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  1. great reel with a lot of stunning work in it! all thumbs up!
  2. awesome in every aspect this is!
  3. just adjust the curves of the start and end keyframes accordingly. make sure that the start and end keyframes are identical and choose your playback range so that the last frame doesn't play.
  4. C4D sketch & toon + a neat little program called StudioArtist 5 makes a great couple. it's basically a sketch and paint effects preset library with the option to adjust parameters of the filters. apparently it can do a lot more, but it has a horrible UI and at least to me it's logic is rather unintuitive. but you can get a variety of good looking sketch and also really sophisticated paint effects out of it.
  5. thanks... great to hear it's not just me chasing that look. :) i've done a lot of 2Dish style cartoon stuff in c4d, if you like you can check out my vimeo channel, you'll find a lot of different approaches there... since we are using 3D software it gets more difficult the flatter the look you want to achieve. and yeah, especially shadows can cause headaches. one possible approach would be to set up multiple textures with the shadows painted in and just switch/blend between them... but it seems a little bit limited and depending on the shots you could end up having to paint a lot of shadow textures.
  6. thanks :) it's already animated and rendered at 12 fps.
  7. really nice! aways good to see top notch character work done in c4d... thanks for sharing!
  8. i love the look of 2D animations but i never really got into 2D character animation because i like the 3D workflow much better... so i rebuilt a gorilla character i've seen in a 2D animation software demo to see how close i can get to a convincing 2D look with s&t... the hardest part is to maintain the smooth curvature of the body silhouettes at all times as you usually see in animated 2D illustrations... also i'd like to have more control over the shadows on the body, but i haven't found a satisfying solution yet.... if you guys saw that without knowing its 3D, do you think it could it be mistaken as 2D animation?
  9. great model! :) and i agree about the knife tool...
  10. i would be interested in this as well... especially character rigging stuff... i would for instance like to learn how to expand the advanced biped character object rig to behave more cartoony... but any kind of advanced tutorials in general are welcome, most tutorials online just cover basic stuff i'm already more or less familiar with, and i'd happily pay a reasonable fee for actually learning something new.
  11. as already mentioned, there are plenty uv mapping alternatives and plugins available, but with a little bit more effort you can also get decent maps with c4ds native tools... i was at the same spot as you a couple of years ago, modo or c4d... i also liked modo a lot, but since my focus is motion graphics and character animation the decision was obvious after a little while of dabbling with the demos... haven't had any regrets yet, c4d is very reliable and easy to learn. i don't know much about the workflows for game stuff though.
  12. a goat or sheep were actually in discussion at some point :D and yeah, the pond has some goldfish in it...
  13. you just reminded me that I'll have to take care of my actual lawn... if you even can call it that, more of a meadow with potholes in it :D from far away it looks ok though...
  14. ok, here's my take on the topic: is c4d overpriced? yes, a little. are some of the features outdated? most certainly. do we need plugins for certain tasks? we do, but really not THAT many. and since r17 you could also treat houdini as a plugin and then you really only need one, and it's not even expensive. and in other packages you also need plugins, just for different tasks. to me it often sounds like some people just want to have everything just for the sake of having it, without actually having a real use for it. just so they know "if i would need or want to do this or that in the future, i'll be able to do it with c4ds onboard features". for day to day work cinema actually does a great job. and i do a lot of different things with it, mograph stuff, character animation, product vis, sometimes vfx. what makes it shine IMO is productivity and ease of use. whenever i talk to people using maya or max they make a big deal out of relatively easy tasks where i'm thinking "hey, i could pull that off within a couple of minutes or hours"... people often seem to forget how cumbersome other packages can be and how intuitive c4d is in comparison. when i was exploring c4d for the first time a couple of years ago i was amazed that i really could just explore the software by myself, without having to follow tutorial after tutorial step by step. sure, i also followed some tutorials, but i was also able to figure out a lot of stuff by myself and come up with ideas to solve this or that problem and really enjoyed that it's mostly self-explanatory. IMO the most artist-friendly package out there. and don't forget stability and how frustrating it can be when you're working in an unstable environment. and how much time it can swallow. even though i think the initial buy-in price is a little high, to me c4d is worth every penny and i still enjoy opening c4d every day. if i'd have the suspicion that the grass might be greener on the other side, i'd just go over there and take a look.
  15. you can assign spline points to joints with some expresso using the spline points index numbers, but afaik you can't weight them, so your idea won't work... maybe it's also possible to assign points to several joints at once and do the weighting in expresso as well, but that's far above my head...