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  1. everfresh

    GI flickering in animation

    have you set primary and secondary GI method to qmc? also make sure you set the sampling to "high"...
  2. everfresh

    Illumination (animation)

    looks really good, i like the overall mood a lot. one little detail that catched my eye though: when the paper boat spins it looked a little unnatural, mainly because the water ripples didn't change their behavior accordingly. also if there was some very slight banking and bobbing up and down of the boat might help.
  3. everfresh

    Ideas about an advertisement?

    make a motorcycle dented into the bus chassis like the one with the sign and make the buses windows crashed in form of a human silhouette. maybe some blood spatters if they're up for it (highly doubt it, but worth giving it a shot).
  4. i could be wrong, but i think i had that even with baked xp sims with meshing involved. and yeah, you're right about the farm rendering issue. have you tried baking it to alembic?
  5. i'd do that with meshes, just much more convenient to animate than textures. the easiest way to do this is to just use a straight mesh for the windshiled, and straight cylinders for the eyes and just bend everything with deformers... file attached. bend_eyes.c4d
  6. i don't think it can be called a bug. it's only the first frame that has this prep time, so if you render a sequence from let's say frame 300 to 1000 only frame 300 will have this additional preparing time. the picture viewer just hast to play back the timeline until it is at that certain frame, each following frame will just have to calculate itself, so it renders more or less immediately. to me it just seems like the normal behavior of the picture viewer, which i'm sure MAXON is aware of, but haven't found a solution to solve it otherwise. if you run for instance an x-particles sim with complex stuff in it where you get a vp frame rate of only 1 or 2 fps you will wait several minutes for that first frame in the middle of your animation. it's always been that way, at least since i'm using c4d.
  7. everfresh

    FICK - BoneSystem

    very well done! but as a german i have to say, whoever came up with the naming either didn't do his research very well or has a bold sense of humor. :D ...could as well be a porn title. the client didn't know? they know one can google a possible brand name, right? might work quite well in marketing though after all ;)
  8. everfresh

    X-Particles Public Release out now!

    great update with a lot of highly useful features! thanks.
  9. everfresh

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    i'm also still on sierra with all of my machines. as long as it all runs smooth i do not intend to mess with it. and yeah, could be your graphics card is the culprit.
  10. everfresh

    R19 doesn't jive with macOS Mojave

    i always tend to stay at least 1 year behind regarding osx updates... each year i hear those stories of this and that not working or not working properly anymore.
  11. everfresh

    Soft Selection on UVs

    in your uv move/scale/rotation attributes panel there's a tickbox soft selection.
  12. this technique with the noise is also used for moving images in compositing. you face the same issues with banding and such if you export to mp4 with h264 compression. to the reason WHY that works: compression algorithms like jpg or h264 look at similar pixels within a certain radius and only store an average, not the information for each pixel anymore. furthermore they also take those blocks of a few pixels and compare them to the other blocks around it and if those are very similar they seem to not store their position within that cluster and seem to randomize them. you can actually see how compression works if you save out a jpg with pretty low quality settings. zoom in and observe. now if you add noise, the algorithm can't find that much similar pixels, resulting in smaller clusters and more precise output after compression. this also results in much bigger file sizes of course.
  13. everfresh

    mesh collapses on making it softbody

    optimize command usually should do the trick. but maybe you weren't at frame 0 when you ran it so the points didn't share the same space anymore. but in the extrude objects parameters there's a tickbox "create single object", which welds the points initially.
  14. everfresh

    fracture prolem

    tried to run the mesh through instant meshes, an auto-retopo software, but even that got confused by the multiple polygons sharing the same space. i don't know where you got that mesh from, but it's practically unusable. i'm not aware of any quick fix that could solve the problem.
  15. everfresh

    fracture prolem

    something is wrong with your mesh. the geometry is 3x overlayed on itself somehow.