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  1. how about this? it's all cloth, had to trick with some field force to prevent the ropes from stretching and added some fake bulging with a plain effector in deformer mode. sail_rig_0002.c4d
  2. @hobbyistnah, doesn‘t have impact on anything as far as i can tell.
  3. i have this too and wondered where it comes from.
  4. only things that are created with neutron benefit from it, regular objects will run at the "speed" we know. but at some point everything will be nodes in the background, so "regular" models will benefit from it as well. right now think of it as a thing that sits on top of your regular c4d, mostly disconnected from the rest of it.
  5. what makes it a tech demo is that you're going to be able to play with it in the next version, while it's not a fully fledged feature. it has limitations and it's only low level nodes at this point, but you can already do stuff with it. viewport performance is stellar, like millions of clones and still realtime, even on rather weak machines like laptops.
  6. that was just to calm down people who thought subscribers would get features perpetual license holders wouldn’t get. so it was said that the following release for everyone would of course have all the features of the subscription release included, that’s all.
  7. it stopped working with r20, back then i was in contact with the guy who compiled it for mac back then. he asked the developer if he could send the source code to me so that i can give it to a MAXON dev to make it fit for r20 and above. but the problem was he had it on an old external drive which was damaged, or he couldn't find it anymore, can't remember exactly. so yeah, it's dead. for now our best replacement for it is the magic symmetry plugin by nitroman, which isn't the same, but at least takes care of the faces at x0 problem the built in symmetry object has when creating new geometry at x0, via an extrude for instance.
  8. everything you create in c4d is facing that way , why should the CO be an exception to that? would be quite inconsistent if it was oriented differently. every software has their own convention there, to me c4ds default orientation makes the most sense tbh, since it's the same orientation common math graphs have. y+ is up, x+ from left to right and z+ from front to back. in the end it doesn't matter i guess, i just wished all programs could agree on a standard, so exchanging files and rigs wouldn't cause so many headaches.
  9. there's a lot wrong with that file, but your main problem ist the scale of the parent of your joints. it's set to 0.18, which is causing the offset as soon as you activate dynamics. i would recommend building everything clean from scratch, also make sure your joints are aligned correctly with z facing down the chain... check the file where i stripped it down to the essentials and fixed the orientation and scale values of the joint chain... that might give you an idea what to watch out for if you want to do stuff like this. WIMM - fixed.c4d
  10. your topology isn't very well suited to get good deformations in the ball area. autoweights will probably never give you good enough results. start clean by painting everything to the ankle, and then use a big brush size with a dome falloff to paint in the ball area.
  11. you forgot to mention patience and a fast computer for that level of detail
  12. that meme made me spit out my beer
  13. just uploaded a compilation of all the toon FX setups i've done to vimeo
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