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  1. First post here, so hi everybody. I'm wondering if it is possible in Cinema to use a proxymesh, which is skinned to some joints. To this proxymesh then i would like to constrain controllers or joints (via clamp constraint for example) which drive the real mesh. So in the picture you see the priority issue. - First Joint drives the plane. - Second joint is constraint to the plane until here, everything is fine. But the second mesh (sphere) is lagging one frame behind. And changing priorities on the skin deformer seems to doesn't do anything. So in this example i could of course constrain the sphere directly to the surface, but i would like to use it on a real character where the proxy mesh is driven by serveral influences. In Maya you can do it this way, but as i said, i wonder if this is working in cinema as well or if there is a workaround. Thanks in advance, Alex proxy_skinned_priority.rar

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