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  1. Reducing Render time to GI or not...

    yes, do test renders... regarding the flickering you probably rendered it with GI method irradiance cache, which is not suitable for animation. use qmc as primary and secondary method instead... but be aware, this increases render times again ;)
  2. Reducing Render time to GI or not...

    all of what cerbera said. plus: interior scenes like that are hard to light realistically without GI. especially if you are unexperienced... if you're doing that job for your company lighting it with GI and outsourcing the rendering to a farm might make more sense economically. what does it cost your company if you spend 2 days lighting that scene and rendering everything inhouse? if you have about 30 seconds or so to render at 5 minutes per frame this will cost you around 20-30$ on a render farm like pixelplow or garagefarm. so rendering it on a farm sounds like the cheaper solution for your company, and they will probably have a much better looking result. on the other hand if you count in the skills you gain by lighting it "manually" without GI it could again be worth it. just something to consider. ;)
  3. Hilarious PC reviews :)

    haha, you're right about that... in a couple of years people will laugh about 12tb.. but right now it's overkill. i do a lot of heavy lifting regarding file sizes, a lot of 3D, video, huge psd files and so on... and counting all my storage devices together i probably even have around 12 tb occupied... but that includes also files that are over 5-6 years old, which i will never ever need again and i'm perfectly fine storing them away on external devices. much cheaper ;)
  4. Hilarious PC reviews :)

    haha... priceless. :D but seriously, who on earth needs 12tb storage in total built into a computer???
  5. Cartoon Skin

    @parvaz sure, there you go... :) cartoon_sss_fake.zip
  6. Character Animation, need advice!

    of course maya has the more advanced CA tools, but almost everything is possible in cinema as well. almost. i couldn't find a solution for a soft ik behaviour in c4d yet for instance, but i'm sure there is a way and i just haven't found out yet. if you're doin a whole bunch of characters the character object certainly comes in handy. here's a demo of a rig i built last year, i also set it up to be used within the character object.
  7. something really fat

    @Fastbee it's not the jiggle deformer that reacts to other objects, it's a collision deformer. the jiggle only modifies the result of the collision deformer. here's a file, hit the play button and move the cube around. but caution, playing around with those things is highly addictive. ;) freshbreast_D_0001.c4d
  8. key here would be to use subsurface scattering. there are plenty of tutorials about sss on youtube to get you going.
  9. something really fat

    the jiggle comes after the skin deformer, that's correct. but what's your character object doin in that hierarchy as a child of the main mesh? drag that out of there to the very top in your OM, everything should work then... if you're looking for a breast rig setup i may have something for you ;)
  10. Render Farm Comparison

    i'm a happy pixelplow customer for about 1,5 years now, i render about 1-2 jobs a month there. pricing is insanely cheap if you bring a little bit of time. customer support is good, the render client software is easy to use and straight forward, wide range of plugins supported. when you up the power slider it gets much faster, but also more expensive. that slider can also be changed at any time, even while rendering. i usually leave it somewhere in the lowest quarter, and a few hours later i have all the frames back in my folder that would have taken days to render on my local machines, and all that for 10 bucks or so.
  11. Happy New 2018 & 50000 members mark!!

    happy new year everyone! i hope everyone stays healthy or gets healthy in the case of igor... personally i'm again aiming to get my work-life-balance in order for 2018, and as always i have no clue how to accomplish that. i've been working on the frequency of the use of the word "no" in the past years, somehow that word doesn't seem to mean anything though. #firstworldproblems
  12. A Rainy day in Paris

    1.30 min :P ... i agree with everything you said, but there are cases where an extruded spline is way faster, no matter how skilled you are in poly modelling. of course i'm just arguing speed here, not beauty ;) btw, poly modelling something that takes most regular humanoids like myself at least 20 minutes, i'm in awe that you modelled it in 5 minutes o_O ... also it's not about being lazy, sometimes neither budget or deadline allow things to be properly modelled, so it's always good to have different tools in the pocket to skin the cat.
  13. A Rainy day in Paris

    i have to say i'm with king of snake on this one. all those star shapes and stuff would be most efficiently modelled by drawing out splines and extruding them, leaving the caps ngons. the model just gets unnecessarily heavy, slows down the viewport and slows down the rendering. i only see disadvantages here in cutting everything to quads, makes no sense at all. in cg the fastest way to get you there is always the right one, if it doesn't compromise the quality of the end result. and by end result i don't mean a wireframe render. if you wanna show off how good of a modeller you are that's another thing, but if you want to model it as quickly and efficient as possible and if you want to keep the poly count low then make those shapes ngons wherever you can.