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  1. top 3 robot artist of 2018

  2. Hard shape to achieve in SDS

    a bit trickier than i initially thought... tried it first with less segments, but that didn't work out, there was always some visible pinching in the transition. you need to fiddle around a bit with the point distribution in the beveled area where the hexagonal shape begins to get a smooth transition.
  3. Pin Up Girl

    :D one thing that caught my eye immediately: one of the mountains in the background just scratches the underside of the dragons neck, a good example of a staging mistake. either make the mountain lower, so there's a good amount of space between it and the neck, or make the mountain a good bit higher, so its tip is cut off by the neck. in general avoid stuff in the fore- and background being to close to each other, intersections are fine, just make them obvious then. same goes for the mountain between her legs, either make it much lower, or move it a bit to the left or the right. i'd just make it much flatter and also move it a little to the right, so it's not centered between her legs.
  4. Pin Up Girl

    good job. i like the witch a lot, the pose of the girl on the car looks a bit unnatural to me though. especially the legs and feet. i'd try and straighten one of the legs, probably the left one. also i'm missing some more defined contact shadow under her butt. and the pants should deform in a different way where the thumbs go in. the fabric between the thumbs would form a straight stretched line instead of bulging outwards. the hair could benefit from having some more length variation.
  5. the reset pose command doesn't reset component positioning, only stuff you've done in animation mode. if you already moved all your components into place and want to mirror that you'd have to make the character object editable (by selecting the character object in the object manager and hitting "c") then you can mirror all the joints without confusing the character object. if i were you though i'd just start from scratch building both sides simultaneously, this way you can always go back in build mode and adjust things if necessary. ( you can also adjust things after you made your rig editable, but there won't be an adjust mode or build mode anymore and you'd have to move stuff around manually, and that can be tricky in a rig you haven't built by yourself from scratch) . let's be honest, rebuilding everything only takes a couple of minutes, and probably will prevent you from some headaches ;)
  6. Can I disable live view rendering?

    in the viewport there's an options menu, you can disable texture display there.
  7. Keeping "old" lights with ProRender?

    prorender is currently not optimised for animation, so you might be facing flickering issues and such. also it lacks a lot of features and is far from production ready. plus it takes forever to clear up the noise, for a gpu render engine it's shockingly slow. i'm sure we'll see a more mature version in r20. IMO the current version is practically unusable.
  8. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    1. When the monkey is opening its mouth, how come is opening so far without any anomalies? Did you use a deformer? no deformer. just points weighted to a jaw joint. https://gyazo.com/7a6236f2ceb1069e8e9b065de183b77c 2. I understand that the tongue "is a tracer made out of animated nulls to form a spline, then i just spline wrapped the tongue model onto the tracer". When it curls from man to monkey, how does it get the sort of liquid effect? is it using the Metaball. i t is again splines in a cloner spline wrapped onto the same spline as the tongue, just offset a little. because of the flat simple colour shading it just looks like it's one unified thing with the tongue, but it's not. just two separate things that look like one. 3. Also when the monkey changes to man, the tongue has something black on it. Is it still splines with tracer object and metaball? yes. 4. When the man is changing to monkey, how do the hands break up from the character and extend? Are you using a Boole? yes. 5. Also before the morph from man to monkey you have the hand moving around and some blue liquid particles. Are those particles or Cloner? those are particles, added in post. but you could do that also with particles in c4d, either native particle system or x-particles.
  9. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    i'm happy to answer all your questions, but i'm not comfortable sharing the complete project.. i hope you can understand.
  10. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    i think you're fooled by your eyes, i just animated the visibility off at some point, which makes it look that snappy ;) here's the file... simplerip.c4d
  11. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    the cloners are just scaled in one axis and moved away from the center, and at the same time the hull value of the metaball is animated to make everything thinner and then disappear as it gets stretched.
  12. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    which part is giving you trouble? doesn't the gif show precisely enough how it's done?
  13. you can also drive the hair length map with a vertex map. you can animate the vertex map with a pose morph for instance (or nitro vertex plugin if you have it) by animating a fall off through your scene.
  14. C4D Tank Tutorial

    very nice tutorial, just like bezo i was lost at a pretty early stage, i just suck too hard at math :D .... unfortunately i'm pretty sure MAXON won't get rid of the priority thing anytime soon... it's just a pain in the a**, you're not alone ;) on complex character rigs it's almost impossible to keep track of them and it always ends up in randomly changing values until everything works properly. order of operations is really a thing a 3D program should be able to figure out by itself. i would trade that feature for all others together that might be coming with r20, seriously.
  15. Video of Shot Composited

    looking good, but 40 min per frame for animation is insane.... i really admire your patience... i highly recommend to take a look at redshift or octane, you could cut those render times by a factor of 10 with a single 1080ti... and all that while using GI and probably even getting a better look....