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  1. yeah, my guess would be that there is a slight morph involved to alter the shapes a little as they twist. i wouldn't know any solution though on how to do it without masking stuff in post. as for the slight bulging effect on the seams that could also be done in post. the texturing part puzzles me a bit, looks pretty accurate. those things are very hard to figure out without actually trying it.
  2. i highly doubt both models have the same poly count and that the shape actually morphs into each other for real. it's very well done, but there are some minor inaccuracies visible... for instance look at the second one around 4-5 sec, where the transition is almost finished. you can clearly see that the shapes drift a bit apart from each other. clear indicator it wasn't done with a pose morph.
  3. PSR Constraint Issue

    if you have r18 up, use a parent constraint instead of a psr. then define two targets (or three maybe in your case) . place your logo in a null and let that be transported by the conveyor belt. choose that null as the first target, choose the robot hand as second one, and then the place where the logo maybe needs to land as a third target. then simply keyframe the target weights to make the logo switch parents...
  4. Weighting Clothes

    like cerbera said, delete the body mesh underneath. no reason to keep it unless you're planning on having your character perform a striptease and rip his clothes off ;)
  5. Thoughts on Rigging a Dog

    i'd say a boxer and a german shepard might be too different to get it to look natural. why not just rig the boxer with the advanced quadruped preset from the character object and then use the mocap shepard as reference to get the basic walk cycle down? much easier to tweak the boxer specific motion characteristics from there since you won't have a keyframe on every single frame.
  6. if it's rigged and weighted correctly its just a matter of moving and rotating the joints to form the desired pose.
  7. Realistic looking soil

    i would also go for displacement... all you need is a good image. generate a height map from that and a roughness map and you should be able to get really close to that. you can add some single geometry bits on top of it in front of the roots... reminds me of what i did with the dough in that image here. i actually used a texture of cracked mud and created additional crumbles to break it up some more on some edges.
  8. Flipping weights problem

    did you check if your mesh is 100% symmetrical? in r19 it doesn't even have to be 100% symmetrical, but since you're using r16 it's necessary you have a 100% symmetrical mesh located at x0 to work properly.
  9. Problems Rigging

    then you will have to add a little bit more geometry than you actually need. but take care that you don't get too many poles (vertices where more than 4 edges meet) and avoid making poles with more than 5 edges all together. they are also likely to cause ugly deformations, just like triangles. threetotwo.c4d
  10. Problems Rigging

    added in a few more loops for you... i suggest you first study a little modelling, and THEN dive into rigging. rigging is probably the most complicated part of any 3D software, so maybe you wanna start with one of the rigs that come with the cinema 4d character object, learn about it's behaviour to get a feeling of how a rig is supposed to work, dissect it to understand how it is built... then watch a few tutorials on rigging and follow them step-by-step. if you continue like that it's pre-determined you will get frustrated soon. ;) to your question why it is important to get rid of those triangles: just activate the sds object in your file and see how ugly the deformations look on the wrist. i attached a file that shows how you can transition from more geometry to less geometry while keeping it all quads. tubo 3.2_fresh.c4d moretoless.c4d
  11. you might want to take a look at this plugin: https://code.vonc.fr/?a=58
  12. Problems Rigging

    you need more edge loops to support your geometry, also you need to weight them correctly... usually a joint needs 3 edge loops to deform correctly. also you will want to add in some more edge loops on the forearm to support the shape. also try to model things without using triangles, especially not in deformed places like the wrist. i doodled some edgeloops in there and the weight values that will give you much better results... tubo 03.4 problem_doodle.c4d
  13. Demoreel 2018

    nice... the only critique i would have that it's really just showing all those mechanical setups (which are nice, don't get me wrong). so a very very specialized demo reel, which only fills a very specific niche. the question here would be what's your goal with that reel? land freelance jobs? get employed as a rigger? get employed as a generalist or mograph artist? or is it just for fun? if it's just for fun it's fine as it is, if you want to get jobs you should show more variety.
  14. Fish inside toilet

    basically what cerbera said: you can't. what you can do though is animate your fish to the point you want the softbody sim to take over, at that frame run a "current state to object" command on your fish mesh and run a softbody sim from there... simply keyframe the visibility of your rigged fish and the softbody fish so they get swapped. you might want to give your softbody fish some initial velocity to match the speed and direction your rigged fish was traveling.
  15. i never had much luck with clamp constraints either. no matter how i set the priorities, always a mess... so i tend to avoid them all together... luckily your setup doesn't necessarily require a clamp constraint, a simple position constraint in conjunction with a protection tag so the object can only move in y will do the trick. Simplified_Rig_fresh.c4d
  16. some of the mixamo characters have facial poses stored which you can address, but not all of them and usually there's not much variety. what you can do though with any character is set up pose morphs for facial expressions by yourself, this will give you the most flexibility.
  17. Spline Rigging Rotation Error

    ah, it happens when you rotate the hips null... easy fix: your splines are set to bezier, and there's nothing there to tell the bezier handles how to react... so just set all of your splines to cubic instead, and you're good.
  18. Spline Rigging Rotation Error

    don't watch eyedesyn tutorials for rigging ;) ... but your file works just fine here... i don't get the weird shape i see in your screenshot. but you should consider rigging your character properly, with all those spline wraps your framerate drops to 3 fps, on a simple character like this you could get 30 fps with a proper rig.
  19. Sharp camera turn

    if you're working with a camera rig/crane make sure the rigs position is right at the point you want to move your cam around. the behaviour you're describing sounds like you moved the rig to get closer to the object instead of dollying in on it.
  20. aaahhh... i see... thanks for explaining it to older folks like me :D
  21. well just select your mesh and see if the z axis of your mesh points backwards, if that's the case, check if your axis is at x:0. if that's also the case select a random point on one side of your model and look at the coordinates, then select the same point on the other side and look if the values are the same only inverted in x.
  22. Redshift 2 sided Material

    you need to introduce a ray switch node for a material to be able to appear on the backside of a polygon. it can be found under the utility shaders menu..
  23. Thanks to the Cafe...

    most credit has to go to vector, it was his idea that made this happen in the first place... we also were totally blown away by the outcome, we didn't really expect to be able to reach the goal. really great to know that people actually care and are willing to help. thanks to all who participated. so sorry for your loss, i hope this makes you a little bit happy, even in sad times likes this.
  24. i agree with igor, could use a little more drive. can't put my finger on it, but somehow that logo feels like it belongs on a red flag :D. btw, what is a star citizen organisation?
  25. Redshift and C4D - In over my head?

    personally i found redshift pretty easy to learn, but i think the main difference between me and you is that i already had over 10 years of experience with 3D software when i dipped my toes into it. once you know how everything works it's basically all the same, through out any package or render engine. probably a bit easier to wrap your head around physical first, and then switch to another render engine. i mean you can learn all the stuff directly in redshift as well, just a little bit more confusing if you're not familiar with the principles of how it all works. as for keeping your enthusiasm i recommend to set yourself achievable goals, a lot of people get frustrated because they set the bar too high and thus fail. watching and following tutorials always helps, and you should continue with that, but nothing is more rewarding and effective as figuring stuff out by yourself. CG is a tough cookie, especially for people who rather rely on instructions opposed to autodidactic learning. i think nowadays it's comparably easy to learn just about any software, there's so much information out there. for instance there's more than plenty redshift beginner tutorials out there, you just have to spend some time looking for the right ones.