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  1. You should make 4 different cards and put it into cloner, apply each texture and choose random clones from cloner itslef, no need to use random effector. i attached the files from your scene, hope it helps. Randomise Cards.c4d
  2. Hi @Isleofgough thanks for your recommendation, i've tried the quadremesher and wow it's a really powerful plugin!
  3. Thank you CBR! I've end up using this extrude manual method and pretty satisfied with my result even tough i still have to work on it here and there, here's the result Thank you once again @Cerbera & @Rectro !
  4. Ah i see! can i see the model looks like without SDS ??
  5. noice! so you're using the ffd deformer method for this one?
  6. Hi Rectro, thank you for your response! i'll read them first and try. i'll post the result soon Thank you!
  7. Hi Cerbera, thanks for your response i'll try the retopo one as im not so familiar with FFD deformer.
  8. Hi guys, i want to ask about how to do this simple looking object with clean mesh. (no booleans or volume builder) i've manage to create those pointy egg shapes with SDS but have no clue how to make those flat surface without booleans/mesher. whats the best method and other suggestions are very welcome. thank you so much guys. -Sal
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