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  1. The thing srek, when 3D for the World was announced I posted on the thread here that I was excited to get back into cinema finally. I can definitely pay £59/month. But then I realised that it was up front. I can’t justify £720 in one go. I could save for a year and then pay, but why wait? £250 is a lot easier to justify and it is available here in the UK. Now I might not trust Autodesk to keep this offer around, but honestly? I don’t know if I trust MAXON that much as well ... which is why I have a good friend willing to sell me his R20 (he moved to Blender) and I’m unsure of buying giving the company is still unable to say what will happen with perpetual. Pinin: hey man, not sure if your comment was for me, but I’ve found from the video that BiFrost is quite simple to use, similar to XParticles.
  2. Oh yes ... that's the same. A $250/year software with BiFrost versus a $1k/year software + a bridge to a $300/year software, which in nature is already more complicated than the other two software. It's the same thing.
  3. Good points Pangel. Add to the fact that MAXON wasn't able yet to properly implement their new license scheme (we have no rules for license transfers yet). They may want to abolish (but can't in the EU). Maybe they are waiting for Brexit to be done so the UK isn't part of the EU and UK customers can't complain. Joking aside, there's a lot of things still rough on the edges for the new "3D for the World" in terms of licenses, new versions, cheap monthly rental that you need to pay up-front, no Redshift integration, etc, that another big change at the same time do raises concern on how well the company will handle.
  4. We can agree on that! I just wish RedShift was part of Cinema, not an extra payment.
  5. He doesn't have to know, he's a customer. What he needs is a better tool and he can demand that without needing to be a specialist in engineering or software development.
  6. This merger could be great, but it would be interesting if MAXON had already ironed out the Cinema 4D R21 new license concerns before this new merger. We still don't have a procedure to buy second hand R21 licenses and there's a lot of voiced concerns about the whole cheap rental but pay up-front.
  7. This is really good news as I find FumeFX really really good. Well, their history on high-end feature films speaks by itself.
  8. Well, that is unexpected. I wonder what will come out of this.
  9. I think they changed that and there’s no more demo but only a trial. Unless it’s hidden or I have gone blind.
  10. Hi Dave, I need to apologise. I came here to offer my perspective as a enthusiast/learner of 3D that isn't as school anymore. So what I meant is for freelancers and Indies. I for one work with Resources in VFX. But I'm also a 3D enthusiast, playing with 3D since 2005 or so. So for me I would love to have a software to do 3D as a hobby for the cheapest possible option. Blender is alright and I support them, but I still feel like it's missing a few things in terms of workflow that Max and Cinema has. So for me, I can't classify for a student license, so my options would be Modo for £50/month the full version, the Modo Steam for like £10/month, Blender or Max/Maya for £250/year, which would be £20/month. In comparison, Cinema would cost £95/month and I would need an extra renderer and XParticles, which is +£30/month. The £55 version of Cinema IF that was a monthly payment and not a full year in advance, I would probably be able to add that. It might seen like I'm being cheap, but that is half the price. Make it a 1-year commitment, but in smaller instalments and with penalty for cancellation, similar to what Adobe does. So at the moment, Max/Maya is cheaper since you get Arnold GPU (just released) on the same £250 bundle. EDIT: To add to that ... the old no-save unlimited trial + 42 trial with save ability was a lot better than 14-day trial.
  11. This might work in the US or Europe, but lets say in Brazil this cost is already too much. I have a friend from Brazil, a Cinema 4D user for 11-years that has a online school and he's switching to Blender to be able to train more people. He's already has more than 100 students for the Blender courses. That could be potentially 100 new Cinema 4D users with the right license options and I'm very aware that there's an huge market of pirate licenses of Cinema 4D in Brazil, which is really unfortunate. I was hoping the 3D for the World would help smooth the entry barrier, but right now ... it's just easier and cheaper to get back into 3ds Max and learn Blender on the side.
  12. Another thing I would like to add ... there`s a LOT of users who might want to learn Cinema, but aren`t students anymore. SideFX dealt with them by offering first the apprentice version and now the Indie. Modo has the Steam version and now Autodesk has the Indie version, which if you have PayPal, you can pay in instalments interest free, so it's basically £60/month. Cinema cheapest price which would be the £50/month isn't that as you need to pay one year up-front. Then you need to add Redshift as the default render doesn't really compare. Also add XParticles and a learning capable version of Cinema is at least £150/month. What's the point? The software is good, we all know that, but it pushing itself out of lots of people.
  13. Thans for the info DMcGavran... hopefully I`ll be able to join MAXON with an second hand license in the future.
  14. That would be fine indeed. Used licenses is a good way to enter the ecosystems. Got into Modo like this, wouldn`t mind getting into Cinema the same way.
  15. Yeah, just got it. Saw it on Modo forums. Really enjoying their UI, specially as I feel like DaVinci is starting to get really cluttered. It`ll be interesting to learn some HUD design using it.
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