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  1. you can't just copy the vertex map over from your low res model to the correction deformer of the sds... you will have to paint your vertex maps again on the correction deformer, because the point count and order isn't the same. you could try to transfer it via vamp though. be aware that a correction deformer on an sds with a skinned character underneath is gonna be slow as hell...
  2. you just need to put it on the right joint.... constrain the glasses to the head joint of the t-pose rig, which is what the character is bound to. set priority to expression 0 or 1 or anything above 0 and it will work.
  3. @GazzaMatazah, i see. that‘s what the up vector is for, to prevent the aim from twisting along the axis it’s aiming at. so whenever you use an aim constraint, use an up constraint in conjunction.
  4. autokeying has changed in r23. it doesn't record keys automatically anymore if there is no initial key on that object. this is actually very good: how often did you accidentally key an object that isn't supposed to be keyed, like the camera for instance or a prop you moved around during an autokeying session? this is closer now to how after effects for instance works. but i believe cinema lets you change that behaviour if you prefer the old way. can't remember where though, i'm much happier now with the new behaviour.
  5. @animatedomthe answer is quite simple. the axis of your mesh isn't at the center. go to axis mode, set your axis to x=0 and try again. if something with mirroring doesn't work, ALWAYS check your axis as the first thing. in 99.999% of all cases that will be the culprit.
  6. also make sure you subscribe to rodrigo's youtube channel, he has some good content there on rigging and will continue to make more if enough people show interest. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCev3FBg3BppCtlyCUtgtdSw
  7. depends... for stylized highlights for cartoon characters you might want to add them in as a texture or geometry. that's what i have done in the toon rig. @GazzaMatazi suppose it's because they flip and you don't use an up-vector? i don't use aim constraints for eyes, i use the good old target tag. simply because aim constraints have a bug, they don't behave properly when the parent of the joints/nulls/whatever that have the aim constraint on is being scaled unproportionally. very problematic if you wanna do a squetchy head for instance.
  8. while i agree that there's not enough c4d specific rigging tutorials out there, keep in mind that the principles are the very same across all apps. so if you got the basics down and know how our constraints work, if you know the caveats of our ik and ik spline solvers, if you somewhat understood priorities, if you know the basics of xpresso, you can really watch any maya or blender or even houdini rigging tutorial and translate the technique over to c4d. i might do a tutorial about spline ik soon, since i have the feeling this is something a lot of people struggle with, i kn
  9. while a lot of cool features and workflow improvements for character animation have been added over the last releases, it's not that c4d wasn't capable of professional character animation before. like all software it has its strengths and weaknesses in that area. i've been using c4d for character animation professionally since r15, and while there is a difference to what we have now, it's not that there's a huge gap of what was possible back then and what's possible now. it just has been made easier to get there. c4d is used quite a lot for character animation in advertising, for film
  10. damn, i totally missed this... seems i work too much congrats to the winners, fantastic work!
  11. @animatedomseems like you deleted the file... can you upload it again so i can take a look?
  12. @faradasi bengalisithanks, you're welcome.
  13. what the others have said. additionally, if your animal has a tail, model it straight. not straight up though, straight along z is better usually... and there's animals that have a more human like anatomy, i've rigged for instance squirrels in the past, those i modelled standing up, tail pointing downwards and rigged them with a biped rig.
  14. the sculpting brushes can cause issues with pose morphs sometimes... try to do your corrections with move tool with soft selection enabled instead and see if you still get the same issues... worth a shot.
  15. thanks guys... here’s another one i just finished, merry christmas!
  16. a project i finished last weekend. may not look like c4d, but everything except for a few frame by frame animated particles and smears it's entirely c4d. liquidity from everfresh on Vimeo.
  17. ok.. i see... i still think it looks better less reflective...
  18. yes... waaaay better tires now actually look like rubber with the glossiness way down...
  19. at 7.5 seconds i think it looks best... still, i feel like the car paint has too much roughness and the tires too little... tires look a bit like leather and the car paint a bit like plastic.
  20. very nice.. i feel like the car paint could be more shiny and the tires less shiny... or are you just not at this stage yet?
  21. you can't animate this way though by just moving the pivot. try to set some keyframes and see what happens... the method i was describing earlier with the xpresso switching multiple constraints around could do what you want, but it's quite a headache to set up.
  22. you could just physically parent them, like in the file attached. or you could do it in a more complicated way, by constraining different parents of the root to the secondary pivots and controlling the constraint tags via xpresso on selection of the secondary pivot controls... you could do that with the help of the interaction tag. but in the and the result would be the very same of what i just did, so i see no real advantage in overcomplicating it. SampleFile_rm_SP.c4d
  23. yes, deformed editing should be on by default... but why would you wanna edit weights in component mode anyways (i assume you mean the character objects component mode)? or do you mean point mode?
  24. the problem is your multiple pose morphs.. they are fighting each other... do all your pose morphs in one tag, then you don't have any problems... if deactivate the last two pose morph tags on your hand rig everything is fine...
  25. @HelloPaulglad you found it... that part of s&t is a bit uninuitive, how lines get filtered on different objects, tripped over that a couple of times myself...


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