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  1. with the way c4ds internal renderers handle spd, you will have to deal with long renders and preparation times. you can speed the preparation times up a bit by giving your cube more segments to begin with, then you can get away with less subdivisions in the spd settings. render engines like redshift for instance handle this kind of thing much better, it’s almost no preparation times and only a slight hit in render times. barely noticeable.
  2. it‘s called DSGVO, which means Datenschutzgrundverordnung ( i know, long word) in german, a relatively new law where EVERY company that collects data of their customer of any kind ( an email address already is enough) HAS to ask that question and the customer has to give permission. so if MAXON wouldn‘t ask that question, they would be facing serious legal issues. violation fees for companies that big can be quite high, so they would be stupid NOT to ask that question. that law was made to protect the rights of individuals, mainly aiming at big companies like facebook and so on that used their customers data for whatever they wanted without their consent. the problem with this law is, that EVERYONE who runs a business now has to follow those rules, meaning even freelancers had to update their websites and put quite long legal disclaimers and checkboxes on their websites. i hope that clears things up. there’s really nothing MAXON can do about this without breaking the law.
  3. i'm mostly still awake at 12 ... today i'm a bit tired though, too much work lately but i'm confident i can stay awake another hour or so.
  4. if i'm still awake in half an hour i'm gonna swing by...
  5. thanks, i can use it, getting freakishly nervous...
  6. you can get somewhat close with a highly subdivided mesh and a couple of displacer deformers with the right values and noise types. paintblob.c4d
  7. i don‘t think that’s possible, since the frame rate is defined in the project strings as well as in the render settings, and those parameters are not keyframeable.
  8. can't we have a beer DRINKING challenge? gonna have better chances to win then
  9. i don't have redshift installed yet for r21, but prorender is showing up... but the "get redshift" item in the extensions menu is also greyed out, which doesn't seem to make sense at all. and yes, i suppose it's a link to buy it.
  10. protection tags in these kind of setups are usually a bit problematic. this question has popped up 2 times last week, did you take a look at the other threads here? dissecting the file at the very end of this thread should point you in the right direction.
  11. ah, sorry, must have misread that... never tried a force on a jiggle, so no idea tbh...
  12. when you apply a wind deformer to multiple objects they will move all the same way, that's just how the deformer works. you could apply multiple wind deformers with different settings and restrict them to vertex maps to get different behaviours... another option would be a displacer deformer with a large scale animated noise. but for what you want i'd go with hair, you can also have pretty granular control with hair where objects are placed, over their scale and all. just have the hair render as guides, you can draw guides exactly where you want then. it will also perform much better if you have plenty of plants in the scene opposed to the deformer solution.
  13. works just fine here... changing any parameter in materials forces the IRR to refresh instantly. so do any changes with lights, objects and so on.
  14. sounds good to me... just don't clutter help with tuts, make a clean section with tuts at the bottom of the help topic, clearly separated. so for instance, if i wanna look up how feature xy works, i get all the clean info with text and images like i'm used to, and below that a list of CV tutorials relevant to that topic.
  15. works fine here. and i haven't heard of anyone else yet having that issue. did you try restarting c4d? if that doesn't help maybe try installing again?
  16. i think you will have to renew now... with now i mean today. to my knowledge last chance to renew your msa is end of august. after that there is no msa any more.
  17. great! finally i can have farting monkeys in my posts due to having a gazillion emojis now. good work!!!
  18. here's another version... that one null was unnecessary and i aligned the shoulder cylinder, so it doesn't shift anymore. (more of a cosmetic change) robot_IK_0005.c4d
  19. yeah it was late yesterday. ;) here's a working version, it matters a lot where the ik pole is. robot_IK_0004.c4d
  20. i'm afraid an ik chain simply won't work properly with the restrictions set by the possible rotations you have available in your mechanical arm setup. i mean you can restrict everything to just rotate in the possible ways, but you won't be able to keep your wrist at the goal at all times then. attached file is the best i could do with some parenting tricks. the question is do you really need ik for your animation? if not, i'd go the simple route and animate everything fk... robot_IK.c4d
  21. looks like it was made with the 1976 version of c4d :D regarding the rig: yeah i feel you. been there. took me literally days to sort the priorities of my face rig out. for the body it shouldn’t be that much of a struggle though since there are not that many dependencies to sort out. sometimes it‘s good to put it aside for a couple of days and look at it again with some fresh eyes.
  22. yeah his setups are getting crazier every time... that level of control is just insane.
  23. that's odd... messaging worked a couple of days ago... gonna try to send you one instead...
  24. yes and yes. ;) yes, you've gone the right way, and yes, seems like a priority issue. aim constraints are usually more reliable if you combine them with an upvector, but since you only constrained your elements in one axis you probably can get away without any. can you share a file? i'm always having trouble telling the right priority settings from the top of my head without a file to tinker with.
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