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  1. i'm fully booked and tbh not an expert in mocap rigs.
  2. @manyarms might be the refraction causing it... although i have made toon glass with refraction before, and i didn't have those issues. if you want you can send me a link to the file and i'll take a look....
  3. you can do it in hierarchy mode. best practice here is to make parent nulls for your controllers, and just include those parent nulls in your pose morph. that way you will be able to still move ALL your controllers after you've set up your poses.
  4. noseman is making a tutorial about the general technique for cineversity. don't know how much he's going to cover though.
  5. i've been recently experimenting a lot with cartoon sfx setups like water, fire, smoke, explosions and so on purely with mograph, fields and volumes. no particles, no plugins. most fun i've had in a while, also i'm quite impressed what can be done with just the on-board tools. just wanted so share those here too, since people seem to like them a lot on twitter, hope you'll like them as well. https://twitter.com/everfreshdesign
  6. i missed that one, have to give it a spin... thanks for that
  7. it was a private conversation between friends, so if he would think it's bad he would have told me. there was absolutely no reason to sweet talk things. and again, i agree with the post above, if you apply a few "tricks", scenes can be handled pretty well so there's actually decent performance (not saying that i don't wish it was faster)...
  8. completely agree with what joao said. i worked on a couple of projects with a TD from holland, he rigs in maya, max, houdini and also recently a bit c4d. and he actually likes c4ds rigging tools. in every app the tools have pros and cons, but i always find saying x is better than y problematic, since it depends on so many factors which is actually better for your specific needs and mindset. he doesn't use blender though, but blender also has its pitfalls. for a start there's no equivalent to xpresso to my knowledge (correct me if i'm wrong). all the relations between bones are defined through drivers, which get applied directly to the bones that get driven. i suppose that makes setting up complex rigs a bit confusing and hard to manage. haven't digged very deep into blenders rigging tools yet, so i might prove myself wrong at some point. also just because there's a good add-on which makes it very easy for a person knowing nothing about rigging to rig a character doesn't make it a great tool for rigging in general. not saying that it isn't, just saying that this fact is not an indicator.
  9. i don‘t know what you are doing, but if it takes 24 h to get to frame 100 you’re doing something wrong (i suppose you’re talking about preparation times, right?) i agree that deconstructing the rig presets is hard, but so is deconstructing any rig that was made by another person in any app. i would even say that similarly complex blender rigs are a bit harder to deconstruct, but maybe that’s just because i know c4d better. if you use the rig presets as they are there’s no need to deconstruct anything, and the process of installing a rig to your character is fairly easy. when i was starting with c4d it was one of the first things i tried, and i had a working rig within a couple of hours. regarding complexity: the advanced biped is quite complex, but the other ones are kept rather simple. while the viewport performance of character rigs in other apps like maya and blender is better than in c4d, it‘s not as drastic as you make it seem. also it‘s not true that no one uses c4d for character animation. in fact it’s getting more and more used for character animation, by studios like aixponza, blinkink, believe, nebula, just to name a few... which certainly doesn’t fit with your statement that it’s unusable. while the character tools in c4d certainly could use further improvement, they are not that bad at all. and as a c4d character artist it‘s actually great times, since there‘s high demand of c4d character riggers and animators and not that many people are doing it. right now there’s more jobs for character animation in c4d than there are for blender i‘d say, this might change though as more and more studios are picking up blender for their pipeline since 2.8 came out.
  10. agreed.^^ the c4d character object is as easy as it gets in rigging. the rig presets that ship with c4d are stable and provide enough functionality for a start. once you're comfortable and get a better understanding about rigging you can start building your own rigs, you can even set those up to work with the character object then, so it's just as easy to apply to a character as the presets that come with c4d.
  11. i agree, seems overkill to simulate any of this... just model the basic shape and then use the sculpt tools for the finer details like folds and seams.
  12. could be this issue? https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/critical-solved-itunes-update-breaks-c4dr16-20-macos/2054377
  13. presentations were uploaded to youtube yesterday. here’s mine, but make sure to watch them all, really interesting stuff there.
  14. highly subdivided cylinders with layered noises and gradients in a displacer deformer will get you there.
  15. this could have been done in pretty much any 3D software, c4d, maya, max, blender, houdini, lightwave, modo, daz, you name it... anything specific about these that puzzles you?
  16. you'd also have to deactivate "seen by rays" and/or "seen by transparency"...
  17. rebus is one of the most expensive render farms out there. there's others that support redshift as well (pixelplow for instance), only costing you half the money (or even less) if you bring a little bit of time. pixelplow for instance has a priority slider, so if you don't need your files within an hour or so and you can wait a couple of hours for your files the price gets cheaper, because the farm then queues your jobs after jobs from others with higher priority....
  18. with the way c4ds internal renderers handle spd, you will have to deal with long renders and preparation times. you can speed the preparation times up a bit by giving your cube more segments to begin with, then you can get away with less subdivisions in the spd settings. render engines like redshift for instance handle this kind of thing much better, it’s almost no preparation times and only a slight hit in render times. barely noticeable.
  19. it‘s called DSGVO, which means Datenschutzgrundverordnung ( i know, long word) in german, a relatively new law where EVERY company that collects data of their customer of any kind ( an email address already is enough) HAS to ask that question and the customer has to give permission. so if MAXON wouldn‘t ask that question, they would be facing serious legal issues. violation fees for companies that big can be quite high, so they would be stupid NOT to ask that question. that law was made to protect the rights of individuals, mainly aiming at big companies like facebook and so on that used their customers data for whatever they wanted without their consent. the problem with this law is, that EVERYONE who runs a business now has to follow those rules, meaning even freelancers had to update their websites and put quite long legal disclaimers and checkboxes on their websites. i hope that clears things up. there’s really nothing MAXON can do about this without breaking the law.
  20. i'm mostly still awake at 12 ... today i'm a bit tired though, too much work lately but i'm confident i can stay awake another hour or so.
  21. if i'm still awake in half an hour i'm gonna swing by...
  22. thanks, i can use it, getting freakishly nervous...
  23. you can get somewhat close with a highly subdivided mesh and a couple of displacer deformers with the right values and noise types. paintblob.c4d
  24. i don‘t think that’s possible, since the frame rate is defined in the project strings as well as in the render settings, and those parameters are not keyframeable.
  25. can't we have a beer DRINKING challenge? gonna have better chances to win then
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