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  1. Reel from Scanline FX artist. Mostly 3ds Max + plugins (FumeFX included). The world is not only Houdini and that is cool. :)
  2. I guess it depends on your usage. But basically most Fire and Smoke sims done at Scanline VFX up to 2017/8 were FumeFX. But you are right, if you are thinking more on a motion BG, than TFD is better as it's faster, uses the GPU and it's result holds quite well for that. :)
  3. Totally agree bob. It is definitely nice to return to C4D for playing a bit.
  4. Since I'm hoping back into the Cinema train, the only way I could find to start studying it again was to subscribe to FXPHD and get full studio for non-commercial work and save capabilities (come on MAXON!!!). I wish we had a cheaper Indie license that like one I own for Substance.
  5. If ... they can make FumeFX in C4D equal to FumeFX from Max, than for fire and smoke, it is a LOT more powerful than XP for fire and smoke. It really rivals Houdini fire and smoke for high density high quality simulations. That is pretty amazing. Very happy to see C4D gaining more plugins.
  6. Cinema 4D Demo with save features for more than 42 days! Or the option of buying for studying purposes, say, like the price of Houdini Indie. Wanted to get back to C4D, but short on money.
  7. If you have the patience, it would be cool if you could do a review of Blender 2.8. I guess many like myself are thinking of switching (me possibly from Modo).
  8. I would love for better pricing as well. Being a Modo user, the sidegrade discount is almost non-existent. I do like the rent option to own, but why should I pay for 500+ at a time? Can't they do it like Adobe and you commit for 3 months or 6 months, but paying on a monthly basis? That makes it a lot cheaper for us out there.
  9. MauricioPC

    R20 demo

    Downloading right now. :)
  10. Very interesting and I'm following your reports on the Blender thread. If R20 is all that, I might get it as well. Let's see ... I'm a bit disappointed with Modo lately. Yeah, but Max is a powerhouse. Why did you change? You work is very good and you could probably live as a freelancer. So why change Max to C4D? Maya is good for characters if you are animating. If it's modeling, you could use Max to more effect even, but C4D and Modo are suitable alternatives.
  11. Looking forward to see this new R20. The 3D market needs C4D to step up even more. And I hope maybe MAXON would consider some sort of Indie license (similar to what SideFx did) so that potential users that aren’t students anymore could still learn the software in an affordable way. They need to consider this as the Blender market is growing rapidly. Most of the concept artists that I follow are now on the switch to Blender. More will came after 2.8.
  12. Took a while to find it, but I thought that this was a cool little animation done in C4D.
  13. This guy is a beast of 3D HS Design. He uses 3ds Max, but you'll get the idea. If you input your info, Ryan will send you a link with 3-classes from him for free. https://www.gameartinstitute.com/p/hard-surface-design-with-alex-senechal
  14. Well, maybe it's my computer. But generally when I'm doing sub-d modeling fun, in Blender, after 3-4 million I start getting into problems with Edit Poly. Generally takes forever to return and all. It basically hangs and eats my memory. I find it on par with Modo, but worse than Max/C4D. But from what I'm reading, this will be fixed in 2.8, so I'm hopeful. :)



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