possible new society might be, greed will always be able to sabotage the whole thing. in the simple words of an even more simple president: sad.
  7. 3D Artist VS AI Artist / NVidia Future!

    doesn't change much IMO... it's just that we will be able to produce stuff faster, if stuff can be produced faster/more cost effective, more stuff will be produced. the budgets of our clients won't shrink because of any automation that might be coming, if anything it will be the opposite. if people were told what we can do today a few decades back they would have also thought they soon might have no job anymore, but we all do have jobs now, even though we can produce things 10x faster than 20 years ago. so nothing to be afraid of, more productivity just means more time for creativity.
  8. Sons of the Harpy

    nice modeling!
  9. make your chain rigid body dynamics, make sure the individual chain elements don't touch initially. also make sure you set the shape of you rigid body dynamics to "moving mesh" instead of the default "automatic". make connectors for the 3 last chain elements where the bag is going to be attached, make the bag a soft body and tell the soft body to be connected to those 3 connectors. it's going to be a lot of fiddling around with the soft body dynamics settings until you will have that behave in a realistic way ;)
  10. muse X - 3D/2D animation

    thanks :) @Greatszalam i don't even have a reddit account... i'm already unable to cope with all the social media accounts i have, i just realised for instance i didn't even post it on twitter... but i'll look into it. @grain thanks, means a lot :)
  11. The river rhone

    check out hot4d for this kind of thing... it's easy to use and looks great, you can even create foam with it. and best of all it's free. ;)
  12. Mesh Sticking

    it will scale all the objects... but since you can easily copy and paste items between scene files in c4D this shouldn't give you a headache... just copy the character to a new scene, scale that, and paste it back into the original scene.
  13. tried to improve my skills in 2D animation and smooth transitions, character and a few other elements are c4d, the rest was done in after effects.
  14. Sleigh Runner (breakdown)

    really nice! very shiny... cool vehicle design as well.
  15. Hi, everfressness.

    I came to see your animated cartoon. Help me download your content. I beg you.