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  1. thanks for sharing... the problem i have with bundles like that is that you almost never have use for more than a couple in that bundle. most times when i'm in need of textures im in need of a very specific one. so i actually prefer to buy them one by one when i need them. but looking at their single texture pricing i think i prefer other sources, like poliigon or textures.com, which are much cheaper. but the quality is really superb i have to admit, definitely gonna bookmark it...
  2. still having trouble to understand exactly what you're trying to do... can you provide a simple example file or record a video explaining it?
  3. why don't you just assign those objects to a different layer then???
  4. several ways to make the experience more enjoyable: 1. put your mesh on a layer and lock the mesh. 2. use the move tool instead of the selection tool to select the items 3. when there are several adjustment handles in the same place, use right click and choose item to select
  5. i mostly use a plane with the correct aspect ratio and a material with the footage loaded into the luminance channel, make this a child of a camera, zero it out and push it back in Z and scale it to fit the frame. then i add this to a layer and lock it.
  6. 1. yes, but front view looks weird. side view is fine. i think it's because the shoulders are to beefy compared to the chest. i'd make the chest a bit more beefy and the shoulders a bit less. also the thigh shape is a bit off... 2. the accents kinda work, but i think you should push it even further, exaggerate, make it more obvious..
  7. just finished this :) @Cerbera sorry for the caps in the topic title, but the title of the video just required it ;)
  8. i see no attempt with dynamic ik joints on the bag in your file. which i wouldn't recommend btw. dynamic IK with collisions is a nightmare to get right and stable in animation.i would instead make a couple of extra joints to control the bag and animate i manually. best to parent them to the chest joint.
  9. here's a screenshot of the xpresso setup and the hierarchy, maybe it's more clear then... https://gyazo.com/f31d7607aaeed3b515424d5d1130fdb0 https://gyazo.com/fdf3f6c781b17ff63efeb9247f7a0e4e
  10. the center controller controls 3 targets. to different percentages depending on the direction you move it. each target has also a child target, so that i can move the parent targets up and down by moving the controller in y, and also move them up and down at the same time by moving the controller in x. i'm using target tags instead of aim constraints, because aim contraints unfortunately have a bug, they don't behave correctly when a parent null or joint is scaled.
  11. i use a much simpler setup for the eyelids, very easy to set up and comfortable to animate. https://gyazo.com/241bf599366d436b290546eb17cd66e3
  12. i do use spline ik... a lot. for arms and legs... and tails. but spline ik never comes without headaches in my experience. it's much more stable when your chain and spline is perfectly straight initially. but there are tricks to overcome the twist issues. up-vectors can help to prevent the unwanted twisting... take a look at the file, i added upvector constraints for the left upper eyelid chain, no shifting anymore... in a perfect world we could have a spline ik where the joints just wouldn't twist if set to none and where the twist is perfectly controllable with handles if it is set to be able to twist, without any hacks. ShiftingVertices_fix.zip
  13. you are correct. no need to parent the skin object to your mesh. your issue is with the spline ik most probably. i'll take a look at it later, but to be frank i think a spline ik for the eyelid is overkill, you can get every thinkable eyelid pose with 3 joints for the upper lid and 3 joints for the lower lid, without having to deal with a clunky spline ik.
  14. they are all recorded in very old versions (r13 i guess) but that doesn't really matter, most of the stuff works still exactly the same... (just be aware when he sets up a hand rig he uses something that was around before we had pose morphs as we know them today)...
  15. i have a switch, so i can blend between ik and fk when needed. if you have access to cineversity i recommend watching the rigging tutorials by bret bays, a rare but really good source for learning how to rig in c4d.
  16. several ways to skin a cat. or a bird ;) you could mix the values from the different user data via a math node. or you can just parent your joints to nulls and make another pose and use the nulls rotations to bend them all together. then you could also have controllers which are not effected by the pose morph, so you can also still manually adjust each segment of the fingers via the controllers. a hand rig with JUST sliders won't cut it in every situation, sometimes you want more granular control.
  17. couldn't resist, these things are just too much fun ;) play with the noises in the displacer deformers to your liking, if you need more details up the subdivisions for the spline and the extrudes cap grid. rock_grass_island.c4d
  18. first off, don't make ik chains for the fingers. use simple fk joint chains. on the first joint of your finger chain, put the pose morph tag. set checkmarks for hierarchy and rotation. you can then store poses, because hierarchy is checked, every joint that's a child of your joint the pose morph is on will be recorded. after you're done, just duplicate the chain for another finger.
  19. this is actually pretty simple. create a psr pose morph for each finger joint chain. best to make a pose for curl and a pose for bend, also one for spread. you can then drive those pose morphs through user data and xpresso. https://gyazo.com/c4224fdd7dab7550a3d343fee1bdae63
  20. because those joints are not direct children of other joints, they are children of either nulls or controllers. in c4d only a bone is drawn if two joints are directly parented in the object manager. i tend to sometimes parent joint directly to controllers to save some need for constraints or expressions. so basically the ARE all connected, but there's no visual representation of that because there's also nulls or controllers in between.
  21. those are the torso and head controllers ;)
  22. i made it a character object preset, so here you can see only half of it and everything straight: https://gyazo.com/7f6a3f616875472f0abfe8f024417cfa adjusted to the characters proportions it then looks like this: https://gyazo.com/6d82f23a6041faf311d4a760db682ae1 like i said, it's basically just a regular arm where really long fingers make the last section of the wing....
  23. rigging a cartoony bird with wings acting like an arm and also able to fold in nicely is a really tough nut to crack. i'm workin on a bird animation right now and that wing collapsing motion you can see in the gif is really just a cheat. i just couldn't get the folding motion nicely with the joints only, so i added post deformation pose morphs to get it right. while the result looks good, it wouldn't hold up for a much slower motion, since the wing looses its shape a little in between. https://gyazo.com/4574e0dd398db05ba4b2b86339b5d40b basically his wings are just like any other regular arm, with the section at the front with the individual fingers acting as a hand. https://gyazo.com/b497f0d0b80ea36ae52e880f19c909b4



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