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  1. everfresh

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    this project consists of many many elements, so if you just have time to do a small machine somewhere in the scene or even just some gears for a machine another person is mainly modeling that’s also fine. how much you wanna do is your choice alone. think about it, would be great to have you on board.
  2. everfresh

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    then we just ask kindly, and if the person doesn't want to do it anymore because of whatever reason, even if it's just lost motivation along the way, it gets assigned to somebody else. no hard feelings. we all know how it is to commit to something and then realize we don't really want to do it anymore, or something more important comes up or we get sick or whatever.. this project should be fun for anybody involved, no need to put pressure on ourselves.
  3. everfresh

    Wallet fold and bulge

    you can use nulls and connect them with a tracer and then animate the nulls... fold_002.c4d
  4. everfresh

    Wallet fold and bulge

    why not just use a spline wrap deformer instead? gives you much more control then doing it with bends...
  5. since she has the ability to look incredibly beautiful and also surprisingly ugly in some movies (at least for her standards) you should make two versions and make a gif where you blend between the 2 versions :D
  6. everfresh

    The Meg (alodon) Rig...

    good to see you back :) you do realise you're responsible now for me probably watching this film soon. that's time i'll never get back. :D would have wished for a more in depth look at the actual rig though, but i guess riggers were not the target audience for this clip.
  7. everfresh

    Stacking two odd shapes with no air gap.

    just copy the boole with the objects still in it and set the copy to A intersect B instead. BOOL LAYERING QUESTION ANSWER.c4d
  8. can you upload the file?
  9. probably redshift creates some objects you can not see in the object manager. have you tried simply copying everything to a new scene?
  10. everfresh

    More Energy (WIP)

    oh, yeah, i thought you were going flat style again... that's something entirely different then... and much more tricky ;) yes, you can just move the knee controller to shift proportions between thighs and calf. and thanks for mentioning the 1000th post, i really wouldn't have noticed :D
  11. everfresh

    More Energy (WIP)

    to change a rigged characters limbs length just rig it with the advanced biped rig from the character object menu and enable stretch and also squash to make limbs shorter if you need to. if you need a bit more flexibility you can also download my rig preset, it allows you to also scale most parts freely, chest, head, hands and feet, which isn't possible with the advanced biped (at least not without a couple of modifications that require deeper rigging knowledge). my rig particularly developed for cartoony behaviour. just download the rig preset and put it in your c4d library in a folder named characters, then it will appear in the character objects dropdown after restart. regarding the morph i'd just try to get the form of model A as close as possible to model B, animate the visibilities and simply draw the few missing frames to complete the morph in after effects. that's how i usually handle those things.
  12. everfresh

    Character Object Skin Priority Issue

    c4d is the only package i believe... most others just calculate what needs to be evaluated automatically. although you still can experience lags too afaik, but it's not that common and more easy to fix. c4d is the only 3D software i really use, just have played around a bit with others, so i could be wrong, but that's what i read here and there....
  13. everfresh

    Character Object Skin Priority Issue

    thing is, with a simple setup it's all pretty logical and clearly laid out for a human brain. but as rigs get more and more complex, i refuse to believe that there's anyone out there who can still overlook all the hundreds of dependencies of all the tags in a rig and knows by just thinking about it which numbers to put on what tag. like i said, after a while you just get a feel for it, i mostly can't explain why this now works from a logical standpoint ...
  14. everfresh

    Character Object Skin Priority Issue

    yeah i read up on this topic several times and i believe i watched this tutorial once, too.... but still priorities are a mystery to me... i mostly just go by trial and error to be honest... after a while you get a "feel" for it, more guts than brains :D
  15. everfresh

    Character Object Skin Priority Issue

    with the ik tag set to generators -1 the lip controllers now have a lag when you move them individually... with the ik-tags set to -2 this also get fixed.