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  1. yeah i think that's the limitation here... shift click to select multiple doesn't work either? i have never tried it myself, since i'm not a visual selector guy myself... i know bret has build one for his face rig preset with the interaction tag, that's why i mentioned it as a possible alternative.
  2. the visual selector is quite buggy, yes. one of the reasons i never really use it. but you can basically build your own visual selector with the interaction tag, which will work flawlessly.
  3. yeah, a ribbon rig per say where the deformed mesh drives joints and that then again another mesh isn't possible in c4d... that said, if you are just after bendy limbs, you can do that with spline ik. so you can create everything seen in that video in c4d, too, but in another way, and with certain limitations regarding the twist. you could even do that wave movement with some xpresso or python driving the joints.
  4. if you were still inclined to make it dynamic, i'd go for not making the geo a softbody, but a spline, and then sweeping that. that way you wouldn't get those distortion issues. and regardless of dynamic or not, if you need more control over the uvs you could also just spline wrap an object onto the spline instead of sweeping it.
  5. @catnapfound it... thanks for the offer though @bezo everfresh_textanim.c4d
  6. @catnapi‘ll take a look later if i can still find those files... been quite a while... but i have a backup fetish, so chances are good i will be able to dig it up.
  7. in all fairness, it wasn't overly advertised... there was a talk with that lady at ibc, but that's more because it is an interesting topic in general. but sure, i agree with you, there's tons of sources for mocap out there, free and paid, so not really adding huge value. but again, not a big deal to me. i just found it rather odd that you even count those mocap files as animation feature. there's much more useful stuff in there, like the pose library, delta mush, the new rig presets, all the little but super useful tweaks to timeline and keyframing behaviour... might not be very useful for moc
  8. well, i wasn't talking about mocap workflows, i talked about animation. views might differ here, but to me it's about the same difference as playing an instrument vs DJing. never had use for any mocap in my whole life, so i can't comment much on that, although i tested the retargeting once and it worked. i was wondering why they included those mocap files as well, could be it was mainly because the mocap actress who made those works for redgiant, so it was considered low hanging fruit? certainly didn't eat up any dev time, so where's the problem? might be of use for some people.
  9. probably more than you think. but yeah, not exactly a lot ...the obvious goal is to grow in that area. idk why you see very little practical use of the new features regarding animation. all animators i‘ve talked to so far seem to think the opposite. me included... wouldn‘t want to animate in any prior version anymore.
  10. never scale anything in any rig in model mode
  11. if you want to use your own eyes, just find the eyeball meshes by filtering for the word eyeball, hide those and put your own eyes as a child of those joints the eyeball meshes are in... the pupil and iris scale function won't work then anymore, so you'd have to rig that up manually for your own eyes if you need it...
  12. you can easily use the stand alone facerig with the advanced biped, you won't face any problems (pun intended), is was made for that purpose. although the toon rig is made for toon characters, it also can handle realistic characters, you just then don't use any of the stretchy/bendy features. so what you decide to use mainly comes down to your personal preferences. feature wise the face rigs are more or less on par, there's slight differences in functionality and setup though... there are examples in the content browser for the toon rig and the face rig, just give them a
  13. r23 comes with two new templates: the toon rig with an included face rig and a standalone face rig by bret bays. this short was created with those templates, the toon rig for the artist, and the standalone face rig for the bust. also here's a quick promo video of the toon rig, demoing some of its features:
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